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Content based instruction


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an approach of teaching foreign languages that integrates language instruction with instruction in the content areas

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Content based instruction

  2. 2. DEFINITION• an approach of teachingforeign languages thatintegrates languageinstruction withinstruction in thecontent areas
  3. 3. GOAL of CBIis to prepare students to acquirethe languages while using thecontext of any subject matter sothat students learn the languageby using it within the specificcontext.
  4. 4. TYPES OFLEARNING & TEACHING ACTIVITIES• Language skills improvement• Study skills• Discourse organization• Communicative interaction• Vocabulary building• Synthesis of content materials and grammar
  5. 5. The waysto approach creating CBI lesson– PREPARATION• A subject of interest is chosen.• Finding suitable sources that deal with differentaspects of the subject. These could bewebsites, reference books, audio or video of lecturesor even real people.
  6. 6. • DURING THE LESSON– Using small groups– Assigning each group a small research task and asource of information in the target language touse to help them fulfil the task.– groups sharing and comparing information.– A result in the form of an end product such as areport or presentation of some kind
  7. 7. CBI EXTREMES• CONTENT DRIVEN CLASScontent learning is a priority while languagelearning is secondary.• LANGUAGE DRIVEN CLASSLanguage learning is priority while contentlearning is incidental.
  8. 8. MODELS OF CBI• Sheltered content instruction• Adjunct language instruction• Theme based instruction
  9. 9. CONCLUSION• A learners is more successful when the focus is• on the content, rather than the language itself.• When learners become aware of the relation betweenlanguage learning and their favored goals, theybecome even more motivated to learn. Learners feelthat learning is a kind of impressive thing because theyknow that they are studying authentic content materialin the target language.• Developing collaborative skills, especially when usinggroup work, which can have great social value. Bysocial interaction, they can learn from each other andbring their strengths into their groups.