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Electronic resume


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Electronic resume

  1. 1. 10945 Lakeview DriveWhitehouse, OH 43571419-309-0065 (mobile)
  2. 2. CAREER EXPERIENCES• Graduate Teaching Instructor at Bowling Green State University• School Improvement Consultant • Data Analysis, Curriculum Selection, Chartering Documentation, Professional Development• Teacher – Grades K,1,& 3 • 16+ years in Public schools, 2 years in private schools • Variety of experiences with committees, professional development, inclusive classrooms, and parent volunteers • Mentored new teacher and supervised a student teacher• Substitute Teacher (currently and occasionally) • Keeping me current with curriculum, technology, and teachers’ concerns• Freelance Editor/Proofreader with Educational Publisher• Teacher Leader with The Christopher Consortium • Dealt with educational reform and Venture Capital Funding
  3. 3. EDUCATION• Bowling Green State University (2009-2012) • Pursuing Doctoral of Education in Leadership Studies (to complete in 2013) • Completed course work for Curriculum Specialist’s License • Completed course work for Elementary Principal’s License • GPA: 4.0• Ashland University (2003-2007) • Master of Education degree, Curriculum and Instruction • GPA: 4.0• The Ohio State University (1983-1987) • Bachelor of Science Degree, Early and Middle Childhood Education (K-8) • GPA: 3.78
  4. 4. PUBLICATIONS & PRESENTATIONS• Book Review in Journal of Educational Administration, 2011 • The Standards-Based Digital School Leader Portfolio: Using TaskStream, LiveText, and PowerPoint by G,M. Hauser and D.W. Koutouzos• Creative Ideas for the Higher Education Classroom, 2011 • Two ideas submitted and published in It Works for Me Creatively by H. Blythe and C. Sweet, ―An Online Debate‖ and ―A Negotiated Agreement Scavenger Hunt‖• Changes Coming for Your Child, 2012 • A presentation to Otsego district parents about the new standards and assessments (Ohio)• Rolling Out the Common Core Standards and Ohio Revised Standards, 2011 • A proposal for a District Leadership Team in the Napoleon Area Schools (Ohio)• Advancing Organizational Change; An Outlook for the Rest of the 21st Century, 2010 • Co-presented at the Mid-Western Educational Research Association Fall Conference
  5. 5. SOME OF MARSHA’S WORK:To see an example of a Wiki Marsha developed and used in the college class, click the link below. The topic was presenting the pros and cons of teachers’ unions: Teachers’ Unions Interactive Wiki- Let’s Debate! EDAS 4090 Philosophy of Education Key Assessment Rubric (KA6c) Fall 2011 (Sarver) DUE Monday, Sept. 26 The philosophy document is a required key assessment for this course. It is worth 25 points and must be uploaded to your e-portfolio by 12/5 (last day of class). It will be graded according to the following criteria: Paragraph of introduction: You may start with a quote or a personal 4 points motto that helps you identify as an educator, or you may just write an encompassing introductory paragraph encapsulating the thoughts and ideas that will follow. Paragraph of philosophic orientation(s) to which you ascribe: This is 6 points one (or more) of the five major philosophies discussed in class. You should give a brief description of it and how it would be put into practice in your classroom. Paragraph about a teaching philosophy (or two) that you will utilize in 6 points your classroom: These were the people and theories briefly researched by you and compiled for your use. (Tomlinson, Bloom, Gardner, Marzano…). You should give a brief description of the theory(ies) and/or theorist(s)To see an example of a grading rubric Marsha developed and used in the college classroom click : and how you will you use them in your specific content area/grade levels. Paragraph about classroom/behavior management: This topic was 6 points discussed in class and through your readings (May & Edmond text plus additional readings). You should provide a basis for your ideas and examples. A name of a behaviorist is optional—not all of what we read/discussed was attributed to a particular person. Paragraph of conclusion: this should be a paragraph to restate the points 3 points of your philosophy and provide appropriate closure. Keep your paper concise. This will be an important part of your e-portfolio that you will want people to read. Do not make it too long, wordy, or repetitive. Shorter is better, but be sure to use complete thoughts and address all areas discussed above. A ½ point will be deducted for each typo, spelling, or grammatical error. COMMON CORE Presented by ROLL OUT PROPOSAL Mar sha Sar verTo see a presentation made to a school district leadership team about new standards click: B G S U D o c to r a l I n te r n FOR NAPOLEON AREA SCHOOLS Running head: Case Study Project Sarver 1To see an abbreviated Qualitative Research proposal of Marsha’s: click: Case Study Proposal Marsha Sarver LINKING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPENSES AND STUDENT OUTCOMES Marsha SarverTo see a presentation made of a brief Quantitative Research Project: click: Statistics 7500
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS• Ohio Association of Elementary Principals - member• Educational Leadership Association of NW Ohio - executive board member• Phi Delta Kappan International, Bowling Green Chapter - member• Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development - member• Mid-Western Educational Research Association – former member• American Educational Research Association – former member• American Association of School Administrators – subscriber• EdExcellence from the Fordham Foundation – subscriber• National Council on Teacher Quality - subscriber• PARCC Assessment Consortium - subscriber• SERGE -Special Education Resources for General Educators – subscriber• RtI (Response to Intervention) Network - subscriber• Ides of ODE (Ohio Department of Education) – subscriber• RttT (Race to the Top) New & View - subscriber• OLAC (Ohio Leadership Advisory Council) – subscriber• Eductopia, Hot Chalk, Busy Educator, Freebies for Teachers (online resources)
  7. 7. RESEARCH INTERESTS• Educational Policy • Teacher Evaluations • Performance Pay for Teachers • Collective Bargaining • Charter Schools/School Choice• School Improvement • Curriculum • Instructional Delivery • Technology • Parental Involvement• Educational Leadership/Change Leadership• Early Literacy
  8. 8. EXCERPTS FROM BGSU EVALUATIONS “very approachable and helpful” “She kept the class interested and …involved”“She tried to keep us engaged through various methods…” “…was very personable and knowledgeable” “a lot of different teaching strategies used” “The variety of assignments was a positive.” “The teacher was flexible and fun.” “very relevant info for my professional life”
  9. 9. FROM A DISTRICTSUPERINTENDENT/INTERNSHIP SUPERVISOR:“Marsha…was sought out by my administrative team to help them learn about Ohio’s Revised standards and how the district might best provide professional development to the staff to implement the standards”
  10. 10. FROM A FORMER PRINCIPAL:“Marsha was a hard worker and dedicated teacher who was creative and willing to do what it took to help her students’ learning.”
  11. 11. FOR MORE ABOUT MARSHA, CONTACT: Dr. Steven Fogo, Superintendent Napoleon Area Schools Mrs. Laura Keller 701 Briarheath Drive Race to the Top, Regional Coordinator Napoleon, OH 43545 Ohio Department of Education 419-599-7015 1416 Muirfield Drive Bowling Green, OH 43402 419-575-1625 Mr. Jim Garber Principal/Superintendent Otsego Local SchoolsDr. Patrick Pauken 18505 Tontogany Creek RoadVice Provost of Governance and Faculty Tontogany, OH 43565Relations 419-823-4381Education Law Professor jgarber@otsegoknights.orgBowling Green State University230 McFall Center Mr. Neil Black, PrincipalBowling Green, OH 43403 Or Mrs. Elise Metzger, classroom aide419-372-9234 Monclova Christian 7819 Monclova Road Monclova, OH 43542 419—866-7630