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PharmaCODE - CRM Solution


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PharmaCODE - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)software solution for pharmaceutical representative companies.
PharmaCODE can help boost your business.

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PharmaCODE - CRM Solution

  1. 1. SoftDent• Serving pharmaceutical market since 1998• Privately held• 25 employees• Products: • PharmaCODE – pharmaceutical CRM • PharmaZOOM – Baltic market sales • Foxus – e-Health• Countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Serbia
  2. 2. Services• Software development• Support and maintenance• Trainings• Data provisioning: • Market sales • Customers• Data management• Hosting
  3. 3. Future vision• PharmaCODE: • Multi channel pharmaceutical CRM solution • Expansion into new markets• Foxus: • Main daily tool for health care specialists • Source of data required for pharma companies • Expansion into new markets• PharmaZOOM: • Integration of new data sources • Expansion into new markets• Become main data provider for the pharma
  4. 4. PharmaCODE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution forpharmaceutical representative companies
  5. 5. PharmaCODE• Experience since 1998• Covers pharmaceutical business specifics• Customisation and flexibility• Intuitive and easy to use• Flexible operation mode• Multilanguage user interface• Custom development possibilities• Support and maintenance
  6. 6. Leader in Baltic countries PharmaCODE usage among theTOP50 pharmaceutical companies*in the Baltic countries* According 2011 PharmaZOOM sales results
  7. 7. User roles Head Office Data Analysts Managers Sales Representatives
  8. 8. Functions Data Customer Management Segmentation PharmaCODE Activity Data Planning Analysis
  9. 9. Data management Customers Activity Expenses Sales Data Search
  10. 10. Sales• Data sources: • Company sales (based on wholesalers reports) • Market sales (provided by SoftDent) • Any external data source• Sales analysis for various user roles: • Customer/territory potential calculation • Sales versus Target • Sales and Activity comparison
  11. 11. Customer segmentation• Flexibility: • Compatibility with all existing models • Easily adjustable to company needs• Categories/segments: • Indicated manually • Calculated • Imported from external data source• Targeting based on segmentation results• Target performance analysis
  12. 12. Activity planning• Planning according to: • Accomplished activities • Targets and objectives • Plans of other colleagues• Additional reminders for: Future • Target appointments Present • Missed appointments • Appointment overlaps Past• Route planning
  13. 13. Data analysis• Various combinations of data: • Customers • Activity • Expenses • Sales• Target accomplishment evaluation• Special reports for all user roles• Flexible data analysis tools• Custom report creation
  14. 14. Operation modesOnline PharmaCODE Offline PharmaCODE Local Direct connection database Synchronisation InternetMobile Server PharmaCODE Direct connection PharmaCODE Database
  15. 15. PharmaCODE Mobile• Key functionality on mobile device: • Client information management • Activity planning • Activity reporting • Reports• Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) module• Convenient user interface• User location tracking possibility• Supports most mobile devices
  16. 16. Benefits• Constant access to data and functionality• Time savings for: • Activity planning • Activity reporting • Customer data search• Increased sales force productivity• Convenient additional data collection: • Questionnaires • Pharmacy monitoring (agreements, stocks and etc.) • Orders• Sales force location analysis
  17. 17. Supported devices• Android phones / tablets: • HTC • Samsung • Other producers• Apple iPhone / iPad• Other mobile devices with: • 320 x 480 or higher resolution • 3” or bigger screen • GPRS / EDGE / 3G / Wi-Fi • XHTML and CSS2 support (Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7)
  18. 18. PharmaCODE on iPhone
  19. 19. PharmaCODE on iPad
  20. 20. Location tracking analysis
  21. 21. CLM module• eLibrary: • Electronic content on tablet device • Presentations, documents, videos, pictures and etc. • Managed centrally • Accessible for all users• eDetailing: • Content presentation to customers • Automatically stored eDetailing statistics • Integration with daily activity reporting• Result analysis • Analysis of data collected during content presentations
  22. 22. CLM process Content preparation •Content preparation •Prepared by any service provider Content preparation Content integration •Content integration into PharmaCODE •Performed by SoftDent ContentResult analysis integration Analytical tools preparation •Custom reports according Customer requirements •Created by SoftDent Presentation Analytical tools •Content presentation to customers Presentation preparation •Fully Integrated with daily activity reporting Result analysis •Analysis of collected data •Using prepared analytical tools
  23. 23. Support services Software Software Historical data Customer configuration preparation transfer specific data and adoption Installation Server User computers Data Application Trainings Representatives Managers Administrators Administrators Support during Development Application Application guarantee updates and Consultations maintenance period modifications Extra support Additional Specific Database training software services administration sessions development
  24. 24. Support services model Level 1 Help Desk Level 2 Application Data Management Business Analysis IT ServicesAdministration Level 3 Application Maintenance
  25. 25. Software migration Your Current PharmaCODE Database• Data migration from any format• Retention of all existing data
  26. 26. Next Steps Development • New functionality • Custom development New modules • Multiple PharmaCODE instances data analysis e.g. KPIs calculation for multiple countries • Integration with e-Health solutions
  27. 27. Contacts PharmaCODE Project Manager Nerijus Mockus SoftDent Vytauto pr. 23 LT-44352 Kaunas Lithuania +370 37 424 734 +370 37 425 428