Chevrolet case study


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The presentation talks about how Chevrolet used innovative marketing strategies to enter Indian soils. It also discusses the issues, the strategies involved and the success achieved by the firm.

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Chevrolet case study

  1. 1. Chevrolet India 'I'm Chevrolet. I'm India''
  2. 2. Chevrolet India • Chevrolet Motors is a division of US based General Motors • It is the 6th largest car maker in India • Chevrolet India holds a market share of 3.5% in India (Passenger Car Segment) • Chevrolet is the only firm that has a product portfolio to challenge existing market leaders
  3. 3. Chevrolet in India 1918 - 1928 GM assembled cars and trucks from imported CKD kits GM acquired Opel & started producing Opel cars in India. 1993 2003 GM acquired Daewoo and established Chevrolet in India
  4. 4. GM’s global acquisition strategy Daewoo Opel GM Chevrolet German Origin American Origin Korean Origin
  5. 5. Rise of Chevrolet in India Rise of market share from 1 to 4% over the decade
  6. 6. Chevrolet Brand Portfolio Optra Tavera Aveo Aveo U-va Spark Captiva Cruze Beat Sail U-va Sail Enjoy 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 Chevrolet Product Launch Calender
  7. 7. The real issue for Chevrolet GM as an American company in India was making a German/ Korean product for the Indian market, using imported Brazilian engines, and using Indian labor and components
  8. 8. The identity confusion! • When GM decided to re-enter India in 2013, the Indian consumer was confused about the Company’s identity • Was it General Motors? Or was it Opel? • Some thought it was Chevrolet and a few thought it was Daewoo because GM had acquired the bankrupt Korean chaebol • Some even confused the brand with General Electric • The company decided to use only Chevrolet for all forms of communication. The GM logo was also taken off
  9. 9. The positioning I'm Chevrolet. I'm India'' Chevrolet positioned itself as a family car manufacturer with deep Indian cultural roots • The launch communication highlighted the Company’s respect for India & its diverse culture • The cars were also designed keeping the needs & demand of the consumer
  10. 10. The fuel factor • Looking at the Indian fuel guzzlers, all Chevrolet cars were designed to be fuel efficient, • General Motors claimed that three Chevrolet cars have best-in-class mileage: The Spark (18.9 km per litre), Beat (18.2 km per litre) and Tavera (16.4 km per litre). • All the other Chevrolets were also marketed as highly fuel effiecint cars vis-a- vis competition
  11. 11. The first in class • Looking at the Indian consumer, Chevrolet innovated its business operations in India • Chevy launched a free three years on service and maintenance program to promise a better after sales & service experience • Set up a centralized 24x7 call center to attend to customer complaints and provide any information related to GM India’s products and services • Chauffeur training programs, mobile road show caravans, service holidays and fuel economy rallies were some other innovative strategy
  12. 12. Chevrolet’s Success • After a hiatus from the Indian market, Chevrolet has become one of the country’s premium automobile brand. • It is constantly developing new cars to satisfy Indian customers • Today, Chevrolet has cemented its place firmly in the Indian culture, its initiative to produce cars which are “Made for India” has been quite successful
  13. 13. T H A N K Y O U