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Solar car crosslinks


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Solar car crosslinks

  1. 1. NSIT SOLAR CAR CONCEPT TEAM ADVAY AIM To build an advanced solar electric vehicle and contribute to the research and development of solar technology. Netaji Subhas institute of Technology
  2. 2. • The team builds solar electric vehicles for specific events over a 2 year cycle. • The entire project is undertaken in 3 phases- Designing, Fabrication and Testing of the Vehicle. • Along with the Electrical and Mechanical Core Technical Departments, there is also a Marketing team which handles the fundraising for the project and media coverage. • The projects are aimed for a particular solar challenge in some part of the world. The 1st one went to SA and the 2nd one- Australia- World Solar Challenge. • The third and the present project will participate in the American Solar Challenge in June 2014. THE PROJECT
  3. 3. STUDENT BENEFITS  Building the car, even though quite challenging, is relatively the easiest thing to do. The tougher job is to acquire knowledge, co-ordinate with various dept.s, fundraising and working together as a team.  While working for the team, the students acquire quite a few skillsets- First-hand practical experience to use the theoretical knowledge that we gain in college. Building a car and learning about the real-life application is very valuable. The team has dedicated electrical and mechanical departments which handle the entire functioning of the prototype car. From the feedback system to the braking system, everything is hand-made in the vehicles. This also helps students in gaining the skillsets needed to work in the relevant industries eg- Automotive Industry.  Since it’s a prototype, the cost incurred is also very high and involves a large amount of money. The fundraising team also has to work the year round to ensure that the technical team can work without any other pressing issues on their mind. Besides fundraising, they also handle the media coverage of the team. This helps students in developing their communication skills and also work together as a team.
  4. 4. THANK YOU! PROJECT CONCLUSION • The project aims to further research in solar technology and make solar electric vehicles practical in the future. • The project also aims to promote the use of environment- friendly and sustainable energy sources for energy needs. With this aim in mind, the team participates in Renewable Expos and Solar Expos after the car is completed. • The team also undertakes outreach events in schools and other places to promote engineering and solar technologies. The car is also exhibited at the National Auto Expo.