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Sartaj Sangi

  2. 2. Milton Hershey was born on September13, 1857, in a farmhouse near the Central Pennsylvania village of Derry Church.
  3. 3. Veronica Snavely Henry Hershey Hershey
  4. 4.  Milton Hershey’s education was necessarily hit-or-miss. In eight years of formal education, he attended seven different schools. In 1871, Milton Hershey left school.
  5. 5.  apprenticed to a Lancaster County confectioner named Joseph Royer. The 14-year-old Hershey turned out to have a natural talent for candy-making In the next four years learned the art and science of creating tasty confections. Miltons first business. He set up his new shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and called the company the Hershey Chocolate Company. Unfortunately, he was forced to declare bankruptcy.
  6. 6.  After selling his shop in Philadelphia, he moved to Denver, Colorado. Here he learned how to make caramel. He later moved from Denver and tried to establish himself in Chicago and New York, but found defeat in both places. In 1883, he returned to Lancaster, PA and set up a candy business that specialized in producing caramel. he purchased chocolate-making machinery from a German manufacturer.
  7. 7.  Opened the Hershey Chocolate Factory in 1894 as an arm of the Lancaster Caramel Company. On a trip to Jamestown, he meet with kitty and she get Hershey’s heart, and the couple was married in New York City on May 25, 1898. In 1903, he purchased 1,200 acres of land near his birthplace and focused on mass-producing his milk chocolate products.
  8. 8.  Hershey’s Chocolate Factory is founded and successful! 1915, Kitty died following a long and debilitating illness. Milton Hershey never remarried, Milton Hershey died Oct. 13, 1945 of a heart attack
  9. 9. The Hershey Company Largest producer of quality chocolate in North America A global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery. Revenues of more than $5 billion
  10. 10. Hershey International
  11. 11. Hershey Retail StoresTimes Square
  12. 12. Chicago
  13. 13. Niagara Fall
  14. 14. Shanghai
  15. 15. Singapore
  16. 16. Dubai
  17. 17. How Milton Hersheygot Success?
  18. 18. Where it began• Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of the worlds largest chocolate factory, this is where Hershey makes its famous chocolate.
  19. 19. Born in the Jungle• A tropical jungle, grows a very special tree…The coca tree• In the cocoa tree each pod are about 20to40 coca beans.• These beans given special flavor!
  20. 20. Chocolate key factor The chocolate liquor The cocoa butter Sugar Milk
  21. 21. • The new mixture dried into coarse, brown powder called chocolate crumb• Hershey add cocoa butter to the crumb. Which bring out the rich taste and creamy texture of the chocolate• After a little process Hershey make a great Hershey chocolate
  22. 22. Kisses! Hershey make more than 80 kiss-shape products every day at Hershey and California factories Experience the warm, luxurious, melt- in-your-mouth taste of chocolate!!!
  23. 23.  Mr. Hershey’s vision was truly a success.
  24. 24.  His factory is without a doubt the world’s largest chocolate factory
  25. 25.  The Hershey Company remains committed to the vision and values of the man who started it all, so many years ago.
  26. 26. Hershey Trust CompanyMilton Milton M.S. HersheyHershey Hershey FoundationSchool School Trust(non-profit) Hershey Foods Corporation Hershey Theatre (31% owned) Hershey Museum Hershey Gardens Hershey Entertainment Hershey Community and Resorts Archives (100% owned)
  27. 27. Hershey School Provides education, health care, room & board for disadvantaged children  1,200 students  10,000 acre campus  $65 million annual budget ($96,000 per student) “The main object…is to train young men to useful trades and occupations so that they can earn their own livelihood” Deed of Trust
  28. 28. Hershey Entertainment and Resorts (100% owned)
  29. 29. Hershey Theatre
  30. 30. Hershey Museum
  31. 31. Hershey Gardens