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AP_Mis reactivos_Irma sarricolea


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AP_Mis reactivos_Irma sarricolea

  1. 1. Diseño de Reactivos Diseño para b­learningElaborado por Irma Sarricolea
  2. 2. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 1. ¿Cúal es el significado de set up? The british athlete set up a new world record Se solicita el conocimiento de la terminología de una palabra a) Obtain b) Put in a position c) Get up d) Received inConocimiento 1. ¿Cúal es el significado de let in? My mother opened the door and let in the old cat Se requiere una simple definición y/o sinónimo de a) Concede let in b) Put c) Prohibited d) Take care
  3. 3. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación In 1877, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of America’s independence from England, the French government presented the United States with a colossal statue that has come to be one of the most beloved symbols of America. The gift was presented in honor of the alliance between France and America during the Revolutionary War. The formal name of the figure is Liberty  Enlightening  the  World, but it is almost universally known as the Statue of Liberty. Después de leer el párrafoComprensión 1. Which two countries formed an alliance during the Revolutionary Requiere la interpretación War? del texto, de tal manera que el alumno considere a) France and Britain una respuesta resumida. b) Britain and the United States c) France and the United States d) Britain and New York
  4. 4. Nivel  Reactivo Justificación cognitivo Since the French government donated the money for the project, French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi and engineer Gustav Eiffel were put in charge of the design. The massive structure was assembled in Paris, where it was put on exhibition before being dismantled, then shipped to New York and finally reassembled on Bedloe Island, which was later renamed Liberty Island. Después de leer el párrafoComprensión 2. Why were French artists responsible for designing the monument? El alumno explica las a) because the French are the best razones mostrando su artists capacidad para explicar de b) because the French were funding manera resumida una the project respuesta objetiva. c) because America did not want the monument d) because France owed money to the American government
  5. 5. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 1. Completa la respuesta correcta En orden a responder esta pregunta, el alumno She _______ to the school deberá conocer las reglas everyday gramaticales del presente simple, en afirmativo, a) does she negativo y pregunta, así b) don’t go como las reglas c) goes gramaticales de un tiempo d) going to futuro Aplicación 2. Completa la respuesta correcta En orden a responder esta She _______ her new shoes pregunta, el alumno deberá conocer las reglas in the supermarket yesterday gramaticales del presente simple, en afirmativo, a) bought negativo, así como las b) buy reglas gramaticales del c) buys pasado simple d) doesn’t buy
  6. 6. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 1. Analiza la oración y determina el motivo por el cual la oracion es incorrecta My dad was an professional in his job a) because you use was is used for El alumno reconoce las plural pronouns Análisis falacias logicas de un razonamiento b) because the article an is used when next word has a consonant sound c) because professional is wrong spelling d) because his is not the correct object pronoun to use
  7. 7. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 2. Analiza el párrafo y determina en que tiempo se encuentra escrito I WAS EATING my breakfast when my mom told me I was late. She WAS  El alumno analiza la TALKING about visiting my granny. estructura gramatical y Análisis We WERE DRIVING to her house on determina el tiempo de my moms car. She WAS LISTENING conjugacion del to the radio music. parrafo a) Simple present b) Past continuous c) future d) Simple past
  8. 8. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 1. Se le cuestiono a un estudiante lo siguiente: “Enumere y explique brevemente, la elaboracion de un sandwich con mantequilla de mani y mermelada” First, you’ll need some peanut butter, some jelly and some slices of bread. Next, spread En esta pregunta se the peanut butter on one slice of bread using pretende que el alumno a knife. Then, wipe the knife clean of peanut realice un juicio de valor butter using a napkin. After that, spread some sobre el contenido del jelly on the other slice of bread. Then, put the two pieces together with the peanut butter texto (CONOCIMIENTO), Evaluación and jelly sides facing each other. Finally, cut el significado de la the sandwich in two with the knife. terminologia usada • Excellent (he describes all process in a correct order and he explains really good the (COMPRENSION), y su process) estructura (ANALISIS de • Good (he describes all process in a correct la respuesta por el orden order but he doesn’t explain the process de los eventos ) good) • Regular (the process is in an incorrect order or the explanation are not clear) • Badly (two or more steps are not mentioned and the rest are in an incorrect order and the explanations are not correct)
  9. 9. Nivel cognitivo Reactivo Justificación 2. Un estudiante plantea la siguiente problematica Alice works very long hours. She is studying and working at the time, she looks tired and she felt asleep last night while we were talking about her day. She has an En esta pregunta se english test tomorrow and she is pretende que el alumno really worry about it. juzgue los datos y elabore Evaluación conclusiones derivadas de Tu sugieres: ellos, mediante el uso de su a) She shouldn’t take some time criterio personal. for resting b) She should keep working as hard as she has done it c) She shouldn’t rest at all d) She should study for her exam and then she should rest on weekend
  10. 10. Have a good day!