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What does Steve do?


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A short presentation to coworkers on what I do -- and what I can do -- for them.

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What does Steve do?

  1. 1. What does Steve do over there?
  2. 2. Content Developer | Technical Writer | Technical Communicator Whatever the title, it involves a lot of skills, including interviewing, observing, questioning, suggesting, writing, editing, and lots of revising. Over and over. I say skills instead of talents. I think that these are methods and techniques that can be taught, learned, and reinforced.
  3. 3. It is all used to communicate a message, help the user recover from errors, and reduce support.
  4. 4. Online Help
  5. 5. Help Centers…
  6. 6. Help Portals
  7. 7. Coursework and Videos
  8. 8. PDF and Print
  9. 9. In addition… I also test ArticleExpress, and provide support for it. I also give feedback and suggestions on UI/UX issues. The User Interface is one element of the User Experience. UI design is about user-friendliness and the efficiency of the interface. UX is more about how the user feels when using the software. The interface plays a role in the experience, but so do human factors, information architecture, user-centered design, personas, and more. While UX is important for any digital product, it is even more important for complex applications such as ARTEMIS and ArticleExpress.
  10. 10. So how can I help you?
  11. 11. Work instructions Work instructions help others do a task they're not familiar with. They are learning aids that present a sequence of steps to execute a task or activity. The format is typically text, but a visuals and videos of the steps can aid in understanding. Work instructions are also a big part of a Quality System. What are the tasks you do now that might be handed off to others?
  12. 12. Job Aids and Infographics Job aids get targeted information across quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to search, look up, or try and remember what the topic might be. Infographics communicate lots of dense information in easy to comprehend formats.
  13. 13. Knowledge Bases Including links to a Knowledge Base in documentation and support sites helps to empower the user. When looking for the answer, the user is required to focus on the problem and may solve it by a search. This makes for a more confident user--and a better use of support resources.
  14. 14. Knowledge & Content Management There is a lot of institutional knowledge here. We need to make better, more efficient use of this information. •Model •Configure •Structure/Standards •Repository •Aggregate •Transform •Present & Syndicate •Revise/Sunset •Acquire •Edit •Version •Metadata •Requirements •Governance •Budget Analyze Collect ManagePublish
  15. 15. That’s it! Any questions?