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Physics lo8

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Physics lo8

  1. 1. DouBL-e- surT tNr€3FLR&UCj- [','t] $riv l&[ liqLl ftttn ^hr.^t a.o,nr/n ;+ U+*J 3'frrry ;'il} .,q- t4L..*hfi *;t- S;^tr-' . &t+o,&r &frrtc-f e ,o+. titt p;I'*l.rouqL *u,r, clil-t o'(&Yrm q?* ;i-^,.J;;+J,"{*,r,--^ ftn-n'.,^ ',o . ob*J "}:*:, --',rn avr,.at4 . { TI.- h * 11y6[u {riNqq- t;-r-t,ll.*!u A ral^t uw Y",rL ,io* ^ J ,-) }.t +fr^h-r.- *^.I11--A Y'l..l ll# [*n. f rar^^^l- tt ^""*i*n-ttt t"' 4^- vrot"f - o"J -nffifu W- *r.-* ; ,-r4,n,..'.,*J,o wt^l r*i S oln; I" ',lu,. Jt eff,roacl* t{^ia ,. ,) t$+ ^C-aL& &c+ ry 8r-^ 'tL a a. fnrry1 B *r $'sl -td" u,a yln cLf o*- {t"-- A- D,S* rnfln A'.frn PhRTL; hJ +L I-oLJ^ir*, , rJL epurll.r-r- [.o*to r;."IrI "J Je) roul&"J 5 trI*- ca;^- dfr^ r-ur- lo fu J{'*- t '. tr.t *- C-rtr,r* 1.1L{-r='. tr.t*- C-.,a.rr- tH-r- N d ..+f rox.,x/rdrbn to pA & 0 d
  2. 2. 7 -3rn ;) ) Ar3i-' f-a*uil-o fu- :l.-M'fr;. 7^r d fn 'l Jlt b d IE.o ,. ru-t n1 ) o [T) u X lo-3rn A'fyfi ) J ote*, IlU*it5 ;I -AJrt-ul5,r*#r" , / L u: vr ( t*cUltT 't'u L vlrlJ € a It) -5 fx-.fl a. ) ,- J-- -l 'Dx 1u:? rY1 L-l oo rnd t :ia@ is 3 {$Y vifuL o[o* iL^tr- tt" q e] u.cJ l Lr:-Q.* _S-*-tr*.Jr*;rq- t--?' cI= S DX tD' 1r-n Yln=- I -:r ?tr = 3'fX(U r b - L,s;4
  3. 3. 7 Lr-ts {o q. h;r h^tg l[:;tc'x'l; CPro.a;ra-d h^a-tt4r P'"!t&] . rr rl , i.( r*cw yras _r.r_. f _ ff-, l^r} ) _rr r Jrr* i^ 4. A, *r*- 3'l'I . a-o"*,fil^,'tJ. I-.-- ffi,.1,.'Sffit$tmruGi orn 1t^ cl; h'l byiah* tfot on AitJ'reJt' $ rr r,a*i ,1tu,*TH:Y^ *isti^,&^'S"' -J ' -flr;wh .&.arnr.- -l-tih' Eat rrril {t^r* S'uctrFA o filLr d1 L So l.r*t o t ffi. r, $^l _t[, s.otnr,1*5 *rr-Iog dr.rLagrooclA m, ;W' * $''tgt+ ts s-oonrYl rxffi<^t'"t i" "rJ, to lool'r- fl"t t-. ii,r#' Lfi*KMe? lfl ) {" r c-o rr stv uc i ur.-q-- i u3-q-' h*o"*-, +t-- urf i-'d^*'z'' ,Asin0' e rt1 e lf i s rr-b.{'*; z 1.1^-a+-* -h*- I c-l- "tr[4&r!"r'.c-a- (-J iq^ h^.^-tt;il- .t*rn| ) vv'tsO,lrLtZt F>'' B"-l +':j*''LLaJIrc- ]*]*"*J ffi:i:]":,hirniluc^ r"=-NH) ,r"q 4 , +ano- ry'gvSrnt1,t, kd -1 aur &v rn il rryf- 2 4
  4. 4. 7 [',{^a- I @ 0 3 [a)u'uilffm-o',(r&-! Thi, rnak-oa d? A'fcxlg-ryl 7 lstil* {^-- 1"4-u) } ^^eX is &'*^J a-c St*r + / Gs D nv'n), {L-- Lo,-.,^A'-D? b"' ry -{^--- C@ l"v1 -t c^*t 1 ' n I'lA ?> HF T n -o,l. ; LS-D x tO- ^n cl :- A. , c) A t 3-Lt iryT b = I'Lq"n 1L, = o'olovq -' . I D m rtt t'" * {L'- co-rnhycl nna'tfna4 ' = (L'u T.ond'il"