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FCPS medicine june 2013 question

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FCPS Medicine complete june 2013

  1. 1. MEDICINE JUNE 2013 By FCPS PART 1 Qbank Facebook PageThanks to Zoha Ali&Asad Ali1.Scenario: Lady with dry eyes and dry mouth... diagnosis isa.Sjogren(Ans)b.Milkulicz syndrome?2 Smooth and cordinated movement bya. basal ganglia(Ans)b. spinocerebellar3.Scenario: elderly,diplopia,granuloma,raisedb.pa. giant cell arteritis(Ans)b. takayasu diseasec. wegenersGranulomatosis4. Zinc required fora cellular oxiadtion(Ans)b glucose oxidationc5. Maxillary artery forma 1st arch(Ans)b 2ndarch6.Testosterone causes transient bone growth because?a it causes epiphyseal closure(ans)b downgrade its receptorsc 17 ketosteroid7 GFR decreased bya afferent arteriolar contraction(ANS)b.renin increasesc.efferent arteriolar constriction8 Aotosomal recessivea. Achondroplasiab. Marfanssync. Alpha1 antitrypsin defiecncy(ANS)d. Neurofibramatosis9 Nucleusacontinous with rough endoplasmic reticulum(Ans)bconatin pores10 basophila in cell due to which organelle?a ribosomes(Ans)bglogi apparatus11 fatty liver NOT seen ina viral hepatitis(ans)b congestion of liverc pregnancyd obesitye alcohol12 scenario: pt with increased heaptic glycogen with normal structure, no inc in serum glucoseafter giving fructose,enzyme deficiency
  2. 2. afructokinaseb glucose 6 phospahate(Ans)c hexokinase13 scenario 6 yrs old, given anti malarial, hb low, ad coke cloured urine,(inctlc n platelets werealso there may b)a g6pd deficincy(Ans)b black water fevercParoxysomal nocturnal hemoglobinuria14 vasodilatorsa PGI2(ans)b ltc4c ltd4d TXA215 difference bw kwashiorkor and marsmusa bilateral pitting edema(Ans)b muscle wasting16 Two point discrimination sensoramesiners corpusclesbmerkels diskc Golgi tendonsd free nervee muscle spindle17 which is not a direct effect of cushing syndrome?a facial hair growth(ans)b buffalo humpc muscle weaknessd thin limbs18 hormone required for brain developlment in fetal lifea thyroid hormone(Ans)b growth hormonec cortisold androgens19 scenario, mother rh negative, baby delivered at 34 weeks with anemia palour, died after 6 hrsafter transfusion, most likely causea. basal ganglia staining(Ans)b. cardiac malformations20 post ganglionic sympathic nerve fibers r present in1.cervical nerve2.all spinal nerve(ans)3.thoracic n(ans)?? Thoraco lumbar?4.lumber5.sacral21 insulin increased bya beta blockersb secretin (ans)(its homologous to glucagon)c thiazides22 virus act carcinogecially thrua oncogenes(Ans) (in virus are oncogenes, in humans are protoncogens)bprotooncogenes
  3. 3. cpromotor23 radiation causes carcinoma in how many years?a. les than 1 yrb. less than 2 yrs.c. 2-5 yrsd> 10 yrze. 7-10 yrs(ans) (Radiation can cause cancer in most parts of the body, in all animals, and at any age,although radiation-induced solid tumors usually take 10–15 years, and can take up to 40 years, tobecome clinically manifest, and radiation-induced leukemias typically require 2–10 years to appear)24 atrial fluttera treated with defibrillation shock therapy(Ans)b heart rate is so rapid above 400 beats / minc heart beat between 200 and 350/min(??)d circus waves are not main reason25 carcinogenanitrosamides(Ans)b nicotineccadmieum26 u wavea slow reploarization of papillary muscles(ans)(its due to hypokalemia)(1staid)b atrial repolarizationc.SA depolarizationd.AV depolarizatione septum depolarization27 purkinjefibesa specialized heart muscle cellsb contain numerous myofibrils28 hb 6gm/dl increased plateled count with hyperplastic bone marrow?a.irondefanemiab.hemolytic anemiac.acute blood lossd.sideroblastic anemiae.leukemia(?)29 clostridiuma are spores forming(Ans)b are facultative anerobes( they are obligate anerobes)30 pseudomembrane colitis least likey caused bya ceftriaxonebclauvinicampicllin(Ans)c clindamycindvancomycin(it’s the treatment of pseudomembrane colitis)31 virusa altered protien synthesis32 In right atrium, SA node is located just near theA- AuricleB- Fossa OvalisC- Superior part of Sulcus Terminale(Ans)D- Lower part of Crista Terminalis
  4. 4. 33 which of following DOES NOT drain in internal juglar veina ext. juglar(ans)b sup. thyroid34 soldeir came from high attitude , 2000 ft , pcv 60 %,malaise,fever, spleenomegaly, cyanosisa sec polycythemia(ans)??bmethmaglobinemia35 Men from sea to attitudeapul vasoconstriction(Ans)36 increased diffusion of CO2 through alveolar membrane is due to?a increased diffusion coefficient (20 times more ability to diffuse)b increased solubilityc more affinity then o2(Asimshoaib)37 water intoxicationa distended neck veinsb pulmonary edema(cerebral edema happens)c slow pulse(Ans)(Asimshoaib)d Increased alertness(guyton)e thirst38 total water depletion, replaced by?a hypotonic (ans by some ppl.. logically fit)b isotonicc 5% dextrose( ans by most)d 1% glucosee ringer lactate39 unconcious patient brought to hospital after 1 hour of severe haemoraghe his bp is 50mmhg,pulse is rapid, cool n calmy skin, which mechanism is most active at this stagea baroreceptors reflexb cerebral ischemic(ans)(its start acting below 60mmHg of BP )ccushing reactiond chemoreceptors40 po2 60 mmhg, hgb 15.cause of injurya hypoxicb anemiac overutilizationdhistotoxic41 integrins ata leukocytes(Ans)b plateletsc endothelial cells42 primary amylodosis of increase immunoglobulin light chaina systemic(Ans)b reactive systemic43 superior parathyroida at the level of middle of thyroid gland on posterior surface at 1st tracheal ring( its actually 3rd ring)(ansnearly to right)b variable in positionc in frront of pretracheal fasciad supplied by superior thyroid artery(inferioris the main supply)
  5. 5. 44 cricoid levelaoesophagus with pharynx(Ans)b common carotid bifurcation level45 vertical lesion of optic chiasmaabitemporal hemianopia46 patient has done clostomy, its now on parenteral dieta fatty liverb hyperglycemia(Ans)chypophosphotemia47 opiods are agonist, one with antagonistapethidineb buprenorphine(ans)cpentazocine(also correct bt is prototype)d morphinee fentanyl48 Regarding ANTI-EPILEPTIC DRUGS,which one is INCORRECTadizipam inhibits gaba channelsbethusuxsimide act via blocking of K channels(ans)(its Ca channels)c. phenobarbitaol…d phenytoin prolongs the inactivated stated on Na Channelsevigabatrin irreversibly block the enzyme49 Lumbar puncture done through:A- L2 & L3B- L4 &L5(ans)C- S1- S250 subduaralhemaorhageasuperoir cerebral veins(ans)b middle meningeal artery51 most dangerous effect of diphtheria exotoxin on which organ?a heart(Ans)b.Larynxc.Intestine52 renin secretion is increased by?a decreased atrial strechbmacualdensa?c plasma osmolarity( Ans)?dinc K+ ?53 most characteristic symptom of esophageal atresia?a regurgitation of all of first feedb attacks of cough on feed (this one also by Wikipedia)c continuous dribbling(ans) (Asimshoaib)54 after adrenalectomy, cause of death within few days is coz of absent ofa aldosterone (Ans) Addison’s is due to mineralocorticoid deficiency basicallyb cortisol?55 which of the following is not neoplasia1. choriostoma(ans)2. memgioma3. lymphoma56. 40 yrz old lady with swelling n pain in knee joint, synovial fluid shows basophilic rhomboid
  6. 6. crystals:a. calcium pyrophosphate(ans)(psedogout)b. monosodium uratec. glycine57 90 % of anthrax pts have lesions ina.skin(ans)b.lungs58. Glucose transport is directly proportional to its concentration, this phenomenon is knownasA -Active TransportB- Diffusion (ans? Mostly say this)C- Facilitated Diffusion(ans)?59 nutrient which need further digestion to be absorbeda sucrose(ans)btripeptides60 high triglyceride contenta chylomicrons(Ans)61 cholesterol with negative coronary risk factorahdl(Ans)bldl ?62 counter current multipliera requires hypertonic medullary interstitium(Ans)b produce by vasa recta(mainitaineb by it63 preganlonic nerve fibres containa B fibres(Ans)64 muscle tension is decreased to prevent muscle rupture byagolgi tendons??(Ans)b muscle spindle ??65 durg to irreversibly impair platelet functiona aspirin(Ans)b ibuprofen66 A patient comes to a doctor with a complain of pain down the medial side of right forearm &hand, & wasting of small muscles of hand. On examination ,circulation of right upper limb wasalso impaired. The anatomical structure most likely to be involved is?A. Head of right humarusB. Left cervical ribC. Right 1st ribD. Right 2nd ribE. Right cervical rib(Ans)67 Pt presented with hemoptysis & hematuria. It progressed to renal failure. On biopsy there werefocal depositions with linear patternA- Focal glomerulonephritisB- Rapid Progressive GlomerulonephritisC- Good pastures (Ans)68 scenario male 30 years splenomagaly fever malaise cardiac murmer andsplinter hemorrhagesand hematuria . Most appropriate testa.Blood serologyb.Blood culture(ans)c.Stool culture
  7. 7. 69 scenario some weeks of disease, fever, lethargic, creatinine was 4, pedal edema nanemia hb,6 rbc 3.6, causeaerythropoiten deficiency(Ans)(i.e CRF)b acute renal failure( acute dose not cause anemia)70 sceanrio: pt of acromegaly..lips n bone enlargeda adenoma of adenohypophsisbadeoma of acidophilic cells(Ans) (acidophilic cells include somatotrohs and mammaotrohs )c adenoma of chromphobic cells71 most likely about mammary glanda extend vertically from 2 to 6 rib( its right also)b contain 15 to 20 lactiferous ducts(Ans)?c in pregnancy, contain lactiferous ducts and secretory alveolid sebaceous glands in aereola72 scenario of post op. abdominal surgery, thromboembloism cause?a stasis n hypercoagubility(Ans)b stasisc endothelial injury and stasisd endothelial injury and hypercoagulability73 biceps reflex absent, knee n ankle reflex hyper, ventilation rate 16 / min, cause spinal cordsectiona L1 l2 l3b c8 t1c t8 t9d c5 c6(ans)e c3 c474 ventricalcortico spinal fibresends ona lumbarb mid thoracic(ans)(Wikipedia)(its small as compared to main lateral corticospinal and ends gradually onmid thoracic)c thoracicd end of spinal cord75 standing from supine positionaincraese heart rate(ans)b decrease cardiac output76 not of cardiogenic shockahemaorragheb MIc CHFd dehydration77. Water enter interstitiuma.filtration(Ans)b.diffusionc.cotransport with Nad. decrease hydrostatic pressure78 most evident clinical feature of sjogrensa enlargement of salivary glandb dry mouth n dry eyesc dry mouth only79 leprosy
  8. 8. a intracellular acid fastbintraceelualarnon acid fastcextracelluar acid fast80 scenario: child with skin eruptions along facial hair line, conjunctivitis, bluish white specs withred margins at buccal mucosa (measles)akopliks spot81 Not oro fecalatriculaisspirailis(Ans)btriculaistachuli82 hepatits Ba by sexual contact(Ans)boro fecal83 not a 2nd line drug in Rheumatoid arthritisa antibiotics(Ans)b anti malarialsc ?goldsesulphazine84 from under cook meata tape worm(ans)b liver fluke85 smooth musclesa arrange in longitudinal and circular layer(Ans)b striated muscle86 post traumatic patient, memory loss, areaa hippocampus(ans)87 heart muscle show no tetnusa increase absolute refractory period88. Pancreatic fistula, somatostatina inhibit other enzymesbdec secretions(ans?)89 somatosensory different from primary motor ina granular layer(ans?)b at lateral sidec has lager homunculus90 A patient in an operation requiring general anaesthesia has high BP which drugs should begivenaglycerine nitride?b halothanechydralizine(Ans)dmetoprolol91 regarding medulla, correct onea forth ventricle in upper medulla92 A 40 year Male working as a taxi driver in sharjah presented with C/O fever,weightloss,anorexia. Diarrehea, spleenomegaly,he is emaciated,has jaundice and generalizedlymphadenopathy.whats the diagnosis.a AIDS(ans)bleishmaniasisc yellow fever93 Turner syndrome
  9. 9. a. 44XO(ans)b. 44XXXc. 44XXXX94 not present in AIDSasqaumous cell ca(Ans)b primary brain lyhpomackaposis’s95 scenario: nodule on dorsum of hand,same side axillary lymph nodes are enlarged, happeneddue to? (melanoma case)a ultra violet radiations(Ans)b old job related asbestosc latex glove allergy96 coronary sinus co tinuationofAgraet cardiac vein97 A pt came to gingival hypertrophy, bleeding from gums, petachies, painful sore at lips..youadvice investigation to.rule outa.Lyphoma??b.Lukemia??c. bachet disease98 souce of creatininea muscle(Ans)b heart99 pt with diabetic nephropathy, investigation of chiocea albumin(ans)b serum creatinine levelsccreatinine clearance100 scenario, pt having swellin on right neck, dicsharging, routine culture shows nothing. nowfirst initial investigation for diagnosisa biopsy(Ans)(it will reveal everything)bzehil stain101 question regarding ovary’s embryologya all primary ooctyes go in prophase of first meotic in fetal life(ans)b most of oocyte undergo degeneration from birth to pubertyc oocyte completes secondary miosis before ovulation something like that102 which structure seperate maternal and fetal blood at last stages of pregnancyaCytotrophoblastb.Syncishiotrophoblastc.Cyto and synchiod.Synschiotrophoblast and fetal endothelium(Ans)103 2nd division of trigeminal nerve NOT supply toa one air sinusb nasal cavityc nasal pharynx?d temporal bone104 Female having HIV but no AIDS CD count 800 now having middle ear infection SOM (supartiveotits media), causeapneumocytiscarinii(below 500 typical infections of aids get start)b streptococci pneumoniac M avium
  10. 10. dpsedomanasaueriginosa ( cause extotits media)e staph aureus105 men having abcess at left thigh after injury from thorn, causea staph aureusbstreptpyogens106 19 yr old boy sitting in a well ventilated room of 26C. severely sweating , His pulse 120beats/min, Bp 150/90. Whats the diagnosis?A- Heat Stroke( surrounding/ambient temp should b raised in this )B-Mental StressC-Exercise(Ans)D-Sympatholytic drugs107 most potent mechansim of preventing heat lossa shivering (potent mechanism for heat production)b vasoconstriction (Ans) (potent mechanism to prevent heat)108 old lady, shortened limb, rotated laterally, causea fracture neck of femur(Ans)b dislocation of hip(Anot dislocation, hip fracture can be true )csupr glutealdinf gluteal109 asthma pt, most decrease volume isa fev1b fev1/fvc ratiocfvc110 cynosiss causea carbon monoxide posioning(cherry red coloration)bdeoxyhenoglobin less than 5mg/dl(ans)111 Regarding Aminoacids,which one of the following amino acids is not synthesized by thehuman body and should be included in the diet.A- AlanineB- TyrosineC- Phenylalanine(Ans)( (in phenylketonuria,phenylalanine is excluded from human diet).D- tryptophanE-112 Hering–Breuer reflex due toa stretch receptors in bronchioles (Ans)b irritantsc j receptors113 protein bound fraction of the drug is:a.activeb inactivec more lipid soluble114 frequency distributiona tells distribution of value appear in datab tells distribution of value which is missingc gives percentage of values115 standard deviation fora variability(ans)116 you are allowed to breech patients confidentialityA- For insurance claimB- If parents ask
  11. 11. C- ifpt authorizes you(ans)D- after pts death117 cerebellum is connected to Midbrain byA-Superior Cerebellar Peduncle(ans)B-Middle Cerebellar PeduncleC-Inferior Cerebellar Penduncle118 A 45 yrs female came with abnormal vaginal bleeding. biospy shows simple hyperplasia dueto?a.increase stimulation with estrogen(ans)b.decrease stimulation with estrogenc.increase stimulation with LH119 a patient was lying in spine position ABCESS will enter in lungA.rightupr lobeB.left posterior lobec.right posterior lobeDright apical superiorE120 arterioles diametera 0.03 mm with naked eye?b ½ to 1mmc 1mmd 3mme 5 mm121. Which of the following have the greatest amount of blood1. Capillaries2. Resistance vessels3. Large veins(ans)4 Arteries122. A young adult received crush injury to his foot which became infected and necrosed forwhich BKA (below knee amputation) was carried out. Six months after the amputation, the patientdeveloped a tender Haphazard bundles of nerves(nodule) with pain at the site of amputation. Thenodule most likely is:a.neuroma(ans)b.gangliomac.ganglionueromad.hamartoma123adh acts primarily ona.PCTb.Cortical Ct(ans)(late distal n collecting so mostly collecting)c.Medullary CTd.loop of henlee.DCT124, which cells are not part of CNSAoligodendrocytesB padular astrocytesC ….. astrocytesD schawncells(ans)125 Parkinsonapeduncular kneeb static tremor(Ans) (Static tremor,cogwhelrigdity ,clasp knife in uper neuron lesion)
  12. 12. C clasp knife rigidity126 Pus forming cavities in sinuses type or a patient came to ER with fever n multiple abscess inneck region draining outside. which is the likely organism?a.pseudomonasb.staphaureusc.Treponemapallidumd.Actinomycesisraelli(ans)127. last to return after donation of 1 litre bloodarbc(Ans)b128 scientist want to study about telomerase activity so which cells have rapid turnovera endothelialb.erythrocyetsc.leukocytesd.germ cell(ans)129 apoptosis, most initiala activation of caspases(ans)b phagocytosisc activate bcL2(its deactivated 1st)130 sight of lodging of inhaled foreign bodya right lower lobe(ans)131 SA node activity decreased by parasympathetic increase ina potassium(Ans)b Nac Na n ca132 thyroid problem and pt’sven. rate was 180 with irregular regular pulseA digoxinB propanaolC amiodroneD verapamil (ans)133 in pregnanacyrhematic fever, detoritation of cardiac status due toa mitral regurgitationb mitral stenosisc aortic regurgitationd aortic stenosis134 Vagal stimulation on heart or like Acetylcholine increases in heart.a PR interval prolong(Ans)b stroke volumec heart rate135 long term memory needaantaomical changes in neuronal circuitsb Random storage in braincdontreqirerepeatitiond 10 mints136 exopthalamus, causea increase TSIb increase t4 levelsc increase t3 and t4
  13. 13. 137 surfactant produced bya type 2 alveloar epithelial cells(Ans)138. giving many dugs in TB bcoza delay resistance139 ineffective erythropoisesA beta thalasemiaB sickle 140 Not contain parasympathetic fibesaacessory spinal nerve??? oracessory nerve?(ans)bglossopharngeal141 ganglin of lacrimal?or was parotid ??apterygopalatine ganglion142 scenario: parasite causing urinary bladder ca, granuloma present.a. ascarisbshistosomiasis(Ans)143 preganglioninc neurotransmittera ACH144 increase blood volume in vein due toa increase capacityb decrease compliance145 scenario, eye partially ptois, unable to move up and medially, (downward n outward gaze)aocculomotor nerve palsy146. Scenario: cataract, deafness and cardiac malformationsa mothers Rubella(Ans)147 chronic liver disese, (G.I bleed and portal HTN mentioned?dont remember)what will doainjvit kbinjoctreotide(Ans)148 iron absorptiona in ferrous fe+2 fromb presence of oxalates149 hco3 absorb ata proximal and distal corticalb proximal and collecting(Ans)?150 pt passing urine at 1ml/mim.urines lowestosmalrity level?a cortical collecting tubule(here ADH action make tubule hyperosmolar)b papillary collecting tublec macula densa(ans)(As dct not mention so its right)d tip of loop of henle(here isotonic fluid)151 kidney not related and posteriorly toa diaphragmb rectus abdominisc psoasdtranverseabdominisecolinic flexure152 protocaval anastomosisainf and sup rectal veins(Ans?)bsuperorepigastric and inferior epigastric153 which steriod synthesis step reduce prostrate hypertrophya inhibition of 5 alpha reductase(Ans)b increase cholesterol desmoloase
  14. 14. c 17,20 hydrolase deficiency??154 pregnant women with thyrotoxicosisapropylthiouracil(Ans)155 pt with thyrotoxicosis, treatmentapropanaol156 myocardial infarction, at 5th day or week,pt died autopsy showed?a cardiac temponade(ans)157 most abundant immunoglobulin in plasmaaIgG158 PPD inserted, type of cells along with macrophagesa T lymphocytes(Ans)159 SLE is familial bcoz ofa high incidence in monozygotic twins(Ans)b incidence is high in femalesc if its in family, more chances to occur…sumthing like that160 transplantation rejected in 10 minutesa antibody mediated(Ans)b cell mediatedc graft versus host161 regarding csfa its byoncy and cushioning effect keep brain safe from injury(Ans)b produce 1000 ml in 24 hoursc provide neutrient162 csf in meningtis, what not correctapyogens don’t decrease glucose(Ans)b fungal keep glucose normal163 structure arching over left bronchus?a arch of aorta(Ans)164. Resting membrane potential of heart?a is more depends on potassium equilibrium(ans)b is more depends on sodium equilibrium165 ketamine is used in repeated burn dressing’s coz?a its does not cause hypotensionb.Causes profound analgesia(ans)(past ques)c,it can b given im ivd.it does not causes addictione it is not narcotic166 which is NOT leukoplakia precursora spices (Sipces can cause chronic irritation and lead to leukoplakia)b spiritsc syphilis(Ans)??( it can cause leukoplakia rarely)d sexual contact(Ans?167. P wavea atrial depolarizationb atrial contraction?168 in type 2 mobitza decrease in stroke volumeb increase in cardiac outputc ventricular rate slower then atria(Ans)
  15. 15. 169 thymus?a has numerous lymphocytes(Ans)b derivative of 4th archcdeveops from thyroid tissued Largest at pubertye regresses shortly after birth170 female in er pain in RIF, lmp 3 weeks back, fever n wbc raiseda appendixb uterus171 no change to MCV, which condition?a sickleb 2ndpostheamorrahge day(ans)172 sicle cell scenario.boy having hb 5.6 deeply jaundiced, ,plt 260000 ndtlc 10000 having nonhealing ulcers, abdominal pain after tooth extractiona aplastic crisisb painful crisisc sequestration crisisd hemolytic crisis173 g6 pdahenz bodiesb helmetcetcetc174 primary cartilaginous jointacostochondral(ans)b.teeth in jawc joints of skulld. inferior radio ulnare. pubic symphisis175 which is exactly 2/3 body watera intracellularb Extracellularc plasma176 Scenario of azadkashmir lady injured in in earth quake, one of his distant uncle died too????a family crisisb social crisisc situational crisis(Ans)d economic crisise developmental crisis177 scenario: young adult atypical lymphocytes, virus?aebv virus(Ans)bcytomegalus virus178 all are wrong except one ??ahbv and burkittlyymphoma179 hanging causes death bya Fracture of odontoid process of axis(Ans)b atlas180 Which of the arteries does not supply the scalp
  16. 16. A- MaxillaryB- VerterbralC- Occipital181 Winging scapulaa Long thoracic182 appendicular arteryabr . of posterior cecal arteryb183 Anal canala supplied by sup and inf rectal artery (Ans)bInf rectal drains in portal circulation184 Internal sphincter is supplied byA. Pudendalnerve(ans)B. Hypogastric plexus185 basic drugs bind toA albumin (Asim n shoaib) (acidic drug binds to alklotic albumin)B alpha 1 glyco protein (ans) wikipedia186 diabetic type 2 pt with dyspepsia and consistent diabetic gastroperisis, what shoud givenadomperidonebmetaclopramidecscrulfate187 edema in nephrotic syndrome due toa. low colloid osmotic pressure of plasma(Ans)188. Ascorbic acid vit c causesa.hydroxylation of collagen(ans)b triple helix formation189 Regarding lower gastroesophageal sphinctera. its a true anatomic sphincterb its pressure increases in pregnancyc.its pressure decreases in achalasiad.it relaxes during swallowing(ans)190 About reticsa. corrected count is good indicator of erythropoietc activityb.contain DNA remanantsc with wright stainsd include in CBC191 bleeding time increased ina liver failurebvit k deficiencychemophilliaD thrombocytopenia(Ans)E thrombesthenia192 Glucose transport n kidneyacotransport with Na193 cause if incCa in cardiac cella adrenaline(ans)bdiltiazamctrimethphen194 An isolated complete rupture of anterior cruciate ligament will result in instability of tibia overfemoral condyle. The direction of instability will most likely be?
  17. 17. A. Anterior(Ans)B. Antero-lateralC. Antero-medialD. Postero-lateralE. Postero-medial195 About plateletsa. forms clot by binding with collagen fibre(ans)B. has granulesC hav no nucleus196 regarding in pregnancy effects of parahormone(not remember fully)a. hyperparathroidism due to estrogenb inhibition of bone resorption197 hypergicemia.. Question like that …or may b I am mixing it with question no 21 (abt insulin)A thiazides diuretics?198 during formation of nonessential a a( amino gp ???) is donatd by( not sure this came or not)a-oxaloacetateb-glutamatec-pyruvateA thiazides diuretics?199 incraese uric acid( not sure this question came or not)aprizinamaide?200 Organs present in the peritoneal cavity? A fallopian tubeb ovary?c proximal part of duodenum(ans)d uteruse gonads