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BPKIHS 2012 PG Questions collection

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Bpkihs 2012

  1. 1. BPKIHS 20121. A womans father has DMD. She has healthy brother n sisters. What is thechance of getting DMD if she delivers male child?A. 25B. 50C. 100D.752. Dermatophtye causes all except,A.FavusBKerionC .PiedraD. M…3. Spleenic artery if blocked, beside spleen which organ deprived of blood supply:A. Fundus of stomachB. Head of pancreasC.D.4. Urine turns black on standing is seen in deficiency of which enzymes?5. Ca cervix spread to Mckenrodts ligament stage?A . 2aB. 2bC. 3aD. 3b6. Staging of Ca prostate which invnAbdmlUsgTrans rectal usgUrethrocystoscopyPSA7. Coiled spring appearance in barium enema seen inA. VolvulisB. intususseptionC. DiverticulitsD. Ca colon8. True abt hemochromatosis:a. Diabetes mellitus mc presentation
  2. 2. b. Skin pigmentation due to iron depositionc. Phlebotomy decreases arthralgiad. Arthritis9. Infant not responding to bronchodilator, pO2 30 mm hg,next step ofmanagementA. IV bicarbonateB. Intubation and ventilationC. IV aminophyllineD. Sodium Cromoglycate10.A 60 year old male presents with intestinal obstruction of left colon inemergency. What is ur mxA. Hartmann procedureB. Transverse colostomyC. Iliocolostomy11.Not so common symptom of typical antipsychotics:A. Malignant hyperthermiaB. extra pyramidal side effect12.Not true about PTSDA. antecedent history of severe psychological traumaB. Premorbid personalityC. Flashback commonD. Presents within 3 months of stressor event13.Bullemianervosamkopt, which drug wont you recommend if she hasdepressionA sertralineB FluxentineC NapropenD14.Depressive patient on antidepressant develops painful penile erection. Whichdrug?A. FluoxetineB. Trazodone15.Antagonist of Insulin:A. EpinephrineB. Gastrin
  3. 3. C. SomatostatinD. Growth Hormone16.Bacterial DNA doesnt get digested by itself as its ends are:A. AcetylatedB. Methylated17.Difference between the bird and airplane is:A. AbstractB. JudgementC. MemoryD. Concentration18.Medial longitudnal arch of foot mainly formed by:A. TalusB. CuboidC. NavicularD. Cuneiform19.Felon isA. Infection of terminal pulp spaceB. Infection of palmar space20.Principle of ct scanA. A. X rayB. B. electronC. C. Gamma ray21.X ray of pneumothorax best visualised by:A. Full inspirationB. Full expirationC. Left lateralD. Right lateral22.Inversion of footA. Adduction, supination, plantar flexionB. Adduction, supination, dorsal flexionC. Abduction,23.A young doctor with motorcycle accident, # of humerus spiral groove. What isnot seen?A. Wrist dropB. Supination not affected24.Malignanat hyperthermia by:A halothane and succinylcholine
  4. 4. B. halothane and atracurium25.Pregnanacy ma ureter dilatationA. Left side commonB.Due to effect of oxytocinC. Increased smooth muscle activity26.What passes through lower triangle of axilla?A. Radial nerve and profundabrachii artery27.Amount of synovial fluid reqd for analysis:A. 0.5mlB. 1 mlC. 2 mlD. 10 ml28.Drug of choice in herpes simplex keratitisA. GancyclovirB. idoxuridine29.What is the complication of Brachial plexus block by interscalene approachA. Horner syndromeB. Hematoma30.Metabolic change in GOO?A hypochloremin metabolic alkalosisB hyperchloremic metabolic alkalosis31.Sellaturcica best visualised byA. APB. lateralC. Open mouthD. Towne’s View32.Bupivacaine cannot be used inA. Intravenous regional anesthesiaB. Nerve blockC. Spinal block33.Cardiac output can be calculated by:
  5. 5. A. Arm plethysmographyB. Flow -C. Electro-34.Drug of choice in erythrasmaA. ErythromycinB. CefoperazoneC. DapsoneD. Penicillin35.Pulled elbow xray featureA. A. SubluxationB. B. dislocationC. C. No fracture36.Sternal angle: anatomical landmark, which is not:A. boundary betn sup and inf mediastinumB. Bifurcation of tracheaC. Azygos vein starts37.Triple test doesnt includeA. Breast self-examinationB. Clinical examinationC. MammographyD. FNAC38.Wet dressing in acute eczema condy solution componentA. Boric acidB. Pot permanganate39.Type of collagen in articular cartilageA. Type 1B. 2C. 3D. 540.Loosers transformation zone seen in41.Salt and Pepper dermatological features is seen in:A. SLEB. Sjogrens syndrome
  6. 6. C. DermatositisD. a42.All of the following are radiosensitive tumor except:A. Ewing SarcomaB. LymphomaC. OsteosarcomaD. Seminoma43.A 60 year old female, who had menopause 15 years back presents with ovariantumor. Which of the following is radiosensitive?A. Krukenberg tumorB. Granulosa cell tumorC. DysgerminomaD.44.Configuration of Carbon atom is mostly:A. CisB. TransC.D.45.A surgeon during Sx, inadvertently injures ureter. To avoid the injury, heshould know the anatomy that:A. Ureter crosses above int iliac arteryB. Ureter lies above the uterine arteryC. Lies 5 cm medial to common iliac artery.D.46.A child presents with abdominal pain and swelling: D/DA. Wilms tumor47. Question on attributable risk48.Structure not present in adductor canal:A. Nerve to vastusmedialisB. Femoral NerveC. Femoral ArteryD. Femoral Vein49.Abductor of vocal cord
  7. 7. A. Posterior crico arytenoidB. Lateral crico arytenoid50.M/c shock in RTA?A neurogenicB hypovolemicC septicD anaphylactic51.K channel deficeincy is found in?A. Hypokalemic periodic paralysisBCD52.Salt and pepper dermatological feature is seen in:53.Stellate abscess is seen in?A. SyphilisB. ChancroidC. LymphogranulomavenereumD.54.Treatment of pleomorphic adenoma:A. Superficial parotidectomyB. Radical parotidectomyC. EnucleationD.55.Delta-Amino Levullinic Acid synthase catalyzes:A. Synthesis of porphyrin.B.C.D.56.Osteoid osteoma not found inA. FemurB. TibiaC. SkullD. Vertebra
  8. 8. 57.Which of the following has not X linked transmission?A. G6PD deficiencyB. LyschNyhan SyndromeC. Von Gierke DiseaseD. Fabry disease58.Di Geogre Sequence has all except:A. ThymichypoplaisaB. Thyroid hypoplasiaC. Tetralogy of FallotD.59.Which of the following is not present in superficial palmar arch?A. Superficial palmar branch of ulnar arteryB. ArteriapollicisC. ArteriaindicisD. Metacarpal arteries60.Wallenberg syndrome. Not seenA. Loss of taste sensation in half of tongueB. Loss of pain and sensation in half faceC. Loss of pain and sensation in half bodyD.61.Not present in subarachnoid hemorrhageA. Sudden severe frontal headacheB. HemiplegiaC. Neck stiffnessD.62.A pt with gcs 8/10 with h/o fall has bleeding from nose. O2 saturation 80%. Bpmaintained. Mx:A. Intubation and ventilationB. Packing of noseC. Urgent ct scanD.63.Reyes syndrome child. Due to which drug:A. Aspirin
  9. 9. 64.After vasectomy, when is semen analysis done:A. 2 wksB. 4 wksC. 8 wksD.65.Thrombotic nonbacterial endocarditis seen in:A. Neoplastic diseaseB. Congenital heart diseaseC.D.66.A women with complaints of generalised fatigue presents with ecg of tall twaves. What abnormality would you like to correct?A. HyperkalemiaB. HypokalemiaC. HypercalcemiaD. Hypocalcemia67.A man presents with backache, x ray shows punched out appearance ofvertebra. Which of the following will not present?A. HypercalcemiaB. M proteinC.D.68.Which of the following is specific for osteoblastic activity in bone?A. ALPB. OsteonectinC. OsteocalcinD.69.Function of Golgi Complex:A. Packaging of synthesized proteinsB.C.D.70.Elongation of F.A. chain takes place in:
  10. 10. A. Smooth Endoplasmic ReticulumB. MitochondriaC.D.71.Which of the following is feature of irreversible cell injury?A. Cell swellingB. Aggregation of mitochondrial matrixC.Clumping of nuclear materialD.72.All of the following are radiosensitive tumor except:A. Ewing SarcomaB. LymphomaC. OsteosarcomaD. Seminoma73.A 60 year old female, who had menopause 15 years back presents with ovariantumor. Which of the following is radiosensitive?A. Krukenberg tumorB. Granulosa cell tumorC. DysgerminomaD.74.Configuration of Carbon atom is mostly:A. CisB. TransC.D.75.A surgeon during Sx, inadvertently injures ureter. To avoid the injury, heshould know the anatomy that:A. Ureter crosses above int iliac arteryB. Ureter lies above the uterine arteryC. Lies 5 cm medial to common iliac artery.D.Ureter lies just below the bifurcation of common iliac artery76.Which of the following not derived from 2nd branchial arch:A. Anterior belly of digastric muscle
  11. 11. B. StylopharyngeusC. StylohyoidC. Stylothyroid77.Structure not present in adductor canal:A. Nerve to vastusmedialisB. Femoral NerveC. Femoral ArteryD. Femoral Vein78.An alcoholic male presents with steatorrhea, diagnosis of chronic pancreatitismade. Which of the following enzyme abscence is causing steatorrhea?A. LipaseB. AmylaseC.D.79.Nelatons line not related to?A. Fracture neck of femurB. lower end of femurC. Intertrochanteric fracture of femur80.RTA with fracture of radius in the spiral groove with radial nerve injury. Whichamong the following is incorrectA. Extension of elbow not possibleB. no wrist jerkCD81.Crossed eye of ainfant,examination was normal. Diagnosis?A. PseudostrabismusB. congenital esotropiaCD82.Flutamide in BPH acts by:A. 5 alpha reductase inhibitorB. Antagonist at testosterone receptorC. LHRH antagonist
  12. 12. D.83.Trauma to a childs eye with traumatic cataract. Treatment you would doA Corneal repairB. Corneal repair, Lens extractionC. Corneal repair, Lens extraction, IOL implantationD. Corneal repair, Lens extraction, IOL implantation, post vitrectomy84.During examination, a newborn has large cataract. When would you like tooperate?A. ImmediatelyB. 3 monthsC. 6 monthsD. 2 year85.Question abt peptidoglycan. Which is not true?A. More in G(+) than in G(-)B. Linkage of N acetyl glucosamine with muramic acidC. Digested by lysosomesD.86.True about hapten:A. Immunogenic and ReagenicB. Immunogenic but not reagenicC. Reagenic but not immunogenicD. Not immunogenic and reagenic87.Fc portion of Ig question:88.What is the cause of proximal bronchiectasis?A. Kartagener syndromeB.C.D.89.A child presents with recurrent respiratory tract infection, failure to thrive.What is the relevant investigation?A. Sweat chloride testB.C.
  13. 13. D.90.Fuel used in the last hours of 48 hr starvation is:A. Muscle glycogenB. AcetoacetateC. Amino acidD.91.Survival of graft in first 48 hrs is due to:A. Ingrowth of capillaries in the graftB. Plasmic imbibitionC.D.92.Drowning of body below neck. Which hormone secreted?A. Brain natriuretic peptideB. Atrial natriuretic peptideC. AldosteroneD.93.Meningitis ko CSF sample ma capsular antigen postive:A. HistoplasmacapsulatumB. Cryptococcus neoformansC. Candida albicansD.94.Not true about toxoplasma gondi:A. Transplacental infectionB. Spread through cat faecesC. Stool examination shows trophozoitesD.95.Unsafe CSOM patient presents with high fever with chills and rigors, on fall oftemperature produces sweating. What is ur diagnosis?A. Lateral Sinus ThrombosisB. Cavernous Sinus ThrombosisC. Brain AbscessD.96.A neonate presents with meningitis. On CSF examination, what is the finding?
  14. 14. A. Increased protein, Decreased glucoseB. Increased protein, Increased glucoseC. Decreased protein, Increased glucoseD. Decreased protein, Decreased glucose97.A medical student develop TB. She is on ATT. Develops peripheral neuropathy.Which of the following vitamin co-administration can prevent the conditon?A. Pyridoxine98.Developing MI was treated with thrombolytic therapy. What was thepathological process going on?A. Increased H+ ionsB.C.D.99.Women on ATT and OCP gets pregnant. Which of the following drug isresponsible?A. RifampicinB. IsoniazidC.D.100. Oxytocin contracts:A. Myoepithelial cells of breast101. Which of the following not true about LithiumA. Hemodialysis reqd if level more than 4 meq/LB. diuretics decreses the plasma level102. Which of the following drug prevents transmission of HIV from mother tochild?A. LamivudineB. Stavudine103. Which of the following produces schizophrenia like state?A. CannabisB. OpiumC. Dhatura
  15. 15. 104. A 6 yr old child wakes up at middle of night, is unconsolable, sleeps anddoesnt remember the event next morning. What is Diagnosis?A. Night TerrorB. MigraineC. Psychiatric disorderD.105. Not true about methemoglobinemia:A. Methylene blue is the RxB. O2 carrying capacity unchangedC.D.106. Which of the following has perioperative cardiovascular complications?A. History of MIB. Unstable anginaC. Malignant arrhythmiaD.107. Which of the following has gene ?expansionA. Burkitts LymphomaB. CMLC.D.108. A doctor who has negligence on treatment of assault case??A. Res IpsaLoquitorB. Novus actusinterviensC. Medical malpracticeD.109. In an incised wound, basal cell proliferation starts in:A. 12 hrsB. 18 hrsC. 24 hrsD.110. Avulsion fracture is produced by:A. Tearing or Shearing force
  16. 16. B.111. True regarding extradural hematoma:A. Rupture of middle meningeal arteryB. Burr hole and excavation of hematoma is the Rx of choiceC.D.112. Harm Reduction of "High Risk" strategy involves:A. Prevention of sexually transmitted infectionsB. Prevention of RTA due to Drug AbuseC. Drug TraffickingD.113. Secondary survery in trauma involves:A. Giving priority in care to those in needB. Rule out major life threatening injury.C. Systemic evaluation of injuryD.114. Cyclical trend of disease is due to all of the following except:A. Environmental conditionB. Buildup of susceptibleC. Variation in herd immunityD. Antigenic shift115. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is diagnosed when:A. More than 30 episode, each lasting 10s or more in 6 hrs of sleepB. More than 10 episode, each lasting 30s or more in 6 hrs of sleepC.D.116. In iceberg phenomenon, the line differentiates between:A. Diagnosed and Undiagnosed caseB. Apparent and Inapparent caseC. Symptomatic and Unsymptomatic caseD. Case and carrier117. Vision 2020A. Elimination of causes of preventable blindness by year 2020
  17. 17. 118. All of the following true about live vaccination except:A. Dose is such that they can evoke immune response not diseaseB. Risk of reversion to disease existsC. Can induce mucosal IgA immunityD. Immune response is via IgG119. A compnany wants to sterilize disposable plastic syringe. What is themethod:A. Ethylene Oxide GasB. Gamma radiationC. UV radiationD.120. Immunogenicity of Rabies virus due to its which component??121. Mean deviation is a measure ofA. Dispersion122. Which of the following is not the major symptoms of depression:A. Loss of Interest/PleasureB. Suicidal tendencyC. Low energyD.123. Ataxia, Intention tremor, Dysmetria feature of which diseased organA. Cerebellum124. AVPU scale...for level of consciousness125. Negri bodies are found inA. Hippocampus126. A pt presents with weakness of all 4 limbs (quadriparesis). What is theinvestigation?A. MRIB. CT scan127. A baby has upgoing Babinski reflex. Where is the lesion?A. Brain stemB. Pyramidal tractC.D
  18. 18. 128. A woman presents with hearing loss in left ear. AC>BC in left ear. Webertest lateralized to right ear...What is diagnosis?A. Multiple sclerosisB. Basilar artery aneurysmC. Acoustic neuromaD. Meningioma129. A young nonsmoker women presents with shortness of breath. She givesthe H/O similar episodes in her sister. What is the cause?A. Deficiency of alpha 1 anti-trypsinB. Deficiency of elastaseC.D.130. All of the following true about cardiac tamponade except:A. Volume as less as ?400ml can causeB. Peak x wave in JVPC.D.131. Not seen in brugada syndrome?A. Young maleB narrow QRSCProlong QT intervalD132. Attitude changed inA. Face presentationB. Breech presentationC. VertexD. Occiptio posterior133. Smallest AP diameter in pelvisA. Obstetric conjugateB. True conjugateC. Diagnoal conjugateD. Interspinous diameter134. Which of the following not a change in pregnancy?
  19. 19. A. Decreased BPB. Increased HDLC.D.135. Not seen in tumor lysis syndromeA. HpocalcemiaB. hypokalemiaC.D.136. child widchorioretinitis, microcephaly,intracerebral calcification:A. Toxoplasma gondiB. Primary syphilis137. A child presents with recurrent fracture, decreased bone density.Diagnosis?A. OsteogenesisimperfectaB. Osteopetrosis138. Rolled out edge ulcer seen in:A. Squamous Cell Carcinoma139. Marjolins ulcer is a type ofA. Squamous cell carcinomaB. Basal cell carcinoma140. Tumor marker of Medullary Ca of ThyroidA. Calcitonin141. Most common histological type of Ca Thyroid:A. Papillary CaB. Medullary CaC. Follicular CaD. Anaplastic Ca142. Dangerous carcinoma occuring in young female:A. Vaginal adenocarcinomaB. Sarcoma botyroidesC.D.
  20. 20. 143. Which of the following is not cycloplegic?A. PhenylephrineB. TropicamideC. CyclopentolateD. Homatropine144. Which of the following test not used to detect hearing in infants?A. PTAB. Electro acoustic emissionC. Stapedial reflexD.145.