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Report Producer Company MPRLP Shahdol


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Report of Producer Company Formation Training of PFT Member's, MPRLP, Shahdol (M.P.)

Published in: Devices & Hardware, Business
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Report Producer Company MPRLP Shahdol

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  7. 7. VIRAT Crop Prodecer Compnay Ltd Selected crop 1. Paddy a. IR 36* b. IR 64* *Market need to be identify c. Basmati# d. Sonam# #Producer to be identify 2. Wheat a. Sujata b. W.H. 2004 c. Lok-1 d. HI 1500 3. Pigeon Pea a. Asha (IC PL 187) b. Desi 4. Sesamum a. J-1 5. Maize 6. Rai/ Mustard 7. Potato a. Lal b. Paharhi (safed) 8. Ginger/Onion 9. Kodo/Kutki 10. Chickpea 11. Turmeric mi 12. Drumstick 7
  8. 8. Board of Directors (15, 3 Member from each block) (Minimum Qualification - Middle School + Nominee Director) Chairman (Elected by the Board of directors) C.E.O./C.E.M.. (Minimum - PG (Economics/Pub Adm/Commerce/R.D./Ag. + 3-5 years Exp.) Marketing Specialist (MBA Marketing + 3 yrs Exp) + Accountant + Office Assistant + Store In charge ( Block ) Agriculture Specialist (B.Sc. Ag. + Experience) Field Supervisor (With Some Minimum Qualification) 8
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  10. 10. xzkeLrjh; izf'k{k.k dh dk;Z;kstuk pj.k ,d pj.k nks pj.k rhu 29.01.2009 16.02.2009 02.03.2009 30.01.2009 18.02.2009 03.03.2009 31.01.2009 20.02.2009 05.03.2009 04.02.2009 25.02.2009 07.03.2009 06.02.2009 Choosing a form of business organization •A business enterprise can be owned and organized in several forms. •Each form of organization has its own merits and demerits. •The ultimate choice depe nds upon the balancing of the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of business. •The right choice of the form of the business is very crucial because it determines power, control, risk and responsibility the division of profits and losses. “ Being a long term commitment, the choice of the form of business shou ld be made after conside rable thought and deliberation.” •The choi ce of the form of business is governed by several interrelated and interdependent factor s •The nature of busine ss (Direct services, pooling of sk ills & fund, manufacturing etc. ) • Scale of operations i.e. volume of busines s (large, medium, small) and size of the market area (local, national, international) served •The degree of control des ired by the owner's) • Amount of capital required for the establishment and operation of a business • The volume of risks and liabilities as well as the willingnes s of the owners to bear 10
  11. 11. Registering a business • In India, inco rporation o f a company is g overned by the Compa nies Act 19 56. It is the mo st imp ortant piece o f le gislation tha t empowers the Central Gov ernment to regulate the form atio n financing functio ning a nd winding up of comp anies. • It applies to whole of India and to all typ es o f companies, whether registered under this Act or a n earlier Act. But it do es no t apply to universities, co- operative s ocieties, unincorporated trading, scientific and other societies. • The Act is administered by the Central Go vernment through the M inistry of Co rpo ra te Affairs the Offices of Registrar of C ompanie s, Official Liquidators , Public Trustee, C ompany La w Bo ard, Directo r of Insp ection, etc. Financing a start up business • The Registrar o f Co mpanies (ROC) contro ls the task of incorporatio n of new companies a nd the administration of running com pa nies. • One needs money to make money. Fi nance is t he l ifeline of b usiness. finance to commence it s operati ons, to continue its operations and its expansion and growth. • There must be conti nuous flow of funds i n and out of business. • Sound plans, efficient production and marketing are all dependent on smooth fl ow of finance. • i ndicates the requirements of finance, sources for raising the finance and the app lication of funds. • Financial Needs of a Business may be Classified into two Fixed capital - The funds req uired to p urchase fixed or durable assets are known as fixed capital or long term capital. The fi xed or durable assets include land, buildings, machinery, equipment, furniture, et c. The nature and size of the business generally determines t he amount of fixed capital needed. working Capital - Money invest ed in short term assets or current assets is known as working capital. I t includes purchase of raw materials, payment of wages and salaries, rent , fuel, electricity and water, repairs and maintenance of machinery, advertising, et c 11