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Remix Play - Flash Game


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GameChangers' Remix Play- Flash game developed by Sylvester Arnab for helping participants to get into the creative and co-creative mindset based around the remixing and modding of existing game inspirations into new solutions. This approach is CC by NC 4.0.

Feel free to repurpose and add more cards to your sessions- please share on social media and mention us. Would love to see new iterations of the cards!
#GChangers @disrupt_learn

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Remix Play - Flash Game

  1. 1. Remix Play – Flash Game Flash cards for onboarding into the remix play process CC by NC 4.0 Sylvester Arnab #Gchangers @disrupt_learn
  2. 2. Remix Play - Flash cards (3) MISSION: Create a new game in 1 minute (countdown will play) (4) The first 2 to share their games each round will win a prize (1) Pair with someone next to you (or get in a group of x) (2) Two cards will appear on the screen Card 1: Game inspirations Card 2: Topic Tweet your game #Gchangers @Disrupt_Learn
  3. 3. Game Card Example Topic Card
  4. 4. Game Card Round 1 Topic Card International Relation
  5. 5. Game Card Round 2 Topic Card
  6. 6. Game Card Round 3 Topic Card Equality