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Personal experience on bidding and projects


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Part of the case study for the Coventry University's International Funding workshop organised by the Research Funding Unit, 2 Nov 2017

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Personal experience on bidding and projects

  1. 1. Sylvester Arnab Professor in Game Science Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University @sarnab75 @disrupt_learn Live,breatheand BID!
  2. 2. Existing work/ inspirations Timeliness/ Relevance Relationships DRIVERS Research Practice Applied Innovation Developm ent
  3. 3. Leading/Coordinating Take control and be flexible within reasons
  4. 4. Concept Understand call Understand SoTA Existing reports, strategy Flesh out ideas Consult core partner(s) Run through idea & Refine Build abstract - clear Draft work packages (WPs) and tasks structure Build consortium, ECAS and Costing Identify required skills/missing expertise Refine concept and WPs Allocate leadership and roles Partner to review (google doc/spreadsheet) Partners description – Section 4 Open ECAS portal Build Excellence, Implementation, Impact section Take control of the scope Be concise and clear Tangibility Partners to fill in the gaps WP leads to build WPs Iterative refinement/incremental Delegate Dissemination and exploitation to WP lead Map responses to expected impact Complete ECAS Part A Part B Submit draft early
  5. 5. Partnering Relevance and relationship
  6. 6. Review invitation and Concept Concept vs call Relevance Capacity Personal discussion with coordinator Review consortium Review partners How do I fit? Contribute to specific sections, review WP and tasks, organisation info Contribute Indicate leadership/roles Review man months Propose man months Costing with RO Organisation info Review proposal, man months and costing Contribute Finalise man months , costing Work with your RO officer Review ECAS Complete part A Review costing YES / NO ?
  7. 7. Existing work/ inspirations Timeliness/ Relevance Relationships Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  8. 8. Tips • Question  Can I see myself committing to this project?  Is it in line with my development and research progression? • Man-months and costing  Existing researchers, RA to recruit? PhD? (fulltime?)  RO to help – average rate calculation • Invest time  Do not procrastinate  Get a rough draft/skeleton ready quickly  Know your partners  Know your field  Know your role in the project  Refer to other successful proposals
  9. 9. Tips • Network  Info Days  Social media – Linked In, etc.  6-degree of separation • Not successful – past the threshold? Then it’s “not right now”… maybe  Reusable for other calls in the future  Improve based on the reviewers’ feedback
  10. 10. ThankYou! @disrupt_learn @sarnab75 Blog: