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Introduction to play and game thinking - CEDEP workshop


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Part 1 of a 4 -hour workshop on remixing play with CEDEP's trainers and consultants 13th January 2017. Part 2- pls refer to the slides on Remixing Play into a GamePlan

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Introduction to play and game thinking - CEDEP workshop

  1. 1. Remixing PLAY for Creative Practices Sylvester Arnab, PhD, ReaderinGameScience Samantha Clarke, Researcher and Game Designer Disruptive Media LearningLab( CoventryUniversity,UK @sarnab75 @credit_continue #GChangers
  2. 2. Agenda • Play, Games and GameChangers (45 minutes) • Break (10 minutes) • Introduction to Remixing Play methodology (20 minutes) • Remixing play Hands-On session (max 2 hours) • Group pitching (groups of 5) (30 minutes) • Discussions and reflections (15 minutes)
  3. 3. Take aways • Discover the potential of playful and gameful perspectives • Experience ‘Design through Play’, ‘Play through design’ • Be inspired to design engaging experience to address real issues
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Motivation
  6. 6. Remixing play - Experience Design
  7. 7. Game design thinking for creativity
  8. 8. Holistic approach
  9. 9. Remixing Play into a GamePlan Reuse the mechanics of play for creative and strategic thinking Needs analysis Pick common games Strategy- mechanics mapping Design a gameplan Pitch/imple ment your gameplan
  10. 10. Individuality is important for Collective Creativity
  11. 11. Create, Think, Learn
  12. 12. Problem solving under pressure?
  13. 13. Gamification for social good (
  14. 14. Design Experience inspired by PLAY (Amy Jo Kim, MFW15)
  15. 15. Thank You! @sarnab75 @ credit_continue #GChangers Blog: