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CreativeCulture Remixing Play workshop: hands on


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Remixing Play workshop for exploring play as inspirations for innovative and creative thinking.

Developed by S Arnab 2016 CC 4.0 by NC

Published in: Education
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CreativeCulture Remixing Play workshop: hands on

  1. 1. Remixing Play into a GamePlan Reuse the mechanics of play for creative and innovative thinking Needs analysis Pick common games Strategy- mechanics mapping Design a gameplan Pitch/imple ment your gameplan Developed by S.Arnab 2016 CC 4.0 by NC
  2. 2. Our GamePlan for today •Get in your group •Pick your theme 1. Social Change 2. Health 3. Environment 4. Education 5. Economy
  3. 3. Work in your team •Needs analysis (10 minutes) •Pick and unpick common games (15 minutes) •Strategy-Mechanics mapping (20 minutes) •Design your GamePlan (15 minutes) •Test your GamePlan (10 minutes) •Pitch your GamePlan (2 minutes each) •Each person will vote at the end!!!
  4. 4. Awards •Most Fun •Most Impact •Overall (Serious Play)
  5. 5. •Goals (objectives, aspirations, winning conditions) •People (beneficiaries, users, etc.) •Context (domain, industry, etc.) Step 1: Needs analysis (10 minutes)
  6. 6. •Pick 1-3 games you know •Unpick the mechanics/rules •Game strategies Step 2: Pick common games (15 minutes)
  7. 7. •Reuse the mechanics to inform strategy •Test each strategy- mechanics mapping •Iterate the process Step 3: Strategy-mechanics mapping (20 minutes)
  8. 8. •Describe your gameplan •Test the gameplan •Prepare your PITCH •Name your GamePlan Step 4: Design a gameplan (15 minutes)
  9. 9. PITCH (2 mins each team)
  10. 10. Vote •Use post its – stick on the posters •Yellow – Most Fun •Orange – Most impact •Pink – Overall (Serious Play)