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  2. 2. NEGOTIATIONAND PERSUASIONWe live in a world lled with continuous evolution and rising new opportunities. To achieveresults and to perform in an ef cient and effective manner, it is essential that leaders ofthe private and public sectors gain the expertise, insights, andcompetencies required topositively in uence any outcome.As a result, Cambridge International Consulting, LLC (CIC) - a negotiation, strategiccommunications, and leadership rm with headquarters in Caracas - created a partnershipwith MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program (PDP) and the Consensus Building Institute(CBI) to develop a negotiation and persuasion workshop exclusively for professionals inLatin America. Going on its sixth year, this program has successfully trained over 600 LatinAmerican entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders and it is now expanding its services toinclude participants living in the United States.
  3. 3. PROGRAMOBJECTIVESThis hands-on workshop provides you with a step-by-step guide to effectively persuade others duringa negotiation. Maximize your ability to in uence, resolve con icts, and generate solutions that bene tboth parties in a strategic way.Benefits of attending Master effective persuading techniques to communicate con dently during a negotiation. Develop powerful agreements that add value and generate the best solutions that bene t both sides. Apply proven techniques for analyzing, preparing for, and conducting negotiations. Become more effective during extensive hands-on negotiation practice and personalized case studies. Unprecedented business networking opportunities with leaders and entrepreneurs from Latin America.Who should attendEntrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, and individuals who face the challenge of resolving con ictsand are seeking to drive breakthrough performance improvementsTopics covered Negotiation Based on Interests Principles of Persuasion Non-Verbal Communication During Negotiations Handling Dif cult Conversations Managing Differences During Complex Negotiations Negotiations and Emotions
  4. 4. SCHEDULE Time Monday 3 Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5 Thursday 6 Friday 7 Credentials and Materials 8:00 Delivery 9:00 Welcome – Introduction Prof. Gary Orren Prof. James Coan Prof. Hal Movius Prof. Dan Shapiro Persuasion No verbal comunication in Managing differences Negotiation and emotions Negotiation in complex negotiations 9:30 Exercise 12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch - 1:00 Lunch Delivered of Certificates Guhan Subramanian Prof. Hal Movius 1:00 Prof. Gary Orren Prof. John Richardson Managing differences - 5:00 Negotiating based in interest Persuasion Difficult conversation in complex negotiations5:00 Closing Closing Closing Closing
  5. 5. ATTENDINGPROFESSORS Gary Orren James Coan John Richardson Gary Orren is the Roy He is one of the best John is a senior E. Larsen Professor Faculty Member of the consultant for Triad of Public Policy and Neuroscience Graduate Consulting. He has Management at Harvard Program, University of co-authored twoUniversity. He has taught at Harvard Virginia. Post-doctoral Fellow, Waisman books in the eld, and was for severalfor over 30 years, and is on the faculty Laboratory for Brain Imaging and years an Associate of at the Harvardof the John F. Kennedy School of Behavior, University of Wisconsin- Negotiation Project and a Lecturer onGovernment. He serves as a consultant Madison. Consulting editor, Journal Law at Harvard Law School, whereon strategy and communications to of Personality and Social Psychology. he taught Negotiation and Multi-Partycorporations, government agencies, Nominee, Early Career Award, Society Negotiation. He has recently workedand non-pro t organizations. Over for Psychophysiological Research, with Palestinians in the West Bank,the years, Professor Orren also has 2008. Tursky Award, Society for and business leaders in Brazil. He isconducted and analyzed opinion Psychophysiological Research, 1999. currently working on a year-long projectpolls for many clients, including Nominee, Early Career Award, Society training hostage negotiators in Abuthe Washington Post, the Boston for Psychophysiological Research, 2007. Dhabi. John is the only person to haveGlobe, and the New York Times. He is interest in Social Baseline Theory, co-authored negotiation books withThe popularity of the Gary Orren is a Neural bases of emotion and emotion both Roger Fisher and Howard Raiffa.result of the validity and relevancy of regulation, Couple and family interaction He wrote Getting It Done with Rogerhis prescripts in diverse social and in the social regulation of emotion, Fisher and Alan Sharpe. With Howardeconomic contexts. Personality and individual differences. Raiffa of the Harvard Business School, he wrote Negotiation Analysis. John graduated from Wesleyan University and Harvard Law School.
  6. 6. ATTENDINGPROFESSORS Dan Shapiro Hal Movius Guhan Director of the JHal Movius holds a Ph.D. Subramanian Harvard International in Clinical Psychology Joseph Flom Professor Negotiation Initiative from the University of of Law and Business at and Associate Arizona, he also holds a the Harvard Law SchoolDirector of the Harvard Negotiation B.A. in History from Harvard College. He and the H. Douglas Weaver Professor ofProject at Harvard Law School. He is is a Principal at the Consensus Building Business Law at the Harvard BusinessAssistant Professor in the department Institute and directs its Assessment, School. He is the rst person in theof Psychiatry at Harvard Medical Coaching and Training services. He has history of Harvard University to holdSchool/McLean Hospital and is on trained more than a thousand executives tenured appointments at both HLSthe faculty at the PON. Shapiro’s and advised organizations of all sizes. and HBS. At HLS he teaches coursesresearch focuses on the psychology of With Professor Lawrence Susskind, he in negotiations and corporate law. Atcon ict. He has contributed to popular is co-author of Built to Win: Creating A HBS he teaches in several executivepublications and co-authored (with World-Class Negotiating Organization. He education programs, such as StrategicRoger Fisher) the bestseller Beyond has also authored and co-authored more Negotiations, Changing the Game,Reason: Using Emotions as You than a dozen negotiation articles, cases, Managing Negotiators and the DealNegotiate. He is now pioneering a new and simulations that focus on negotiation, Process, and Making Corporate Boardsresearch programme on the emotional communication, and leadership. He has More Effective. He is the faculty chairand identity-based dimensions of been a featured speaker at the Global for the JD/MBA program at Harvardinternational con ict resolution. He Institute for Leadership Development and University and the Vice Chair foris the recipient of numerous awards, the Women in Leadership Summit. Hal Research at the Harvard Program onincluding the American Psychological also teaches The Program on Technology Negotiation. Prior to joining the HarvardAssociation’s Early Career Award and Negotiation, an executive seminar offered faculty he spent three years at McKinseythe prestigious “Peacemaker of the through the Program on Negotiation at & Company in their New York, Boston.Year” award. Harvard Law School.
  7. 7. SPONSORCambridge International Consulting, LLC (CIC) is an international organizationspecializing in the use of strategic in uence to achieve success. Our consulting servicesare concentrated in four areas: Negotiation, Strategic Communication, Leadership, andPersuasiveness; which are the most ef cient tools to exercise in uence and to driveunprecedented change and growth.CIC seeks to offer the intensive 5-day intensive negotiation and persuasion workshop toindividuals who want to improve their skills in in uencing and negotiating the best possibleoutcome to bene ts both sides. The workshop, held at Harvard University in Cambridge,Massachusetts, is taught by professors of the Harvard Law School, Harvard BusinessSchool, and John F. Kennedy School of Government among others. CIC expert negotiatorsguide you through dynamic, hands-on simulations of actual negotiations from small to large,personal to professional, and common to complex.Leave Harvard University with practical and transformative tools to help you masterplanning, persuading, and effectively communicating during all your negotiations.
  8. 8. TUITION FEERegister by September 16 and pay $ 3,750Register after September 17 and pay $ 4,000TUITION INCLUDES Course materials, daily continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and several social events. Details will be provided in the registration packet on your arrival Simultaneous translation Certi cate issued by Cambridge International Consulting, LLC (CIC). Tuition fee does not include: air ights, hotel, and other travel expenses.PAYMENT METHODSBANK WIREBank Name: CommercebankBank Address: 220 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, Fl 33134Bank ABA #: 067010509Bank Swift #: MNBMUS33Customer Name: CIC – CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL CONSULTINGCustomer Account #: 8302943112CREDIT CARD PAYMENTContact cambridge@persuadir.net for credit card payment processing.
  9. 9. CANCELLATIONPOLICY Cambridge International Consulting, LLC (CIC) is not responsible in the event of any cancellation by participants. Certi cate of completion is subject to the punctuality and full assistance by the participant to the 40 hour workshop. The participant who cancels within twenty (20) working days prior to the workshop, will receive a 70% refund of the tuition fee. The participant who cancels within ten (10) working days prior to the workshop, will receive a 50% refund of the tuition fee. The participant who fails to attend will be liable for the entire tuition fee. CIC is not responsible for cancellations due to natural disasters and other acts of God, in these cases CIC will not refund payments received.At CIC we realize that this is a valuable investment for you and your organization and we would liketo accommodate your needs as best we can. Therefore, please contact us directly at cambridge@persuadir.net with any cancellation questions.
  10. 10. NEGOTIATIONAND PERSUASIONWORKSHOPOctober 3rd - 7th 2011Cambridge, Massachusetts - U.S.A.TO BE GIVEN AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY CAMPUSWASHINGTON D.C., U.S.A. RIF. J-31427609-3Sharinna R. SarmientoPhone: 240 367 0719ssarmiento@persuadir.net