Utilising virtualisation and green technologies for next generation


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Virtualisation concept

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  • 1- Customer ask for more security 3- PCoIPProtocal 5- User experience 2- Cost, quality and scalability 4- echo systems build on view4 6-Management
  • Utilising virtualisation and green technologies for next generation

    1. 1. Sarmad M.N. IbrahimData Centre Consultant
    2. 2. IT buzzword ,“Virtualization" became the IT buzzword of, 2007“Green IT “ IT buzzword for 2008“Security “ IT buzzword for 2002“Innovation” May be buzzword for 2006“ITIL and IT Services “ IT buzzword for 2005
    3. 3. Dubai Government DepartmentsAwqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation Centre of Ambulance ServicesCommunity Development Authority Department of Economic DevelopmentDepartment of Tourism & Commerce Marketing Dubai Airport Free Zone AuthorityDubai Chamber Dubai Civil Aviation AuthorityDubai Civil Defence Dubai CourtsDubai Culture Dubai Export Development CorporationDubai Electricity & Water Authority Dubai Government WorkshopDubai Health Authority Dubai Media CorporationDubai MunicipalityDubai PoliceDubai Ports, Customs & Free Zone CorporationDubai Public ProsecutionDubai Sports CouncilIslamic Affairs & Charitable ActivitiesDepartment Knowledge and Human Development AuthorityLand DepartmentNaturalization & Residency AdministrationProtocol and Guest House DepartmentRoads & Transport AuthorityStatistics Center of Dubai
    4. 4. Dubai GovernmentThere are many Dubai Government – Department benefits from consolidatingthe number of Windows servers in the DC environment by taking advantage ofthe many different server virtualization products (i.e. Citrix, VMware andWindows Virtual Server) on the market .Sample of on implemented virtualization project in Dubai Governmentdepartment :- Reduce The No. of Exchange Servers from 9 to only 3 servers- For The growth of the application and un expected requirement we startedwith two virtual servers in 2008 today is 20 servers in two physical servers.
    5. 5. Virtualization BenefitsSurvey asked the IT operation managers in Dubai Governments what the virtualizationbenefits for your department the answer was :-1. Lower number of physical servers - we can reduce hardware maintenance costs because of alower number of physical servers.2. By implementing a server consolidation strategy, we can increase the space utilizationefficiency in our data center.3. By having each application within its own "virtual server" we can prevent one applicationfrom impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made.
    6. 6. 4. We can develop a standard virtual server build that can be easily duplicatedwhich will speed up server deployment.5. We can deploy multiple operating system technologies on a singlehardware platform (i.e. Windows Server 2003, Linux, Windows 2000, etc).6. By taking advantage of server virtualization we can easily improve theefficiency of your Windows Data Center, as well as lower your cost ofownership.90% Of Dubai Government IT Department CIO they are aware fully of thebenefits from the virtualization projects us well as the Green IT initiatives.
    7. 7. Statistic Info. about DubaiGovernment ProjectsDeveloped Projects Study BudgetedConsolidationVirtualizationGreen IT
    8. 8. The Green and Virtual Data CenterMany technologies exist now, and others are emerging, thatcan enable a green and efficient virtual data center tosupport and sustain business growth with reasonablereturn on investment.PROTECT OTIMIZE GROW Energy as well as data footprint reduction Cloud-based storage and computing Intelligent and adaptive power management Server, storage, and networking virtualization Tiered servers; storage, network, and data centers Energy avoidance and energy efficiency
    9. 9. Green IT initiativesIT CIO’s in Dubai Government looking forward for thisinitiatives.Opinion from IT Managers in Dubai government :Not yet clear strategy in Dubai Government for Green ITMainly in-house project implementation.Electricity is free from IT operation manager perspective.Is luxury project and not problem solution project
    10. 10. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Virtualize Windows® desktops in the datacenter and deliverthem on demand to any user — anywhere Deliver a high definition user experience by dynamicallyassembling eachuser’s unique desktop from pristine components — operatingsystem,applications, and user profiles — and leveraging Vertualtechnologiestime they log on Improve security by centralizing desktop and datamanagement in thedatacenter Reduce desktop TCO by up to 40%
    11. 11. Case Study Dell and DED Department ofEconomic Development ChallengeSimplify the IT environment to direct more resources toward innovation, increase ITresponsiveness to business needs, and reduce the total cost of infrastructure ownership. SolutionDell Global Infrastructure Consulting Services (GICS) helped DED create a simplifiedinfrastructure with VMware® virtualization software on Dell PowerEdge™ serverswith Dell/Equallogic storage area networks (SANs). BenefitGet IT Faster: Virtualizing on Dell hardware accelerates application deployment time from30 days to 20 minutes.Run IT Better: Dell/Equallogic SANs help accelerate application recovery time from fivehours to 20 minutes; consolidating on Dell PowerEdge servers helps reduce the totalnumber of servers by 50 percent, freeing IT staff to focus on new initiatives.Grow IT Smarter: Dell PowerEdge servers offer more processing power, enhancing thevalue of future consolidation.
    12. 12. Thank You