Chemical skin peel brighton


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Chemical skin peel brighton

  1. 1. Want Flawless skin? Do you hesitate while talking to someone because of acnes, scars and wrinkles on your face?
  2. 2. Chemical Skin Peel Brighton Chemical peels have become increasingly popular over the recent years, designed to regenerate your skin chemical peels are considered safe, however like every procedure there is always a risk.
  3. 3. Immediate effects can be: • • • • • • • Skin irritation Swelling Visual complications Delayed effects: Infection of the skin Scarring Allergic reactions
  4. 4. What to do? You should always ensure you have your chemical peel done by a expert, conduct research before selecting a clinic. Make sure you read customer reviews; companies with a good reputation will have an excellent and a professional looking website that is informative. Always ask to see proof of qualifications and steer clear of those who cannot provide you with these.
  5. 5. • The clinic should take the time to assess your suitability for the chemical peel, some people will be more at risk from complications than other: • Those with dry skin • Very sensitive skin • Those who work outside • History of inflammatory • Those on certain drugs • People with psychological issues
  6. 6. • Make sure that you have a consultation at the clinic; any decent company will offer you this anyway. At your consultation you will have photographs of your skin taken and will discuss the following issues: • The risks • What you are hoping to achieve • Why you want the treatment • Side effects
  7. 7. How to care for your skin after the treatment? It is important that you feel comfortable with what is going to happen, any treatment can be quite nerve racking, take your time to research the procedure so you know exactly what will happen. Chemical peels cannot perform miracles, so don’t have unrealistic expectations, discuss all your concerns with the beautician and do not be afraid to ask questions at your free consultation.
  8. 8. Boost your self confidence with Chemical Skin Peel Then solution of your problem lies with Chemical Skin Peel treatment in Brighton. Consulting experts of Sarivaa Aesthetics you can get rid of your various skin problems for instance pre-cancerous skin growth, acne and scars through chemical peel. The treatment involves application of chemical solution on affected area which burns the upper layer of skin after which the experts apply chemical solution of affected areas. The duration of TCA peel lasts for 15 minutes. To know more about Chemical Skin Peel treatment in Brighton click on
  9. 9. Contact Us TEJAL SANGANI Add : 179 Woodland Avenue. Hove BN3 6BJ. East Sussex Tel : 01273 900 867 Mob : 07958564350 | Email :