J E W I S H C O U N C I L O N U R B A N A F FA I R SM   M E N T U M                       2004         ANNUAL REPORT
2004 JCUA BOARD OF DIRECTORS  President  Sidney Hollander  Vice Presidents                      Members  Patricia S. Gerbi...
NEW WESTSIDE FEDERATION                                          JCUA Community Liaisons Brian Gladstein and Sarah Phillip...
Judaism and Urban                                                                                                         ...
Telpochcalli Community                                                                                                    ...
DAY LABOR WORKERS’ CENTER                                                                                                 ...
1970                                                                                                                      ...
FINANCIAL REPORT                                                                                  S U P P O R T E R S     ...
COMMUNITY      We partner with members of low-income                 and minority communities to                        ad...
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JCUA 40th Ann Annual Report


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My challenge: to come up with a concept -- and copy, of course -- for this social justice organization\'s milestone annual report that would highlight its achievements without resorting to a traditional timeline.

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JCUA 40th Ann Annual Report

  1. 1. J E W I S H C O U N C I L O N U R B A N A F FA I R SM M E N T U M 2004 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. 2004 JCUA BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Sidney Hollander Vice Presidents Members Patricia S. Gerbie Kay Berkson Burton Kaplan Richard Rhodes* Peter Kupferberg Sonia Bloch* Joshua Karsh Lya Dym Rosenblum Roberta Nechin Stanton Brody* Stephen Keen Jane M. Saks Louis Rosenblum, M.D. Steven Derringer Rabbi Peter Knobel Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman* Gregory Rothman Rabbi Bruce Elder Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz Carolyn Shapiro Jonathan A. Rothstein Joel Freehling Jeffry Lewis Hon. Helen Shiller Alan Saks Emily Friedman Robert B. Lifton* Evely Laser Shlensky Stephen J. Siegel Sy Frolichstein Joshua Lowitz Ronna Stamm Dear Friends and Colleagues: Eli Ungar Rabbi Capers C. Funnye Jessie MacDonald Nikki Will Stein* Secretary Aviva Futorian Rabbi Robert J. Marx* John H. Strauss Rabbi Lisa Greene Ethan Michaeli Evelyn Weltman Does one good turn simply deserve another? Jewish proverbs take the concept a step further: one good Michael Marcus James Hanig David Midgley Paul Weltman turn actually causes another. Our scholars have taught for centuries that mitzvot – good deeds – have a Treasurer Peter Hanig Judson H. Miner Amy Zisook momentum of their own. “Mitzvah gorerret mitzvah as it says in Ethics of Our Fathers, a second-century Mitzvah mitzvah,” Robert J. Morris Mimi Harris Janet Morgan Jewish digest of advice: One righteous act brings about another. Assistant Secretary Russell E. Hattis Alan L. Reinstein* Robert A. Kaplan Jay Heyman Deborah Reznick *past presidents One mitzvah. By any person. Each of us has the potential to start the chain reaction. ADVISORY BOARD 2004 ASSOCIATE DIVISION In 1964, one Chicago-area leader, Rabbi Robert Marx, dreamed of enlisting others to improve the world EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Michael Alter through mitzvot. Then came a second individual, Lewis Kreinberg, who chose tikkun olam, fixing the Miriam Apter Susan Marks, President world, as his career. And then came a third individual, the vice president of Merrill-Lynch Trust, who Irwin Askow Anna Minkov, Vice President believed that a donation to JCUA could change the world, paying dividends far more important than Sheldon Baskin Kristin Harris, Treasurer Emily Rosenberg, Secretary any financial returns. Barbara Bluhm-Kaul Leon Despres Rebecca Alfert Leonard Fein Three led to many. The first mitzvah led to more and more. Lauren Beznos Aaron Freeman Daniel Block Gerald Friedman Adam Bossov Forty years later, thousands of individuals have participated in the efforts of the Jewish Council on Urban Dr. Lily Golden Liz Zoller Cohen Affairs, the country’ oldest explicitly Jewish urban social justice organization. Many have rolled up their s Elliot Lehman David Feller sleeves and many have reached into their pockets to work for a more just Chicago. Beatrice Mayer Peter Fidler Thomas Meites Daliah Fritz Jon Mills Kitty Gilbert JCUA operates in keeping with the Maimonidean teaching that the highest level of tzedakah is to enable, Michael Perlow Shelley Goldman rather than simply to give charity. We empower those who are most vulnerable by helping them help Robert B. Rosen Jim Hoffman themselves. When called upon, we partner with Chicago’ diverse community organizations in their s Martin E. Rosenfeld Jordan Matyas activities to achieve affordable housing, job creation, community reinvestment, civil rights, criminal justice, Judith Rothschild Lara Saidman Kaufmann Ruth Rothstein public transportation, and neighborhood stability. We form alliances, advocate on issues of poverty and Peter Newman Hon. Seymour Simon Dan Protess racism, and mobilize a Jewish corps of volunteers. John S. Wineman, Jr. Halle Ritter Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf Gail Root JCUA seeks no glory; we work with the leadership of the organizations we seek to help. We create Mike Rosenthal partnerships with communities and we maintain enduring relationships with them. We make our staff, Shary Rubin volunteers, reputation, and expertise available for as long as they are needed, and then we move on Leah Staub 2004 to our next challenge. We’re unstoppable. * JCUA’s Executive Director Jane Ramsey, founder Rabbi Robert Marx, and first staff member Lew Kreinberg. (1985) STAFF Experience the momentum of mitzvot. Join us as we forge ahead – listening, responding, and contributing to our neighbors’ efforts to create a more just society.Jane Ramsey, Executive Director Noah Leavitt, Director of Advocacy and PolicyGuy Izhak Austrian, Director of the Jewish-Muslim Sara Rostolder Mandell, Director of Communications Sidney Hollander Jane Ramsey Community-Building Initiative Susan Brent Millner, Director of Youth and Family Programming President Executive DirectorBrian Gladstein, Director of Community Initiatives Susan Ostrov, Director of DevelopmentJava Goldberg, Jewish Community Organizer Marco Perschon, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace InternAnna Goldberger, Community Liaison Sarah Phillips, Community LiaisonAnnie Grossman, Associate Division Director Julie Putterman, Community Ventures DirectorRabbi Jill Jacobs, Director of Outreach and Education Linda Roman, Director of Resource DevelopmentJennifer Jennings, Program Associate Sari Rubin, Director of Corporate and Foundation RelationsLaura Katzin, Director of Outreach Events Graphic Design by Atomic Kitchen Design www.atomickitchen.com Copy by Sari Steinberg SariScribe@aol.com
  3. 3. NEW WESTSIDE FEDERATION JCUA Community Liaisons Brian Gladstein and Sarah Phillips received Legacy Awards from the New WestSide Federation for their work on the Restoring the Legacy Project. This project culminated in the publication of the State of the West Side Report, containing Report research and analysis on the assests and needs of Chicago’ West Side community. s PILSEN IS NOT FOR SALE CAMPAIGN BLUE LINE VICTORY The Pilsen Alliance requested JCUA’ help in preserving the s Working with local members of the Blue Line Transit Taskforce, working-class Mexican community of Pilsen through a successful JCUA played an important role in restoring full train service community referendum. Alderman Solis has promised to to the primarily low-income African-American and Latino establish the first-ever Pilsen Community Zoning Board. communities of Pilsen, Little Village, and North Lawndale. Residents of those communities need the Douglas Blue Line to get to jobs, schools, health services and recreational activities. Yet this branch of the Blue Line was the only line in the city without weekend service and one of the few without late night service. In addition to winning full service back, the Blue Line Transit Taskforce drew attention to the inequality of the CTA’ service in differing neighborhoods. s 2004 eACH OF US HAS THE POTENTIAL TO START THE CHAIN REACTIoN. 1983 1992 COMMITTEE In response to the proposed 1992 Chicago World’ Fair, JCUA brought together other local and city-wide organizations s to insure that public resources would not be drained and neighborhoods would not be displaced or disenfranchised. Specifically, the 1992 Committee succeeded in protecting Pilsen from becoming a parking lot. 1964 WESTSIDE FEDERATION JCUA dispatched its first employee, 1967 Lewis Kreinberg, to help the WestSide COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Federation fight local West Side JCUA conducted action-oriented slumlords, promote desegregation, research for Pyramid West reduce overcrowding in schools, Development Corporation and and give residents a voice. the Community Bank of Lawndale (an offshoot of WestSide Foundation), to assist them and Chicago Rehab Network, a coalition of nonprofit2 community-based developers. 3
  4. 4. Judaism and Urban POVERTY CURRICULUMTHE FIRST MITZVAH LED TO This year, JCUA launched a revised version of the JUP curriculum. In response to requests from teachers and educational directors, it focuses more specifically on Jewish approaches to social justice work and is built using current educational MoRE AND MoRE. models. For the first time, JUP classes will culminate in a family program, in which students and parents will share their relevant knowledge and experiences. Chicago BETTER HOUSING ASSOCIATION In February, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in Englewood for the first five homes built by the CBHA with Community Venture Partners support – the first new housing in Englewood in many years. Families moved into single-family and duplex homes in March, and loan repayment has begun. Single-Room OCCUPANCY APARTMENTS JCUA provided a pre-development loan of $120,000 for Heartland Housing, Inc.’ single-room occupancy project at s the Leland Hotel. The first three floors have been renovated, and the project is expected to reach completion within the first half of 2005. Leland Apartments will comprise approximately 130 single-room occupancy apartments for low-income residents, with supportive services for mentally-disabled residents on the two lower floors. 1991Community Venture Partners was established to give interest-free, pre-development loans for low-income HUMBOLDT PARK housing. First money in, last money out. CVP’ budget s Community Venture Partners has allocated $125,000 to a 30-unit new construction project sponsored by the is separate from JCUA’ , and decisions are made s Latin United Community Housing Association, to develop housing in Humboldt Park. internally by CVP committee. * Kenwood Oakland Community Organization members discuss plans for housing development. (1966) HOMES IN ROBBINS Robbins is one of the poorest areas in Illinois and the first to receive JCUA help outside of 2004 the City of Chicago. Community Venture Partners has transmitted over $100,000 to develop 1981Judaism and Urban Poverty curriculum was established. affordable housing for the very low-income residents of this neglected African-American community. 1971 TENANTS’ UNIONS AND REPRESENTATION JCUA gave staff power and other assistance to the South Shore Commission and the Chicago Housing Tenants Organization. 1970 SOUTHWEST COMMUNITY CONGRESS JCUA assisted SCC in fighting real estate panic peddling, 1966 racism, and anti-Semitism. KENWOOD-OAKLAND COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION A JCUA architect worked with KOCO to develop an alternative urban renewal plan halting demolition of good housing stock and displacement of residents. JCUA also assisted in the publication of KOCO’ “ s Alternatives for Planning” two years later.4 5
  5. 5. Telpochcalli Community EDUCATION PROJECT JCUA staff is helping TCEP organize parents and youth in a bid for a new school/community facility in Little Village. The effort has won the support of two principals, and TCEP’ Organizing s Committee has met with state politicians regarding the proposed $5 million project.WE CREATE PARTNERSHIPS WITH CoMMUNITIES, ANDWE MAINTAIN eNDURING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THEM. God’s GANG God’ Gang, a project that began in the Robert Taylor Homes, runs a food pantry, a library, and s a worm and fish farm for children. JCUA is assisting the organization in its bid for a permanent site. Task Force to OPPOSE CASINO GAMBLING IN CHICAGO JCUA has been active and highly visible in challenging the various proposals to allow a casino in downtown Chicago. The efforts have yielded a successful press conference and a statewide 1991 interfaith press event. EDUCATE & MOBILIZE The Associate Division was created to educate and mobilize Beautifying 20- to 40-year-old Jews on social and economic justice issues. Through educational events, advocacy, and hands-on community ENGLEWOOD projects, Associate Division members come together to learn The Associate Division, along with local Englewood residents and organizations, about pressing issues in Chicago’ low-income communities. s broke ground on a community garden in the neighborhood. 1965 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 1977 ANTI-NAZI EFFORTS JCUA worked with the African-American and Latino 2004 JCUA organized buses for communities to rally in opposition of the Nazi march in Chicagoans to join 26,000 others Marquette Park. JCUA’ alliance with these communities s demonstrating for voting rights in Selma, is based upon their mutual respect and ongoing work Alabama. The following year, a JCUA together on issues that are important to each of them. staff member was assigned to Martin Luther King, Jr.’ staff while he was in s Lawndale, and JCUA joined Martin 1967 Luther King, Jr. for the Marquette Park INTERRELIGIOUS COUNCIL march for open housing. ON URBAN AFFAIRS JCUA worked with the ICUA to achieve desegregation in housing policy. 1968 PROTECTING HOUSING JCUA joined forces with the Contract Buyers League to fight unfair real estate practices by banks and real estate companies and prevent the eviction of African-American homeowners. * Lew Kreinberg, Dr. Shelvin Hall of the WestSide Federation, and Rabbi Robert Marx meet in front of Friendship Baptist Church, formerly a synagogue. (1967)6 7
  6. 6. DAY LABOR WORKERS’ CENTER In conjunction with Latino Union of Chicago, JCUA has achieved a major victory for day laborers. In December, we celebrated the opening of the first democratically-run workers’ center in the Midwest, which now provides workers with shelter and protects them from wage theft and other employer abuses. CULINARY TRAINING PROGRAM Community Venture Partners lent $90,000 to Heartland Housing, Inc. to develop the old Sutherland Hotel and to support a culinary arts training program in Kenwood. Construction is slated for early spring 2005. WE eMPOWER THOSE WHO ARE MOST VULNERABLE BY HELPING THEM HELP THeMSELVES. COALITION TO PROTECT PUBLIC HOUSING With strategic help from JCUA and the CPPH, residents of Cabrini-Green have filed a historic lawsuit, claiming that a recent relocation order violates their human rights. 1990 RUSSIAN IMMIGRANTS LAWNDALE LOCAL BUSINESS AND JCUA worked extensively to prepare Russian DEVELOPMENT CENTER Jews for U.S. citizenship exams. JCUA is working with Lawndale residents in planning for a manufacturing * JCUA staff trains local residents with the 18th Street Development Corporation. (1979) incubator with related support for businesses and not-for-profit organizations. The incubator, which will be located on the site of an old armory building, 1979 18TH STREET DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION will work to create jobs and upgrade the skills of community residents. AND PILSEN HOUSING & BUSINESS ALLIANCE 2004 JCUA began its efforts in Pilsen with the job training and housing rehabilitation work of the 18th Street Development Corporation and the anti-gentrification work of the Pilsen Housing and Business Alliance. 1967 LAWNDALE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT JCUA supported the efforts of the Lawndale Peoples Planning and Action Conference to promote economic development toward a self-supporting community and 1966 to fight the building of a golf course that would have SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN meant the displacement of many Lawndale residents. LEADERSHIP COUNCIL JCUA partnered with the SCLC and the Lawndale Union to End Slums to combat both slum housing 1968 and anti-Semitism. SOUTH SHORE NEIGHBORHOOD STABILITY JCUA assisted the Southeast Council for Integrated Communities to provide stability for new residents in the face of “white flight” to the suburbs.8 9
  7. 7. 1970 YOUTH MITZVAH CORPS JCUA and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations began the Youth Mitzvah Corps summer program. 1997 SHALEM Educational and social programs held by JCUA helped FORTY YEARS LATER, THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS HAVE strengthen the relationship between African-American and white Jews. Shalem (Hebrew for “whole”) creates a curriculum PARTICIPATED IN THE EFFoRTS OF THE JEWISH COUNCIL and other programs that increase awareness of racial and ethnic diversity within the Jewish community. ON URBAN AFFAIRS, THE COUNTRY’S OLDEST EXPLICITLY JEWISH URBAN SoCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZATION. * Members of Shalem come together to improve race relations. (1995) JEWISH-MUSLIM COMMUNITY-BUILDING INITIATIVE The Jewish-Muslim Community-Building Initiative is an organizing effort to bring Jews into coalition with NISHMA Muslim community organizations around local issues. The Initiative began after September 11, 2001, when More than 120 adults and 170 youths participated in JCUA members helped to defend Muslim and Arab Nishma, JCUA’ inaugural day-long program of learning s mosques and community centers against vandalism and on Judaism and social justice. The first of its kind in Chicago, hate crimes. Today, in addition to political organizing IMMIGRANT JUSTICE FREEDOM SEDER Nishma’ featured speakers included rabbis, activists, s around civil rights and immigration policy, the JMCBI academics, and authors. Nishma 2005 is slated for On April 1, JCUA hosted an interfaith seder, honoring has created Café Finjan, an interfaith arts exchange. Sunday, September 18. the traditional order of the seder while including new ways The JMCBI is planning an Interfaith Youth Poetry Project to apply the themes of the seder to the contemporary world. and an Oral History Project. 2004 The 2005 seder is planned for April 14. LAPID NETWORK In November, JCUA’ new network of synagogue social s justice leaders met for a workshop on “Advocacy after the Elections.” Approximately twenty-five leaders from more than 2004 ten Chicago-area synagogues participated in training, education, networking, and sharing ideas, and are now on a listserv. URBAN MITZVAH CORPS Ten college students spent a week in Uptown, engaging in direct service and advocacy, learning how to be organizers SOCIAL JUSTICE STUDY GROUP on their campuses, and exploring Jewish approaches to social The social justice study group brings together twenty to forty justice. UMC is sponsored by JCUA in partnership with Koach, post-college Jewish activists for monthly study, discussion, Kesher/URJ and Hillels of Illinois. and Shabbat dinner. A member of the Associate Division Executive Committee has spearheaded a second group, the Immigrant Justice Study Group, to focus specifically on Jewish perspectives on strangers.10 11
  8. 8. FINANCIAL REPORT S U P P O R T E R S JCUA gratefully acknowledges contributors of $150 or more. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Adams Mr. Don Flesch Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lawrence Mr. Steven Rosenfeld Balance Sheet December 31, 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Adelman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Fogel Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Lehman Rabbi Jennie Rosenn Ms. Susan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Foreman Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lehman Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rosenthal Assets Ms. Cleopatra B. Alexander Ms. Lynn Sara Frackman Mr. Paul A. Lehman Mr. Vic Rosenthal Ms. Beverly J. Alpern Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fragen Ms. Blossom Willens Levin Mrs. Ann Roth Cash and cash equivalents xxxx Ms. Lauri J. Alpern Mr. & Mrs. Bud Frankel Ms. Daniella Levitt Mr. Gregory Rothman Receivables xxxx Mr. John Alschuler, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Freed Mr. Saul Levmore Mr. & Mrs. Edward I. Rothschild Mr. Michael Alter Mr. Joel Freehling Mr. Irving A. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rothschild Investments xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I. Altholz Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Freehling Mr. Jeffry Lewis Ms. Ruth M. Rothstein Fixed assets, less accumulated Ms. Esther Altschul Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Fried Dr. Peter Lewy Mr. Robert Sadowsky depreciation of $ xxx xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Richard Amend Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fried Dr. Anne M. Lidsky Mr. Alan Saks Mr. & Mrs. David Apter Ms. Emily Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Lieberman Ms. Natalie Saltiel Other assets xxxx Mrs. Miriam G. Apter Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Friedman Ms. Sandy Lieberman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Saltzman TOTAL ASSETS $ xxxx Ms. Robin Arbetman Ms. Daliah Fritz Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lifton Dr. & Mrs. Paul Saltzman Ms. Marie Aries Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fritz Mrs. Charlotte Lindon Ms. Laura Samson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ascoli Mr. Michael Frolichstein Dr. & Mrs. Howard Lipton Rabbi David N. Saperstein Mr. Irwin J. Askow Mr. & Mrs. Sy Frolichstein Ms. Linda Lipton Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman Liabilities and Net Assets Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Baron Mr. Elliot Frolichstein-Appel Ms. Rochelle C. Lodder Mrs. Myrl Schuster Liabilities Dr. & Mrs. William H.Barrows Rabbi Capers C. Funnye Mr. & Mrs. Henry Loeb Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Schwartz Mr. Sheldon Baskin Ms. Aviva Futorian Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Segal Accounts payable and accrued liabilities xxxx Ms. Alice T. Bechtolsheim Ms. Alicia M. Gejman Mr.& Mrs. Joshua Lowitz Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Seigle Total liabilities xxxx Ms. JoAnn Beck Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Gerbie Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Lubin Ms. Lynne Serle Ms. Eve R. Becker Ms. Kitty Gilbert Ms. Jessica K. Lundevall Rabbi Isaac Serotta Net Assets Ms. Carol Anne Been Mr. Lawrence Gilford Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Macdonald Ms. Carolyn Shapiro Unrestricted operating xxxx Professor Robert Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gilhooley Mr. & Mrs. Eric Macey Mrs. Henry Shapiro Ms. Kay Berkson Mrs. Ruth Glassenberg Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mann Mr. & Mrs. Jerold Shapiro Unrestricted invested in fixed assets xxxx Rabbi Marc Berkson Mr. Michael Glasser Mr. Antonio Manning Mr. Alexander E. Sharp Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Berlin Mr. Joseph B. Glossberg Ms. Benetta Mansfield Honorable Helen Shiller Restricted xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Julian Berman Ms. Sally Gold Mr. Michael Marcus Ms. Evely Laser Shlensky TOTAL NET ASSETS $ xxxx Mr. Sidney Berman Epstein Rabbi Sam Gordon Mr. S. Edward Marder Mr. Stephen J. Siegel Ms. Barbara Bernstein Mr. David Goroff Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Marks Dr. & Mrs. Irvin Siglin TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $ xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gray Ms. Susan Marks Judge & Mrs. Seymour Simon Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Bernstein Mr. Stephen L. Green Rabbi & Mrs. Robert J. Marx Rabbi Judy Spicehandler Ms. Lauren Beznos Rabbi Lisa Greene Mr. & Mrs. George Matetich Mr. Michael Stanek Support and Revenue Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blatt Rabbi Suzanne B. Griffel Mrs. Robert B. Mayer Ms. Leah E. Staub Grants and contributions $ xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Berle Blitstein Mr. Charles Frank Gross Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Meister Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stein Mrs. Sonia Bloch Ms. Kitty Hall Rabbi Amy Memis-Foler Mr. Max Stein Special Events Mr. David Block Ms. Janice Halpern Mr. & Mrs. David B. Midgley Mr. & Mrs. Mayer Stern Proceeds xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Block Mr. & Mrs. James Hanig Mr. & Mrs. Abner Mikva Mr. & Mrs. David Stone Ms. Barbara S. Bluhm-Kaul Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hanig Mr. & Mrs. Robert Millner Mr. Sherwin J. Stone Less direct expenses xxxx Ms. Kim Bobo Mrs. Joan Harris Mr.& Mrs. Jon Mills Mr. & Mrs. John G. Strauss Memberships xxxx Mrs. Julie Bokser Mr. Russell E. Hattis Mr. Judson Miner Mr. John H. Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Peter Borzak Mr. & Mrs. Howard Helsinger Ms. Janet Morgan Dr. & Mrs. Howard Sulkin Investment income xxxx Mr. Adam Bossov Ms. Nina Helstein Mr. Robert J. Morris Ms. Janet Surkin Program xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Fred K. Bowers Mr. & Mrs. David Herpe Dr. Steven B. Nasatir Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. Susman Mr. Stuart Brent Mr. & Mrs. Milton Herst Mrs. Roberta Nechin Ms. Margery Tabankin TOTAL SUPPORT REVENUE $ xxxx MANY HAVE RoLLED Mr. Stanton Brody Mr. Alan Heyman Ms. Sylvia M. Neil Dr. & Mrs. David M. Terman Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Brown Mr. Jay S. Heyman Mrs. Bernice Newberger Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Thaler Mr. & Mrs. Ethan A. Budin Ms. Jennifer E. Heyman Ms. Marni Nissen Mr. & Mrs. Scott Turow UP THEIR SLEEVES Expenses Ms. & Mrs. James Paul Butler Ms. Liane Clorfene Casten Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hirsch Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hodes Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Oberman Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Oppenheimer Mr. & Mrs. Eli Ungar Mr. & Mrs. Sharon Uslan Program services $ xxxx AND MANY HAVE Management and general xxxx Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Chase Mrs. Charlotte Cherry Mr. Sidney Hollander Mrs. Ruth Horwich Mr. Jonah Orlofsky Mr. & Mrs. David Orr Ms. Elizabeth Versten Mrs. Isaac Wagner REACHED INTO Development xxxx Mr. Irvin Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Saul Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Horwich Dr. & Mrs. Michael Jablon Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Ovadia Mr. David M. Pateros Mr. Denis G. Weil Mr. & Mrs. Norman Weinberg THEIR PoCKETS TO TOTAL EXPENSES $ xxxx Mr. & Mrs. John C. Colman Mr. & Mrs. David Jacobs Mr. Herbert M. Perlman Mr. & Mrs. Warren Weisberg Mr. & Mrs. William Cottle Mr. Michael Jacoby Mr. & Mrs. Michael Perlow Mrs. Robert Weissbourd CHANGE IN NET ASSETS $ XXXX Ms. Susan Crown Mr. Jack Jaffee Mr. & Mrs. Tom Philipsborn Mrs. Evelyn R. Weltman WORK FOR A MORE Mr. Jeffrey Cummings Mr. Harvey Kaiser Mr. Arnold Pritsker Mr. Paul L. Weltman JUST CHICAGO. Representative Barbara Flynn Currie Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Kanter Mr. J. B. Pritzker Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Westhoff These condensed financial statements are unaudited. Audited financial statements are available Ms. Camille De Frank Mr. Burton Kaplan Mr. James N. Pritzker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wieseneck at the office of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs. Mr. & Mrs. Seymour S. DeKoven Mr. Robert A. Kaplan Ms. Nancy Radner Mr. & Mrs. Marc Wilkow Mr. Steven Derringer Mr. Emile Karafiol Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Radov Mrs. Betty J. Willhoite F o UNDATIONS Mr. William DeWoskin Ms. Susan Karlinsky Ms. Jane L. Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Kale A. Williams Mr. Peter Dubrow Mr. Richard Jacob Keen Mr. Irving Z. Rapaport Mr. & Mrs. John Wineman Mr. Howard W. Edison Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adam Keen Mr. Alan L. Reinstein Mr. & Mrs. Maynard I. and Rabbi Laurence L. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Keen Ms. Deborah Reznick Elaine Wishner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Eisen Rabbi Allen Kensky Mr. Richard S. Rhodes Ms. Jane Woldenberg Alphawood Foundation Herbert B. Fried Foundation Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation Rabbi & Mrs. Bruce S. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Kersten Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Richman Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Wolff Big Cat Foundation Generations Fund Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ettlinger Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kessler Mr. Sidney Robbins Mrs. Gladys L. Wolff Chicago Community Trust Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Polk Bros. Foundation Mr. David Evans Rabbi Peter Knobel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Rohde Dr. Frank E. Yeoman Circle of Service Foundation Jewish Fund for Justice Righteous Persons Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Feinstein Ms. Heidi Kon Ms. Anna E. Roosevelt Mrs. Bobette Zacharias Nathan Cummings Foundation Kaplan Family Foundation Rothman Family Foundation Mr. David Feller Mr. John Kretzmann Ms. Gail Root Ms. Judy Zahn Dr. Sandra Fernbach Mr. & Mrs. Paul Krouse Mr. Robert B. Rosen Mr. Jeff Zaluda Deutsche Bank Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation Synapses Foundation Mr. Peter Fidler Rabbi & Mrs. Harold Kudan Ms. Emily Rosenberg Mr. & Mrs. Marc Zionts The Epstein Foundation Landau Family Foundation Washington Mutual Bank Ms. Laura K. Fisher Mr. Peter Kupferberg Dr. Louis Rosenblum Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zisook Fel-Pro Mecklenberger Foundation Albert and Anne Mansfield Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Guy Fishman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Lachman Mr. Martin E. Rosenfeld Ms. Amy Zisook12 13
  9. 9. COMMUNITY We partner with members of low-income and minority communities to address their needs. OUTREACH JCUA draws more and more Chicagoans each year, and we’ve begun to reach out nationally to encourage Jewish social justice organizations in other cities. COLLABORATION ADVOCACY Synagogues that are JCUA-affiliated receive We work to secure changes in legislation support for their own social justice initiatives, in order to create a more just society. JCUA-led workshops or talks, and social justice materials for holidays. ACTION PARTNERSHIP JCUA is not a think tank. We are active participants in the work that We give of our time, resources, and enthusiasm we believe needs to be done in to community organizations in low-income areas. order to improve society. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Our programs teach college students JCUA’ Community Development Committee and s and young adults to address problems, Community Venture Partners help to develop and fund advocate on issues, and mobilize support. affordable housing. EDUCATION We create and implement Jewish social justice programs and activities for children, college students, and adults. VOLUNTEERING JCUA invites you to be involved in a cause you believe in! In addition to our regular programs and activities, we have a special Associate Division for young professionals between the ages of 20 and 40.JCUA IS PERPETUAL MoTION JEWISH COUNCIL ON URBAN AFFAIRS 618 South Michigan Ave, Suite 700 Chicago Illinois 60605 Please visit our web site at www.jcua.org, or call us at (312) 663-0960 for further information on our ongoing activities.