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-1-ANKIT SARIN1M.B.A. / B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) +919167661248E-mail : sarinsahab@gmail.comSummary   » 7...
-2-                      STM32F105RB (32-bit ARM CORTEX-M3 core)Hardware Platform     TMS320F28035 (Texas Instruments 32bi...
-3-Functionality of RTU system is to Monitor and control field equipment, Perform local control andsequencing, communicate...
-4-Software Platform       Silicon Laboratories IDE Release 3.10Language/Compile                        C / KEIL/ Silicone...
-5-      Designation          Design Engineer                           RT Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.5     Organization...
1    Resi Address: H710, PALMS II, AAREY COLONY, GOREGOAN (E), MUMBAI- 65.                :2    Off Address: L&T Limited- ...
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Ankit sarin


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Ankit sarin

  1. 1. -1-ANKIT SARIN1M.B.A. / B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) +919167661248E-mail : sarinsahab@gmail.comSummary » 7+ years of experience including embedded Firmware Development and safety critical electronic Hardware designing and Integration testing. » Proficient in Embedded S/w development on 8/16/32 bit platforms using ‘C’ & assembly language. » Well exposed to Industrial automation, SCADA, Rail, Oil & gas and consumer domain. » Currently working in Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai within IES. » International exposure with US Oil Giant in Houston, TX on requirement gathering ,identification of related jobs and co-ordination with offshore team. » Involved in the complete product development cycle, from requirements through design, implementation, testing and validation of Solar Inverter and Railway products. » Possessing B1 visa (USA) valid up to 2017. » Team handling and mid level project management exposure.Proficient Skills Languages Embedded C/C++, Assembly, LITE Test Script language, VHDL, SALL. Protocols and I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232/485, TCP/IP, PCI, and DNP3. interfaces  OS :- Windows, Linux, AMX(RTOS)  Compilers:,HITECH C,CCS C, Watcom,Keil ,gcc and gdb,Code Warrior. Tools and  EDA Tools :- ISAGraph, PSpice, B2Spice, Orcad 9.1, Protel 99SE environments  Testing Tools: - ASE 2000, Ethereal,TMW. (Designing &  Hardware Tools :- Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzers Development)  Configuration Tools :- CM Synergy( Telelogic),VSS (Microsoft)  Testing Technique: - Black box, Unit, Integration and System testing.  Management tools:- MSPP Standards CENELEC, ISO 9001-2000, CE, IEC  LINUX kernel programming and device drivers Professional  Board bring up for Linux-2.6.18 on ARM 9 plateform. Training  Railway signaling and interlocking.Industrial Experience Designation Sr. Software Engineer LARSEN & TOUBRO - IES.2 Organization This CMM-5 level company is a global Software service provider. Designer and developer, Team member in Renewable Energy Lab. (Dec. 2010 Role onwards) Project Firmware development – Solar Inverter Unit - Grid connected Type Firmware development activities Client / duration MasterVolt- (Dec 10’ onwards)
  2. 2. -2- STM32F105RB (32-bit ARM CORTEX-M3 core)Hardware Platform TMS320F28035 (Texas Instruments 32bit Controller) WiFi module roving network.Software Platform IAR Embedded Workbench 6.0, CCS4, Matlab/Simulink. Language/OS Matlab S function / C / Free RTOS As a team member in a team of 4 .Mostly involved into Simulation of MPPT-shad- ow simulations, Implementaion of fixed point Algorithms(PLL,RMS calc) in STM32 and,communication protocol and parser implementation for internal communica- tion. • Preparation of Requirement Specifications, Design Documents like HLD, DLD. • Simulations of control algorithms in MATLAB/Simulink for fixed point controller. Role • Implementation of Grid Synchronization using SOGI-PLL, Power calculations, Anti-Islanding detection mechanism • Verification of Control algorithms using S-functions of Simulink before porting on to the target • Preparation of Software Module and Unit test plans • Implementation of Bootloader. • Developing of basic framework of entire project. • Implementation of communication protocol.Design was based on interleaved flyback topology using Unfolded H-Bridge for currentwaveform using TI TMS320F28335. For redundancy STM32F105 Arm controller is used. Itincludes communication protocol (MODBUS) between two processors. The product complieswith VDE V 0126-1-1 norms for Grid Synchronization. Product also has features likeProduction Utility and WiFi for data-logging and booloading process. Designation Software Development Engineer II Cognizant Technology Solutions.3 Organization This CMM-5 level company is a global Software service provider. Designer and developer, Team member in INVENSYS SCADA - Control Plateform Role and Field Devices. (Sept. 2009 – Dec2010) Firmware development and sustenance of Invensys(control platform) – Remote Project Terminal Unit Type Firmware development activities Client / duration Invensys- control platform (Sept 09’ onwards)Hardware Platform AMD5200 (32-bit µController/ AMD), 16MHz ,Freescale DSC56800ESoftware Platform ED (Watcom compiler / Hitech C ) ,Freescale Code warrior DSC Language/OS C,C++ / AMX RTOS Role As a team member in a team of 15 in SCADA FW GROUP.
  3. 3. -3-Functionality of RTU system is to Monitor and control field equipment, Perform local control andsequencing, communicate to multiple master stations simultaneously, support distributed I/O via opticallinks, fully integrates local IEDs. RTU has modular architecture to host multiple electrical I/O usingconfiguration.RTU is scalable to connect multiple RTU using optonet. RTU is highly integrated, whichsupport many industrial communication protocols to communicate with master station.My task in RTU involves, • Development of Control signal validation algorithm, to avoid spurious control signals in DO, MIO, ACT &AO cards. • Upgrading unsolicited reporting in DNP3 for level 3 compliance. • Enhancement of MAC ID programming utility for factory. • Fixing reported bugs and enhancement of ACT card firmware and calibration utility. Designation Software Engineer InfoTech Enterprises Limited.4 Organization This CMM-5 level company is a global Engineering and Software service provider. Designer, Team member and Onsite coordinator for EDS (Electronics Design Role Services) Department. (Feb. 2007 to Aug. 2009) Project Firmware development of 3G Triton series Tooth Brush : Nitro Type Firmware development and Integration testing Client / duration Philips Oral Healthcare Inc. , Snoqualmia - USA / (Sept 08’ onwards)Hardware Platform PIC16F726 (8-bit Micro controller / Microchip), 16MHzSoftware Platform MPLAB (Hi-tech PICC compiler), MS VISIO Language C Role As a lead developer and Integrator in a team of 4 in ODC at Phillips CoE.This project comprise of updating the user interface, hardware, functionality, features etc of the productnamed ZEUS (acting as a mother for all Triton series of tooth brush) to 3rd generation tooth brush namedNITRO.Worked on complete project life cycle. Project Wake Up Lamp - Hardware & Software interaction Type Reverse engineering Client / duration Philips Oral Healthcare Inc., Netherlands / (May 08’ to sept 08’)Hardware Platform EM78P468L (8-bit Micro controller / ELAN MICROELECTRONICS)Software Platform ELAN – WICE (EM78 Series Window ICE), MS VISIO Language Assembly Role As a team member in a team of 3 at Phillips CoE.This project comprise of understanding product, hardware, functionality, features, micro controller andgiven assembly code and how code interacts with hardware. The first phase includes commenting of theprovided bare assemble code, understanding the flow, Preparation of flowchart and Pseudo code. Secondphase comprise of detailed hardware software interaction & making of a Product design document.Third phase of this project is to identify of a cheaper and better alternative of present controller. Project Display Technologies Type Drivers Development Client / duration Philips Oral Healthcare Inc., USA / (Feb 08’ to Apr 08’)Hardware Platform C8051F04X Silicon lab µc with on-chip JTAG Debug and boundary scan.
  4. 4. -4-Software Platform Silicon Laboratories IDE Release 3.10Language/Compile C / KEIL/ Silicone labs USB JTAG debug adapter r/debugger Role DeveloperIdentification, Development and analysis of various types of displays drivers for incorporation in tritonseries of toothbrush. Various Displays used are :7&16 Segment LED/LCD display with and without external drivers5X7 Dot Matrix LED display with onboard driver16X2 LCD Dot matrix display with external driver128X64 Dots display with external driver.Project Design of automatic Test H/W and S/w based on LITE for Data acquisition boardType Development / TestingClient / duration Schlumberger, (Aug 07’ to Feb 08’) (3mon. onsite & 3 mon. offshore)Hardware Platform LITE (Light Integrated test equipment), ZINC001 (DSP, FPGA based Board)Software Platform LITE System Tool, MS Visual StudioLanguage/Compile LITE Script Language, Cr Onsite (Houston, TX) co-ordination, Board requirement identification, developmentRole of Dll’s, ITA Lite Script code.This project is to design LITE based functional test for data acquisition board.LITE comprise of: • Computer [for writing controlling code (Script language) and Dll’s in ‘C’] having PCI-GPIB interface card. • VXI (VME eXtensions for Instrumentation), Interface for GPIB based instruments, SMIP relays, signal generator, DAC and DIO • Interface for ITA (Integrated test adapter)Test process: Testability Review → Test Specification → H/W and S/W Design → Prototyping → Final H/W→ ReleaseInstruction set of LITE script language is available, to provide or measure data to various measuringdevices or generatorsDll’s (Using ‘C’) are to be created in order to manipulate and transform the measured data. Project Study and Mathematical modeling of level sensor for hydraulic oil tank Client / duration TORO (May 07’ to Aug 07’) As a team member involved in study and mathematical modeling of various level Role sensing technologies for hydraulic Oil Tank.Study of Capacitive sensor (continuous and discrete), inductive sensor, ultrasonic.Manual modeling of selected sensor. Project Up gradation of Rail signaling model Type Hardware and Software Development Client / duration IEL, Invensys Rail CoE (in-house) (Mar 07’ to May 07’)Hardware Platform PIC16F8XX Software Platform MPLAB IDELanguage/Compile C, CCS C Compiler r Role Team member in re-engineering of railway model using PIC It is an In-house project for Invensys Rail signaling department: Earlier they are having a Rail modeldesigned with limited functionality and using discrete electronics. So to increase the flexibility ofintroducing different signaling principle in the existing model it is re-engineered with micro-controller.
  5. 5. -5- Designation Design Engineer RT Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.5 Organization This ISO 9001:2000 company is involved in providing Embedded Product Engineering solutions for Defense & Indian Railways. Analyzing the system requirement of R.D.S.O. and Designing efficient and reliable Role systems. (Jan. 2005 to Feb. 2007) Project Level Crossing Gate signaling Unit Client Indian Railways Leads a team of four technical persons. Involved in Analyzing the requirement, Key responsibility Planning & Designing of system, R.D.S.O. clearance and made the project possible till production and installation sites. This project was designed according to RDSO/SPN/153/2004 for Level Crossing Gate Signals. This signal works on 24 volt D.C with 150 Lux Luminosity and should satisfy the dispersion angle criterion. It has AC immunity up to 300V. Project LED Signaling Lighting Unit Designing of current regulator & controlling units for Main, Calling-ON, Route, Shunt Key responsibility and operate as a efficient team member This project (LSLU) was designed according to RDSO/SPN/153/2004 for fail-safe LED based signaling unit. The purpose of this project is to replace conventional Electric bulbs used for signaling with LED, which is the energy efficient and long lasting solution. This project is designed according to CENELEC standards. LSLU constitutes four types of signals: Main, Route, Shunt, Calling-ON Current Regulator & controlling unit, Colour Aspects, Health Monitoring Unit ,Alarm UnitAcademic Performance 1997 Xth I.C.S.E, New Delhi 1st div 1999 10+2 I.S.C., New Delhi 1st div 2004 B.Tech (E & C) Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow 1st div 2009 MBA (Systems) Annamalai University,Chennai 1st divPersonal Details:Date of Birth: 14th June 1981Nationality: IndianPassport Number: G1714323
  6. 6. 1 Resi Address: H710, PALMS II, AAREY COLONY, GOREGOAN (E), MUMBAI- 65. :2 Off Address: L&T Limited- IES, Powai campus, gate no. 5, Saki vihar road ,POWAI, MUMBAI-72..3 Off Address: CTS, 2nd Floor, BLOCK ‚B‘ ,DLF SEZ, GACHIBOWLI, HYDERABAD (A.P.) INDIA.4 Off Address: PLOT No.11, INFOCITY, MADHAPUR, HYDERABAD (A.P.) INDIA. INDIA.5 Off Address: A-111, SEC 83, NOIDA, (U.P.) INDIA. INDIA.