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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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  1. 1. Luke’s Pet Spider
  2. 2. My pet is a spider. He’s called Dizzy. My mum found him under my bed and I rescued him.
  3. 3. Is that all, Luke? Yes, Miss.
  4. 4. But I’ve brought Dizzy to show everyone .
  5. 5. I think that’s enough, Luke . I think you should let Dizzy free after the lesson. It isn’t very kind to keep a spider in a box.
  6. 6. Answer these questions
  7. 7. What’s the name of the spider? It’s name is Dizzy.
  8. 8. Did the teacher like the spider? No, she didn’t like it.
  9. 9. Did Luke do his homework well? No, he didn’t do it well.
  10. 10. Did Luke rescue the spider the day before? No, he didn’t.
  11. 11. Do you like spiders? Yes I do. No, I don’t.
  12. 12. When we have the word ‘not’ with the verb we are using the: Negative
  13. 13. Example: I like to play basketball. I do not like to play basketball. I don’t like to play basketball.
  14. 14. does not do not is not are not has not have not doesn’t don’t isn’t aren’t hasn’t haven’t cannot can’t
  15. 15. Now put these sentences in the negative
  16. 16. The children were happy with the present. The children were not happy with the present.
  17. 17. I like bananas and lemons. I do not like bananas and lemons.
  18. 18. The baby grows up quickly. The baby doesn’t grow up quickly.
  19. 19. The girl was going to play with her brother. The girl was not going to play with her brother.
  20. 20. Some children were eating their lunch. Some children were not eating their lunch.