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Conjunctions: 'but'


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Conjunctions: 'but'

  1. 1. Conjunctions using but
  2. 2. Karen dropped her clock. It did not break. We can join these sentences by using but. But is a conjunction.
  3. 3. Karen dropped her clock but it did not break.
  4. 4. Paul fell down. He did not cry.
  5. 5. Paul fell down but he did not cry.
  6. 6. The dog chased a rabbit. He did not catch it.
  7. 7. The dog chased a rabbit but he did not catch it.
  8. 8. Elsa looked for her lost book. She could not find it.
  9. 9. Elsa looked for her lost book but she could not find it.
  10. 10. We hoped to go out. It was too wet.
  11. 11. We hoped to go out but it was too wet.
  12. 12. Tim fell off his scooter. He did not hurt himself.
  13. 13. Tim fell off his scooter but he did not hurt himself.
  14. 14. John rang the bell. He could not get an answer.
  15. 15. John rang the bell but he could not get an answer.
  16. 16. They hurried to the station. The train had gone.
  17. 17. They hurried to the station but the train had gone.
  18. 18. Jane felt ill. She did not want to stay in bed.
  19. 19. Jane felt ill but she did not want to stay in bed.
  20. 20. Ann wanted a piece of cake. The cake was finished.
  21. 21. Ann wanted a piece of cake but the cake was finished.
  22. 22. I longed for some ice-cream. I had no money.
  23. 23. I longed for some ice-cream but I had no money.
  24. 24. We went into the park. We did not stay long.
  25. 25. We went into the park but we did not stay long.