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Conjunctions: 'and'


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Conjunctions: 'and'

  1. 1. Conjunctions using and
  2. 2. Simon is going fishing. I am going fishing. We can join these sentences by using and. And is a conjunction.
  3. 3. Simon and I are going fishing.
  4. 4. John is tall. John is strong. John is tall and strong.
  5. 5. Martha put her toys away. She went to bed.
  6. 6. Martha put her toys away and she went to bed.
  7. 7. Our cat is white. Our cat is fluffy.
  8. 8. Our cat is white and fluffy.
  9. 9. The room is clean. The room is tidy.
  10. 10. The room is clean and tidy.
  11. 11. Grandpa sat in the armchair. He fell fast asleep.
  12. 12. Grandpa sat in the armchair and he fell fast asleep.
  13. 13. The day was fine. The day was warm.
  14. 14. The day was fine and warm.
  15. 15. I gave the newsagent fifty cents and I had 5 cents change.
  16. 16. I gave the newsagent fifty cents. I had five cents change.
  17. 17. The farmer ploughs the fields. He sows the seeds.
  18. 18. The farmer ploughs the fields and sows the seeds.
  19. 19. We went to the park. We played ball.
  20. 20. We went to the park and played ball.
  21. 21. The nurse took my temperature. The nurse took my pulse.
  22. 22. The nurse took my temperature and my pulse.
  23. 23. John had his breakfast. John went to school.
  24. 24. John had his breakfast and went to school.