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PJFL Children's iPad Procedure


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The Port Jefferson Free Library's Children's services now has iPads available for in library use! Here are the instructions staff must follow to loan out iPads

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PJFL Children's iPad Procedure

  1. 1. Children’s iPadsStarting in July theChildren’s room will bemaking iPads availableto patrons for in-houseuse. Please follow thesesteps and procedureswhen checking outiPads to patrons.
  2. 2. Eligible Borrowers• Port Jefferson Free Library card holders, 18 years old and older• Must have a current and valid library card• Must have signed the Circulating Technology policy!• No outstanding fees or overdue items (NO EXCEPTIONS)• All use by children using iPads must be continuously supervised by an adult
  3. 3. Circulating Technology Policy• In order to be an eligible borrower a patron must have read and signed the Circulated Technology policy• As patrons renew their library cards in July, they will be given the policy to fill out• If a patron has already completed the policy it will be noted on their patron record• For patrons that have not yet completed the technology policy give them a blank policy to complete. (these are in the Computer binder)• After a patron has filled it out send it down to the circulation desk
  4. 4. Loan Rules• Must be taken out on a Parents card and used with parental supervision• Does not leave the children’s room• If a patron needs to briefly leave the room or use the bathroom iPads must be left with a librarian• Patrons must report any problems with iPad to a librarian• There is a limit of 1 iPad per family at one time
  5. 5. Check-Out Procedure• Check the person’s library record to make sure they are an eligible borrower• Briefly explain the rules• Check out the iPad using the barcode card (in the Computer binder) o Flip the card over while in use• Retrieve one of the iPads that are locked up o Make sure it is the number of the iPad corresponds with the one checked out using the barcode card• Give iPad to the patron• Open up the timer on computer desktop
  6. 6. Loan Period & iPad Timer• iPads have a loan period of 60 minutes• To track the time, open the desktop icon labeled iPad Timer and minimize the window• To track the loan period of multiple iPads, open up another iPad timer window and select a color option from the upper right hand corner Change• When the timer is up, approach the patron Start Color Timer informing them the loan period is up• Patrons can request an extension of another 60 minutes once per day iPad Timer• The extension can only be granted if there is not a wait list
  7. 7. Check-In Procedure• Turn on iPad to make sure the device still functions normally• Check there is no physical damage• Check the iPad back in using the barcode card• If the battery is less than 50% plug it into charger• Return the iPad to storage
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions• Q: Can I go on the internet?• A: No. The Children’s room devices are for children’s use only. They are pre-loaded with apps geared toward children and not for internet access. If a parent would like internet access there is a laptop available for use. If the child would like internet access they can use one of the computers.• Q: Can I download an app?• A: Apps are reviewed and purchased by librarians. However, we are taking app suggestions!As more questions and comments arise, please writethem down in the computer binder