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Explanation by shandy dwirahayu


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Published in: Education
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Explanation by shandy dwirahayu

  1. 1. Love What is LOVE ??? By : Shandy Dwirahayu Putrie XII IPA 2 / 38
  2. 3. The Meaning of Love Love is beautiful favour that Allah given for us. Love can’t be interpretted, because love is something that has made our life be beautiful without we have realized it.
  3. 4. Talking About the Love <ul><li>love it come to anyone, love is not predictable, love can make people become crazy, but also can make people happy, but sometimes it makes people sad and willing to do anything for his loved ones, sometimes to do things that are beyond the negative logic, whereas people who love we not necessarily want to do the same for us. </li></ul><ul><li>Love it would be death for you, if you  trapped by it.  Love comes and goes like a mystery without permission.  </li></ul><ul><li>Love will be born at the right moment without us  know when, and without  we know to whom. If one day mate  you say &quot;I do not  love you anymore &quot;, Let it go, though Practically  difficult for some  people. Let go of love can not be  forced. If love  forced the withdrawal of love will be  exploded into hatred. </li></ul><ul><li>God will not  let you alone </li></ul>
  4. 5. what about your feelings if you  with love left ??? Keep a deep love. Recall as part of  your life experience. Weep if necessary.  Be happy because you never  loved, happy because love never existed in  heart. 
  5. 6. Attention !!!
  6. 7. The Fact of Love 1 . Love At First Sight   He said: When we feel love at first sight, or love at first sight, it means he's going to be your soul mate.  The reality: When I first met him, of the first visits are physical. His handsome face, his smell or look in her eyes that makes melted. Of meeting those few seconds, who can guarantee that his heart would as sweet as her face. Do not tell me you would suit her just because she was wearing the same clothes with you.  Although the first vibration is important, but to establish a healthy relationship is still needed the introduction of one another. At least, find out basic information about themselves, such as occupation, status, hobbies, what he liked and did not.Because this will help you know better who the he really is. In addition, the introduction of this process, you can decide if you and he fits into pairs. Because physical beauty alone is not enough to make you stay in a relationship. 
  7. 8. 2. Love Is Everything   He said: As long as you and he were in love, life will be forever beautiful.  The reality: There is no unconditional love, but love a mother to her child. Capital's love is not enough to create a happy relationship for ever. It takes a variety of things supporters to maintain relationships, including commitment, maturity, mutual respect, and respect. Important is also a common intellectual, financially secure, up to a sense of humor that can provide color in your relationship.  3. Must Always Together  He said: The more often you do activities together, the relationship you and he will be more closely and betahan long.  The reality: Do you ever feel when have a girlfriend, my friends seem to be far away? This is why, like the type of relationship is arguably not healthy. Because, all of your time if only for the him. In fact, you and he's still need to socialize and divide their time between work, family, friends, lovers, and self. So, smart-pandailah dividing of time.  As long as can maintain the quality of the relationship by keeping the intensity of communication and mutual trust, the relationship will continue to run smoothly. 
  8. 9. Conclusion love can make us blind. let us not play with love, because love is not to be mocked. do not say love if you do not understand the true meaning of love. But the love that you give to your boyfriend do not exceed your love for God. keep your love with your affection, so that no one who thinks that love is painful.
  9. 10. The And