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Explanation by ni wyn suliastini


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Explanation by ni wyn suliastini

  1. 1. PREFACE Thank God , because of His grace I can finish the task that called the Earthquakes . This task is proposed in order to fulfill the task of English subjects.  I would like to thank all those who helped to make this task can be completed on time. This task is still far from perfect, therefore, criticism and constructive suggestions so I hope to perfect this assignment. Hopefully this task provides information for friends and useful insights for the development and enhancement of knowledge for us all.
  2. 2. PRELIMINARY Earthquakes are natural disasters that frequently occur in the hemisphere. Earthquakes occur due to a shift in the Earths plates or volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur when the pressure that occurs because the movement was too large to be arrested.
  3. 3. TECTONICEARTHQUAKETectonic earthquake :An earthquake is caused by tectonicactivity, the tectonic plates shiftsuddenly has the power of the very smallto very large. This earthquake generateda lot of damage or natural disasters onearth, a strong earthquake vibrations canspread into other parts of the earth.
  4. 4. VOLCANICEARTHQUAK  2.Volcanic earthquakes ES (Volcano); This earthquake (VOLCANO) occurred as a result of magma activity, which usually occurs before the volcano erupted. If activeness higher it will cause an explosion that would also lead to the occurrence of earthquakes. The earthquake was only felt around the volcano.
  5. 5. THE CAUSES OF EARTHQUAKES Most earthquakes result from the release of energy generated by the pressure made ​ by the moving plates. The longer the pressure was becoming enlarged and eventually reach the state where the pressure can not be detained again by the edge of the slab. Thats when an earthquake will occur. Earthquakes usually happen at plate boundaries such slabs
  6. 6. THE HISTORY OF LARGE EARTHQUAKES IN INDONESIA October 26, 2010, earthquakes in the Mentawai scale 2.7 on the Richter Scale, the death toll to 9 November was found to reach 156 people. The earthquake is then also generate a tsunami. June 16, 2010, earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter Scale Biak, Papua. 7 April 2010, An earthquake with a strength of 2.7 Richter scale in northern Sumatra more centered 60km from Sinabang, Aceh. Not cause a tsunami, causing physical damage in some areas, there has been no information of casualties. 30 September 2009, West Sumatra earthquake was tectonic earthquakes originating from the shift Semangko fault, this earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale (BMG Indonesia) or 7.9 on the Richter scale (BMG U.S.) shake- Pariaman Padang, Indonesia. Caused at least 1,100 people were killed and thousands trapped in rubble.
  7. 7. EARTHQUAKE • Building collapse • Fire • The fall fatalities• Surface soil into glue and roads to be broken • Landslides caused by shocks • Flooding caused damage to the embankment • The earthquake on the seabed that causes a tsunami
  8. 8. Facing theearthquake tips
  9. 9. WHEN INSIDE THEHOUSE• Do not panic and do not run outside,take shelter under a table or bed• If no, protect the head with a pillowor other object.• Stay away from bookcases,wardrobes and window glass.• Berwae of the ceiling might collapse,objects hanging on the wall and so on.
  10. 10. WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING A VEHICLE• Immediately stop in theopen.• Do not stop on the bridge orunder an overpass / bridgecrossings.
  11. 11. WHEN YOU ARE OUTDOORS• Stay away from high buildings, walls,sheer cliffs, power centers and powerlines, billboards, tall trees, etc..• Try to reach an open area.• Stay away from shelves and glasswindows.
  12. 12. WHEN THEY ARE ON THE TRAIN• Hold firmly to the mast so thatyou will not fall if the train isstopped abruptly• Be calm following the officialexplanation of the train• One understands the informationofficer or station wagon wouldcause panic
  13. 13. GIVE HELP • It is predictable that many people will be injured during a major earthquake. Because of health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene then be prepared to give first aid to the people around you. Evacuation: • Places of refuge are usually set by local governments. Displacement needs to be done if the earthquake caused widespread fires. In principle, the evacuations carried out on foot under the escort of police officers or government agencies. * * * Bring the items to taste.
  14. 14. LISTEN TO INFORMATION• When a large earthquake occurs, thecommunity mental shock. To preventpanic, its important everyone be calmand act in accordance with the correctinformation. You can get correctinformation from the authorities, police,or officer of PMK. Do not act because theinformation people are not clear.