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Click to view audit report for the website It highlights the strengths, weaknesses and fixes for the respective website. As a SEO expert in Mumbai (, i serves best quality SEO services to my clients with qualified and skilled workforce.

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  1. 1. SEO AnalystSarfarazali Y Meghanisarfarazseo@gmail.comMobile no. - +919699440454
  2. 2. SEO Auditwww.
  3. 3. Domain InformationURL – on – 17-February-2012Expiration – 17-February-2013Domain Age – 2 Months, 24 Days.
  4. 4. Page Rank - 0 page rank Page Rank is an indicator of the quality & relevance of a website to asearch performed by a user. The higher the Page Rank, the more likelya website is to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a keyword.
  5. 5. Home Page Issues• Search engines & users perspective meta tag• SEO friendly homepage content• Default home page• Improper linking of homepage link• Header tag optimization
  6. 6. Search Engines & Users Perspective Meta TagMeta tag plays a significant role by providing search engines as well as users with information about the website. Adding keywords is notenough, it should be optimized by keeping readability factors in mind as well as by targeting related keywords.For example<title>Web Software Application Developer, Ecommerce WebsiteDesigning Development, SEO Search Engine Optimization Services InIndia</title>
  7. 7. <meta name="description" content=“We at softwareindiadevelopersprovides services like Web development services India , SEOoptimization services, SEO Services India, Pay Per Click Advertising andmuch more at affordable prices."><meta name="keywords" content=“web application development, websoftware development, seo optimization services, search engineoptimization services, website designing development, web developmentservices, ecommerce website development.">
  8. 8. SEO Friendly Home Page ContentIt is significant to add around 200 to 250 words of relevant and keyword rich content on the homepage. With the recent updation in searchengines content places an important role to list the website. It is believethat while listing for the top position search engines will give preference for having seo friendly keyword rich content on the website. Currentlysearch engines are not able to find sufficient important keywords on the homepage of website.
  9. 9. Default Home Page I recommend standardizing your default pages as the below versions of your url return a 200/OK Header, which may cause duplicate content issues. We need to make the default home page as“” and redirect below version of URLs using 301 Google redirect command. these formats open up only one page which is the homepage. When multiple URL structures for the same page are offered to search engines, they are confused about which page to prioritize in SERPs. This is also called a canonical domain issue.
  10. 10. Improper Linking Of Homepage LinkThe home link from the home page as well as from the inner pages aregetting redirected to instead of
  11. 11. Header Tag Optimization Recommend to replace <H1> tag with <H2> tag. Use Heading Tags <H1> only 1 per page, <H2> 1 to many times, <H3> 1 to many times, etc.• Page heading and other important page elements which are currently not incorporated within the website need to be implemented along with SEO recommendations for each.• <h1> tags, <h2> tags, Image Alt tags, <strong> or <b> tags to name a few – need to be optimized.
  12. 12. Other Website Issues• Meta tags are not properly optimized• Add new pages having unique content• Internal linking targeting important keywords• Integrate blog on the website• Sitemaps• Robots.txt
  13. 13. Meta Tags Are Not Properly Optimized• After keyword research the meta tags of each page have to be optimized by targeting specific keywords with respect to the theme of the page.• Meta tags are keywords dependent and advisable to be implemented after keyword research is complete.• Meta tags for categories and products can be rule-based initially.• As the SEO campaign goes on meta tags will be uniquely created and implemented.
  14. 14. Add New Pages Having Unique Content• Content is king and needs to be present in abundance on any website.• Search engine loves to chew on content and provide results based on quality content.• Use as much as fresh and unique content on the website.• Regular & frequent content updates on the website work best in driving the SE spiders frequently to the website.
  15. 15. Internal Linking Targeting Important Keywords Instead of adding link on “Read more”, i recommend to linkimportant keywords as it is one of the most significant elements to quickly get the respective keyword listed in search engine result pages.
  16. 16. Integrate Blog On The Website• Blogs are very SE friendly because of their functionality and SE optimized coding of the blogging engines.• Blogs are updated frequently thus indexed by search engines frequently.Note: When a new product update that is to be crawled is added on the blog and the website simultaneously, most of the time the blog will be the first in getting crawled.
  17. 17. Sitemaps Creation simple .html and google .xml sitemaps Sitemap.html Have a Site Map that lists all links, organized logically by topic. List infooter menu of all pages, so that regardless of which page is indexed bythe search engines, it will spider to all others. Not absolutely necessary to aid search engines for shallow-depth sites but is useful for visitor to understand scope/structure. Google sitemap.xml Google Sitemap technology helps to notify the search engine of the latest updates on the website.Google sitemap is an xml page listing all the page URLs along with other variables for the search engine spider to understand its crawling habits which it needs to follow for the website.
  18. 18. Robots.txt Robots.txt has not been generated on the website.I recommend robots.txt files as a great way to keep portions of your site off limits to search engine spiders. Eg. The cgi-bin directory is not needed to be indexed and it is pointless to invite spiders to that part of your website, rather than other more precious ones.Some robots collect mail address, images and may harm the server. So it is better that we disallow them.
  19. 19. Keyword Research • Web Development Services • SEO Optimization Services Approach would be to form relevant buckets and indentify keywords that bring traffic while maintaining an optimum conversion rate• CMS Web Design • Website Developer India• Unlimited Web Hosting • SEO Services India
  20. 20. Keywords Recommended For Global Monthly Local Monthly Web Page Keywords Searches Searches Competing software developer india 5400 880 67,900,000 web software development 40500 14800 717,000,000 web application development 74000 18100 38,900,000 web based software application 9900 5400 512,000,000 website developer india 9900 1600 54,200,000 web development services 27100 6600 83,900,000 web development services India 1600 140 296,000,000 custom website development 4400 1900 140,000,000 ecommerce website development 14800 3600 11,600,000 php website developer 6600 1600 139,000,000 website designing development 90500 12100 1,210,000,000 web designing services 33100 9900 64,800,000 ecommerce website designer 33100 8100 5,270,000 web designer india 27100 3600 199,000,000 seo web designer 14800 4400 410,000,000 custom application development india 590 46 17,000,000 php development india 6600 880 48,600,000 php content management systems 2400 480 127,000,000
  21. 21. Keywords Recommended For Global Monthly Local Monthly Web Page Keywords Searches Searches Competing content management systems development 390 110 376,000,000 content management system india 590 16 150,000,000 cms framework development 880 73 8,840,000 software frameworks 9900 1300 33,700,000 website framework 12100 2900 334,000,000 php application framework 2400 390 7,100,000 cms web design 9900 1900 119,000,000 seo optimization services 27100 14800 11,500,000 seo services india 27100 3600 20,200,000 search engine optimization services 27100 14800 46,100,000 search engine marketing india 1300 170 28,100,000 guaranteed search engine ranking 880 590 3,350,000 guaranteed seo 9900 4400 1,860,000 social media optimization services 1600 720 20,200,000 social media marketing India 1600 260 216,000,000 smo services 2900 480 20,300,000 twitter marketing 40500 18100 793,000,000 twitter marketing strategies 1600 1000 153,000,000
  22. 22. Keywords Recommended For Global Monthly Local Monthly Web Page Keywords Searches Searches Competing facebook marketing 110000 40500 2,060,000,000 facebook marketing strategies 3600 1600 16,200,000 custom facebook fan page 6600 2900 20,500,000 facebook pages for business 49500 27100 1,020,000,000 facebook landing page design 1900 720 25,900,000 facebook landing page designer 91 46 33,700,000 social media solutions 2900 1600 483,000,000 pay per click management 27100 12100 18,600,000 cost per click marketing 210 91 153,000,000 cost per click advertising 2400 1000 6,030,000 ppc management 33100 14800 3,780,000 ppc services 9900 3600 4,490,000 ppc campaign management 2900 1300 1,250,000 ppc advertising 18100 8100 5,840,000 unlimited web hosting 22200 5400 29,900,000 website hosting services 40500 22200 21,300,000 domain name registration 368000 135000 200,000,000
  23. 23. Competitors Analysis For a better understanding of what it will take to improve the SEO friendliness and ranking and traffic for the website, we have carried out acompetitive analysis of the website vis a vis other sites that are already ranking high for search terms relevant to the client website. Below are the competitive analysis details of the website and its competitors:••••
  24. 24. Website PagesThe client website has fewer pages indexed, as compared to most of itscompetitors. This limits the potential of the site to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) Website Pages 728 435 1160 11
  25. 25. Website PagesWebsites No. of Pages 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400
  26. 26. Link Popularity This is a very vital factor in improving rankings in the SERPs & asignificant part of our SEO efforts are dedicated towards improving thelink popularity, which is an indicator of the quality & quantity of sites on the internet, that link to the client’s website. Link Popularity Domains Total Google 28 28 57 57 613 49 0 0 0
  27. 27. Link Popularity BingGoogle 0 100 200 300 400 500 600
  28. 28. Facebook Page LikesWith the recent updation in search engine algorithms, real time search is also plays an important role to increase the popularity of the website.Search engines greatly influence facebook page likes and share to get website listed in SERPs. Facebook Pagelikes 127 2408 104 0
  29. 29. Facebook Page LikesFacebook Page Likes 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
  30. 30. Twitter Tweets & Followers As we have mention about the importance of real time search. The number of tweets and followers indicates search engines that good amount of people are participating in the activities perform on the website. Twitter Tweets & Followers Domains Tweets 6596 9322 6 0 0
  31. 31. Twitter Tweets & FollowersFollowers Tweets 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000
  32. 32. Critical Issues Consideration While establishing the time required to deliver the results it is important to consider the following factors: is vying for traffic from keywords that are highly competitive As compared to competitors website the popularity of links are very less. Need constant participation of users relating to website from all the sources on the net to improve real time search results.
  33. 33. Contact Sarfarazali Y Meghani I +919699440454 E – 602, M. U. Hydari Complex Hydari Chowk Naya Nagar Mira Road Mumbai – 401107. India
  34. 34. THANK YOU!