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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE MOHAMMADSARFARAZAHMAD Raza Nagar, Near National Public Schook Jamui, Bihar (811307) Mob: . +91 9771147523 / +91 8452077079 E-Mail ID: / POST APPLIED FOR INSTRUMENT SUPERVISOR (E&I) OBJECTIVE: Provide excellence by knowledge and hard work. A challenging position of Instrument Supervisor level in the field of Installation / Electrical Industrial with opportunity for personal advancement based on technical & Professional achievements. Where my experience knowledge and hard labour be shared and enriched. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : Mohammad Sarfaraz Ahmad Father’s Name : Kasim Mallick Date of Birth : 08.10.1973 Place of Birth : Jamui Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married Languages Known : Hindi, Arabic, Urdu and English PASSPORT DETAILS Passport No. : N 4786707 Date of Issue : 28.03.2007 Date of expire : 27.03.2025 Place of Issue : Patna PROFESSIONAL / QUALIFICATION.  Diploma in Instrumentation in the year of 1989 to 1992.  S.S.C Passed from B.S.E.B. Patna, Bihar from 1988. COMPUTER SKILL  Conversant with Windows (Ms-Word, Excel, Power Point, and Internet etc) Page - 1
  2. 2. TOTAL 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE GULF EXPERIENCE 16 YEARS  Company Name : S.K. ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. Project : Package 3 Wasit Gas Project Designation : Instrument Supervisor (construction) Period : 23.02.2013 to 24.02.2015 Job Responsibilities:  Field working JB Installation, Gladding termination, Tray & Cable pulling & Dressing, S.S Tubing & Air leak testing, drawing, Plant Drawing, Layout drawing, JB Instrument Location Drawing, JB Index, Tubing & Airline Index, P&ID and Piping Drawing Stop up Drawing, Beacon & Gas detector, Location Diagram, Cable pulling, Drawing, P&ID Process Interface building, Inside Panel Installation & termination, continuity & Pre Loop, Loop checking activities. Able to study ILD and perform loop checking according to the loop from sensing to measuring devices and to marshalling cabinet squinty.  Company Name : JGC & KBR E PCM Project : Pearl GTL Project, Qatar Designation : Instrument Supervisor Period : 16.03.2009 to 28.08.2011 Job Responsibilities:  Responsible of Installation and Erection of different varieties of Instruments as per process and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), checking for proper Installation, Support fabrication for Instrument, Identification of correct Instruments as per Drawings, Location of Instruments and Identification of Instruments tapping points etc. Coordination with Piping Supervisor, field Engineering of the proper Installation of different Instrument as per standards & specification of vendor. Worked on Honeywell DCS & ESD system.  Identification and preparation of taping points together with pipes and mechanical department as per P&ID also with the project coordinators.  Company Name : DODSAL ENGINEERING & CONT. LLC. Project : Ras Gas Onshore Expansion Project II Designation : Instrument Supervisor (E&I) Period : 20.03.2006 to 26.01.2009 Job Responsibilities:  Leading a team consists of Instrument Technician, Instrument fitter & Electrician for Installation of testing of Process control Instrumentation in the field. Reviewing of Instrumentation Drawing such as Instrumentation location and cable tray layout, Installation, Hookup, Junction box, loop schemes and cable schedules. Page -2
  3. 3.  Supervision of Instrumentation works such as Erection of DCS panels, Control desk, Control and Marshalling panels, Laying of Networking cables fiber optics cable laying, and termination of control and Instrument cables. Calibration of Instrument as per Instrument Data sheet, Erection and Installation of Instrument as per Hookup diagram.  Responsible for Installation lighting fixtures, street light pole, fence light pole, Small power Lights, Socket outlet and lighting distribution panel, Supervising of panel grounding, cable and bus bar in the field buildings and connection to the equipment as per the approved drawing and specification. Supervising the Installation of Fire and Gas system in the field such as push button horn and beacon and fire detection system.  Company Name : M.S.AL.SUWAIDI ESTABLISHMENT Project : Construction Project, Rastanura, Saudi, Aram co, SARC Project (K.S.A) Designation : Instrument Supervisor (E&I) Period : 25.01.2004 TO 09.10.2005 Job Responsibilities:  PIB, process Interface Building, Gladding & termination, Supervision the Installation of grounding cable and bus bar in the field and buildings and connection to the equipments as per the approved drawing and specification.  Supervision the Installation of Fire & Gas system in the field such as push button horn & beacon and Fire detection system.  Super vision of Electrical and Instrument deep earth electrode, Lighting rod resistor Installation and Grounding resistance test. Checking for proper Installation identification of correct Instrument as per drawing, Location of Instrument and Identification of Instrument typing point etc. coordination with field Engineering (Inst & Piping) other Department Supervisors for the proper Installation of different Instrument as per standards & specification of vendor. Supervising of Instrument process connection high pressure taping point to high pressure Instrument entire and verify that it was Installed as per the required standards and all fitting and accessories were the correct pressure ratings.  Involved in calibration loop checking and functional check of transmitter control valves on/off valve MOV toxic gas detector combustible gas detectors and flame detector.  Company Name : GALFAR ENGG & CONT LLC Project : Sohar Fininery Oman Designation : Instrument Supervisor Period : 12.05.2000 to 18.08.2003 Page - 3
  4. 4. Job Responsibilities:  Checking for proper installation, coordination with construction group, sub contract, field engineering (inst & piping) for the proper installation of different instrument as per standards & specification of vendor loop checking of different verities of instrument control valve, function testing of all system as per commissioning work instruction.  Installation of various kind of instrument supports, brackets tubing, cable glanding, laying of signal cables installation of junction boxes.  Responsible for cable tray installation and conduit fabricated support of mounting of instrument devices such as pressure level temperature transmitter RTD and thermocouple pressure switches and temperature switches cable pulling from room to JB to field instrument.  Supervising of impulse line and sub header by conducting high and low pressure & check for leakage holding pressure.  Supervising and assist in plant commissioning work loop checking interlock check.  Company Name : CARLO GAVAZZI YAM CO. LTD. Project : Petro chemiya jubail (K.S.A) Designation : Instrument Supervisor (E&I) Period : 20.04.1996 to 28.12.1999 Job Responsibilities : All types of process instrument installation calibration of pneumatic & electronic transmitter FT, PT, LT, TT, Level troll interface level troll smart transmitter control valve all types of gauges & switch instrument testing commissioning & pre loop, loop checking & termination meggering instrument cable pulling termination glanding & termination meggering continuity testing loop checking and all types of instrumentation work etc. Date : Place : Mohammad Sarfaraz Ahmad Page - 4