LinkedIn For Professionals


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Learn how to build a killer profile, build your network, and leverage the power of LinkedIn.

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  • You can now choose to connect your LinkedIn account to your twitter account if you’d like. And if you do, you have a couple of options. You can choose to display your Twitter account, or not. I would suggest displaying it – because if you’re taking the time to maintain a social media presence, why not cross promote it. (Note: if you tweet for fun – and maybe tweet some not very professional things – don’t display it). You can also choose to share your tweets in your linked in status, either automatically, or only when you add hashtag IN. So, if you want to tweet for fun but want your business tweets to show up on LInkedIN, go ahead and add that hashtag. You can also choose to show a rich link display, that shows not only the link you posted, but an image associated with it and a short description – Facebook and others have started offering this and I really like it – it can help encourage people to click on that link, so I might suggest adding it.
  • Now that you’ve got a killer profile setup, how do you start really leveraging LinkedIn?
  • Is Your question related to? - Leave this blank. The question goes out to a wider audience. Invite people to view your questions – you’ll get a better response. Also, go in an award “good answer” and “best answer” etc. Your question will immediately appear:Listed under the Answers tab On your profile On the LinkedIn homepage of your connections In email, if you sent your question to any specific connections You can showcase your knowledge and interests by answering questions. The answers you provide become part of your profile and demonstrate your expertise to your connections, potential business partners or employers.Questions can be found in these places:When a connection asks a question, you’ll receive a Network Update on your home page Under the Answers tab New questions from your network By category (ex: Using LinkedIn) Advanced answers search
  • LinkedIn For Professionals

    1. 1. LinkedIn For Professionals<br />2.4.2011<br />**All information contained herein and in discussions is deemed confidential**<br />
    2. 2. You get what you put into it<br />The key to social media is…<br />
    3. 3. LinkedIn News<br />LinkedIn is going public!<br />Filed a registration statement with the SEC for a proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock<br />Is Facebook next?!<br />
    4. 4. Why Use LinkedIn?<br />Manage your professional brand<br />Network<br />Share your expertise and knowledge<br />Uncover opportunities<br /><br />
    5. 5. How Does It Work?<br />Set up a profile <br />Build your network<br />Leverage your network <br /><br />
    6. 6. Build a Killer Profile<br /><br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Profile Tips<br />Use a professional, timely photo<br />Fill out your profile information<br />Really express your personal brand in your summary<br />Use an email address you check frequently<br /><br />
    9. 9. Profile Tips<br />Custom Web site<br /><br />
    10. 10. Profile Tips<br />Add a vanity URL<br /><br />
    11. 11. Profile Tips<br />Connect to your Twitter account<br />Display your Twitter account or not<br />Share tweets in your LinkedIn status<br />Show rich link display <br /><br />11<br />
    12. 12. Profile Tips<br />Add sections<br />Certifications<br />Languages<br />Patents<br />Publications<br />Skills<br /><br />12<br />
    13. 13. Profile Tips<br />Import your resume<br />Resume Builder<br /><br />13<br />
    14. 14. Privacy<br />14<br /><br />
    15. 15. Privacy<br />Who can view my profile?<br />Can people see that I viewed their profile?<br />What privacy settings are available to me? <br />
    16. 16. Leverage LinkedIn<br /><br />
    17. 17. Leverage LinkedIn<br />Ask Questions<br />Search Answers<br />Answer questions<br /><br />
    18. 18. Leverage LinkedIn<br />Ask for recommendations<br /><br />18<br />
    19. 19. Leverage LinkedIn<br />Join groups<br />Start & follow discussions<br /><br />
    20. 20. Leverage LinkedIn<br />Applications<br />Company Buzz<br />Reading List by Amazon<br />Portfolio Display<br /><br />
    21. 21. Leverage LinkedIn <br />Invitations<br />Introductions<br />Messages<br />InMail<br /><br />21<br />
    22. 22. Leverage LinkedIn <br />Find a Job<br />Include link in your email signature<br />Write guest blog posts and include a link<br />Set your profile to “Full View”<br />Check out the company<br />See where others with your skills work<br />Research your interviewer<br />
    23. 23. Leverage LinkedIn<br />Find a Job<br />Upgrade your profile to Job Seeker <br />$29.95/month<br />Job Seeker Badge<br />Featured Applicant<br />Introductions<br />See who has viewed your profile<br />Send InMail<br />
    24. 24. LinkedIn Etiquette<br /><br />
    25. 25. LinkedIn Etiquette<br />How do I invite people to connect with me?<br />Search by name<br />Search by email<br />Import your contacts <br /><br />
    26. 26. LinkedIn Etiquette<br />Do I accept an invitation from someone I don’t really know? <br />
    27. 27. LinkedIn Etiquette<br />Should I send invitations to people I don’t know?<br /><br />
    28. 28. LinkedIn Etiquette<br />How do I get recommendations? <br /><br />
    29. 29. LinkedIn Ads<br />29<br /><br />
    30. 30. LinkedIn Ads<br />Destination: URL or Page on LinkedIN<br />Headline<br />75 character description<br />Image<br />Create variations to test copy, photos, offers<br />
    31. 31. LinkedIn Ads<br />Target by: <br />Country, state, metro area<br />Company name or category<br />Job title or job category<br />Group<br />Gender<br />Age range<br /><br />31<br />
    32. 32. LinkedIn Ads<br />Budgeting<br />PPC or CPM<br />Daily budget (min $10)<br />Continuously or cutoff date<br />Reporting<br />Clicks<br />Impressions<br />CTR<br />Avg cost-per-click<br /><br />32<br />
    33. 33. New Features<br />LinkedIn Skills<br />LinkedIN Swarm<br />InMaps<br />Resume Builder<br />Video sharing <br /><br />33<br />
    34. 34. Just For Fun<br />Extensive experience<br />Innovative<br />Motivated<br />Results-oriented<br />Dynamic<br />Proven track record<br />Team player<br />Fast-paced<br />Problem solver<br />Entrepreneurial<br /><br />34<br />
    35. 35. LinkedIn For Professionals<br />2.4.2011<br />