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Digital Marketing in the Real World


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Slides presented at the Digital Marketing: A Winning Strategy for the New Normal.

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Digital Marketing in the Real World

  1. 1. Digital Strategy in the Real World
  2. 2. Saren SakuraiClient Services and Strategy @saren
  3. 3. Utility InformationConsumers are usingdigital for Entertainment
  4. 4. TacticalLandscape
  5. 5. Social Media’sConversation Prism
  6. 6. How is Digital Different? Connections Sharing One-to-One Your Brand
  7. 7. What Works?Listening for InsightsConnecting with PeopleEnabling InfluencersMeasurement and Optimization
  8. 8. What Doesn’t Work? The Hard Sell Covering Up Bad PR Repurposing OfflineValidating Pre-concieved Notions
  9. 9. What are the 3 most important metrics? Where is the traffic coming from? (Referrals) What are people doing once they arrive? (Behavior) What do they share? (Socialize)
  10. 10. Organizational Implications: Commit. It’s a Team Effort. Be consistent, integrated.Be Transparent, Authentic, and Responsive.
  11. 11. Budgeting for Digital70/20/10
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Claim your brand name on popular social networks. Listen Get a MailChimp email list5 Next Steps account Set up Google Adwords and Analytics account. Start a company blog.