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  2. 2. Post Formats UI is exiting core, willlive as a plugin -“the result just isn’t compelling... It’snot just a matter of polish, it seems tobe a fundamental issue with theconcept.”
  3. 3. WordPress Plugin Prices Are TooLow - “Programmers are Pricing Poorly … They’repricing at ridiculously low prices simplybecause they don’t believe the marketcan sustain a higher price.”
  4. 4. Naked Wordpress - “so many designers don’t have the time tolearn the WordPress Codex. It’s huge. It’sintimidating. It’s confusing.”
  5. 5. Holy Cow – Earn $100K per Monthwith 1 WP Theme! - “Apparently it’s quite possible to build aWordPress theme with only a team of twoprofessionals and completely bankroll it toextreme profitability – like over $100,000per month profitable.”
  6. 6. Deploying With Git - “I’ve been banging my head on this for awhile. It really did take me a year andreading lots of things to begin tounderstand that I was totally wrong.”
  7. 7. 4 Very Useful WordPress Plugins ThatYou Probably Didn’t Know Existed “here to show you four lesser knownplugins that are very useful.”
  8. 8. Ongoing WordPress SecurityAttacks, The Details and “There is a very real, very large ongoingattack against WordPress sites. It has beengoing on for a while now, but it severelyescalated last week.”
  9. 9. Hi WordPress, Meet Vagrant “planting seeds with every WordPressdeveloper I run into with the hope ofconvincing them to use Vagrant tomanage their development environment.”
  10. 10. How To Document WordPressProjects - “The Best Way To Document WordPressProjects? Honestly, I have no idea.”
  11. 11. Common WordPress Problems &Errors and How to Solve Them “Have you ever faced a situation whereafter updating a theme or a plugin, yourWordPress site displays nothing but a whitepage? That my friend, is popularly knownas the White Screen of Death.”
  12. 12. Why Portfolio Functionality is BestHandled by a Plugin “…allowing a theme to handle contentgeneration usually isn’t a great idea.”
  13. 13. Why do people click? Pain Fear Frustration Envy
  14. 14. Thank you! Cristian Antohe @sareiodata http://wpMail.meOther Stuff I Do. Profile Builder WordPress Creation Kit