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ASEAN Marketing


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ASEAN Marketing

  2. 2. Who isASEAN?
  3. 3. TARGET AEC Blueprintfor ASEAN Unity
  4. 4. Single Market- Free flow of goods- Free flow of services- Free flow of investment- Free flow of skilled labor- Free flow of capital assets
  5. 5. Enhance Competitiveness- Policy on enhanced competitiveness- Consumer Protection- Basic structure- Tariff policies- E-ASEAN
  6. 6. Equal Economic Development- Support on the development of SMEs- Narrowing the gap of development IAI (Initiative for ASEAN Integration)- Public-Private enterprise
  7. 7. Global Economic Integration- Economic cooperation policy- Creation of production and distribution networks- Establish FTA with non-ASEAN countries
  8. 8. Recognize Ourseleves
  9. 9. Point to be highly considered
  10. 10. Point to be highly considered
  11. 11. Point to be highly considered
  13. 13. ASEAN SWOT AnalysisKnow SWOT of countries that you are going toenter in order to create marketing strategy eg.Sell shoes (rubber slippers)Raw material > Malaysia / ThailandLabor > Myanmar / Cambodia / LaoFactory > Vietnam / Myanmar /IndonesiaManagement Team > Thailand / SingaporeLogistics > Thailand / Myanmar (Dawei Seaport) / Singapore
  14. 14. WEAKNESS Poor infrastructure Corruption among governmentEconomic, political, and social Inadequate education and trainingstability stable and one of fast-growing economies in Asia Under developed capital markets and nonbank financial servicesHigh export growth Large inflowsof foreign capital High inflation rate pressureDynamic domestic private sectorAbundant and young of skilledand low-cost workforceVietnams proximity to China andSEA, and its good sea links VIETNAM STRENGTHS SWOT
  15. 15. THREATS More competition Inflation and deficit concernsProjects related to infrastructure Rapid economic growth maydevelopment attracted exporters result in unsustainable use ofto Vietnam natural resourcesVietnam is in a strong position toattract foreign businessIncreasingly attracting investmentfrom key Asian economiesMove forward with marketreforms, including privatisation VIETNAM OPPORTUNITIES SWOT
  16. 16. WEAKNESS Corruption within UMNO and other parties in coalition is the problemMalaysia is a successful exampleof a democratic Islamic state Doing business in Malaysia will always mean dealing with theMalaysia is the worlds largest politically well-connectedproducer of rubber, palm oil,pepper and tropical hardwoodsWell-developed infrastructureEducated workforceEnglish is widely spokenTargeted to be "Developedcountries" in the year 2020 MALAYSIA STRENGTHS SWOT
  17. 17. THREATS Wages are higher in Malaysia The population is small createdA number of service sectors is the shortage of laborbeing liberalizing and reducing Slowly loosing competitive edgeThe recent push to cooperate to lower cost producersmore with Singapore Trade protectionism policy toeconomically discourage sales tax is relativelyIf Malaysia can also sign free- pacts with India and Muslimcountries in the Middle East MALAYSIA OPPORTUNITIES SWOT
  18. 18. WEAKNESS Weak macroeconomic managementStrong commitment to reform Limited fiscal resource mobilizationLarge youthful population,providing the low-cost labor force Underdeveloped financial sectorRich Supply of natural resources, Inadequate infrastructureland, water, gas and minerals Low education and healthAbundant agricultural resources achievementto be exploited Limited economic diversificationTourism potential MYANMAR STRENGTHS SWOT
  19. 19. THREATS High competition with neighboring countries• Proactive development of Risks from economic reform and transport infrastructure network liberalization• Myanmar will host SEA Games in Risk from climate change Pollution 2013. Myanmar is opening up the from economic activities economy Tension from internal ethnic• Myanmar is co-investing with conflicts Thailands private in construction of deep sea port called Dawei Deep Sea Port project• Myanmar is developing more than 10 large dams across the country MYANMAR OPPORTUNITIES SWOT
  21. 21. KEY MARKETING STRATEGIES1. Know your products / Produce what you’re strong.2. Seek for competitive price : Raw material or Labor Source of fund Professional team.3. Get the competitive price to market outside and inside ASEAN countries4. Combine strengths in ASEAN region for negotiation with non-ASEAN to compete in international market
  22. 22. 5 STEPS APPROACH IN MYANMAR1. Quantify the business opportunity for products or services with the assistance of professional market research companies2. Search for a local partner/agent/distributor3. Determine the most efficient legal and fiscal structure with professional lawyers and auditors4. Draft a three-year business/marketing plan5. Assist with start up of commercial operations6. Recruit local/expat staff to help with local admin (tax filing, work permits, profit repatriation…)
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  26. 26. CONTACT INFORMATION• For more information please kindly contact:• VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. 195 Empire Tower, 23rd Floor, Room no. 2307, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bkk. 10120 Thailand• Tel: +662 670-0900• Fax: +662 670-0908• Email:•