Trader joe’s digital media marketing strategy


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Trader joe’s digital media marketing strategy

  1. 1. Trader Joe’s Digital Media Marketing Strategy Sara Bujold ADV 420
  2. 2. Trader Joe’s began in 1958 in the Los Angelesarea as a chain called “Pronto Markets.”In 1967 they opened the first “Trader Joe’s”and started carrying fresh, unique specialtyitems.Trader Joe’s “skips the middle man” and sellsmost products under their own label, buyingitems from local and international vendors.
  3. 3. Trader Joe’s currently is located in over 30states and has 365 locations. Their gourmetfood provided at great prices strategy helpedthem expand by being different from otherchain stores. Between 1990 and 2001, thechain quintupled the store number andincreased its profits by ten times so clearlyword of mouth has been working out forTrader Joe’s. My problem is Trader Joe’s lacks asocial media presence.
  4. 4. Trader Joe’s has extremely loyal fans that haveonly positive things to say about them. Theycurrently don’t have major advertising or asocial media presence and rely on the“Fearless Flier” they carry in their stores andtheir loyal customers word-of-mouth toexpand business. I think they could benefitfrom social media because they already havepeople saying good things about them andthey need to use theme to their advantage.
  5. 5. Mobile CampaignFirst off, Trader Joe’s should start off with amobile campaign. They should collectcustomers phone numbers and send out bi-weekly text coupons with information onspecials for the week as well as discounts thatcustomers can only use if they are signed upfor texting discounts. They should send thesetexts out at the same time every other week socustomers come to expect them, plus peoplelike consistency.
  6. 6. Phone ApplicationsThey already have success with their FearlessFlier and are loved for being anenvironmentally conscious company. Theyshould put these two traits together and createa phone application that mirrors the FearlessFlier and eventually phase out the physicalFearless Flier as a “green” move for thecompany.
  7. 7. Building an Online PresenceAlthough it’s a positive many people have goodthings to say about Trader Joe’s online, the factthat they don’t have their own site for peopleto say things on is a problem because if peoplehave complaints they need a way to reachTrader Joe’s and if they have a public place todo this people can see how Trader Joe’s iswilling to work with their customers and has agood public relations team.
  8. 8. Social MediaTrader Joe’s needs to create their own officialTwitter and Facebook fanpage. If they did thisthey could coordinate the recipes they featurein their Fearless Flier phone application ontothese pages. With the Twitter page they canretweet customers praises and respond to thisto show they are engaged with theircustomers. On their Facebook page they can gointo more detail and use it to explain what’sgoing on with the store and company.
  9. 9. Trader Joe’s also could expand with Google adsand use adwords such asgourmet, healthy, organic, wine, specialtyfoods, unique, value, variety, environmental, Fearless Flier, etc.If Trader Joe’s were to implement thesestrategies they would be able to monitor ifthey were successful or not. Using Googleanalytics and other tools they can see howoften their sites are getting hit as well as howmany people are searching for their adwords.
  10. 10. I think a fair budget for Trader Joe’s toimplement on their social marketing planwould be one million. They can use this fortheir Google ads as well as hiring social mediaemployees and a public relations team tomaintain the upkeep and respond to as manycustomers they can on their Twitter andFacebook pages. With this new plan they canmake goals to expand their clientelle and keeptrack of what’s working since they can monitortheir sites traffic which is something they can’tdo with their current word-of-mouthadvertising strategy.