An unbiased view of social media in seo


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saravanan seo consultant in chennai use effective techniques with a combination of web page optimization and strong linking campaigns to gain the advantage over other sites. We are up front and honest, and will not take on projects that we feel that we cannot be effective in achieving top rankings.

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An unbiased view of social media in seo

  1. 1. An Unbiased View of social media in seo saravanan seo consultant in chennai use effective techniques with a combination of web page optimization and strong linking campaigns to gain the advantage over other sites. SEO has focused on content, website architecture and media gradually focussed about identity, relationships and content.Social media interaction done right has the power not only to drive traffic to a website,but also to change the public perception of a brand .If you want to be a significant player in your industry than social media needs to be an important part of your mix. Important points to be followed in SN The good thing is that you can earn a link from social networking sites Do not sign up for an account for the sole purpose of search engine optimization. Spamming and copying content from other websites and posting it on the social networking websites is not recommended Be an active member of each of the social networking sites on which you have chosen to participate. link building through social media Facebook Open up a Facebook Company Page and start sharing your content there.Facebook Like buttons to your blog to make it easier for your readers to share your content as well. Facebook itself has taken major steps to improve its own SEO during recent weeks and months, creating opportunities for Page owners to benefit directly while creating value for Facebook at the same time.
  2. 2. 1.Choose apt name for your facebook page best username. 3.Use about textbox and place your keyword. 4.Click info tab and place important keywords. direct links to your website. 6.Add photos with captions and descriptions. 7.Get inbound links to your facebook page. Twitter Twitter is becoming an increasingly important tool for marketing and search optimization .If the tweets from your account are focused and topical then it surely helps you to build a brand online. 1.Your brand name should reflect your site name. 2.Maximize your bio content and make it relevant to your website. 3.Since google is now displaying tweets put your links on your post and expose your keywords. 4.Hash tag(#) acts like a meta data . 5.Re-tweeting post of your niche help to build your brand.
  3. 3. 6.Donot post bulk tweet at a time. 7.Tweet your blogs,articles and all your post. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a perfect example of search and social colliding. Remember, your target audience has even less time than you to spend reviewing job applicants or proposals so cut to the chase.Group memberships and the total number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections also play a part in determining your ranking in LinkedIn search results. 1.Share quality content frequently. 2.Create targeted content. 3.Keep all your employees to be active in linkedIn MySpace MySpace allows visitors to search for jobs, get valuable information from blogs and keep in touch with friends. MySpace profiles can be used to have links to a company’s website to help generate their site traffic. Result of Social Networking in SEO Attracting audiences Social advertising Banning spammers Developing thorough customer relationships
  4. 4. Key discussion points SEO has changed and it is not just about links and keywords, but strong content and web design. Social media has a key role in winning customer trust and recommendations. So wotsup next better choose your seo consultant in chennai and build your brand new website and get exposed in networking media. Reach us and get a free quotation on our online marketing solutions like SEO, SMO, Local Listing & maintenance and so on. To know more details, just mail us at or visit our website at