Education Service - Primary and Secondary School


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  • Product is your core offering.This is “the thing” that will fulfill the needs of your customer. If your product is faulty, every thing else fails.Price has a lot of impact on the service buyer’s satisfaction level. Often, paying a higher price makes a customer more satisfied. Price is often considered a proxy for quality.Place often offers a different side of value (utility) to the customer. Who would want to travel 10 miles to have a regular dinner, even if that is priced very competitively and has a super quality? Services are often chosen for their place utility. Closer to the customer means higher probability of purchase.Promotion plays a role in the perception the possible target audience may have about your service. There has to be a fit between the promotion and the positioning.People are crucial in service delivery. The best food may not seem equally palatable if the waitress is in a sour mood. A smile always helps.Processes are important to deliver a quality service. Services being intangible, processes become all the more crucial to ensure standards are met with.Physical evidence affects the customer’s satisfaction. Often, services being intangible, customers depend on other cues to judge the offering. This is where physical evidence plays a part.
  • Another P which has grown in significance in Services Marketing is the 8th P, namely Productivity and QualityIn services management, improving productivity is a requisite in cost management; but quality, as defined by the customer, is essential for a service to differentiate itself from other providers.So for services, a firm may greatly benefit through proper re-engineering of processes and remodeling the same if required to improve productivity at each stage.It has also been established in research that process improvements deliver better standardization and hence better quality in services. Quality perception is a crucial differentiating factor on services management and for long term sustainability of the same. Business Process Remodeling can lead to major process efficiency improvements which again can impact overall quality as is actually delivered by the firm and is also perceived by the customers / clientele .
  • Education Service - Primary and Secondary School

    1. 1. Educational ServicePrimary and Secondary School
    2. 2. 7Ps• Product• Price• Promotion• Place• Process• Physical Evidence• People
    3. 3. 7Ps of schoolProduct Primary and secondary school education Co-curricular and extra-curricular support. Education for Learners with Special Education Needs.Support service is also rendered in respect of; education development centres school libraries physical resources planning
    4. 4. Price  As per government normsPlace  Our services are provided at several levels and our regional, district and circuit offices can be found throughout the province.Promotion  News Channels, Papers, Regional FM, Banners and wall posters across the city  Release a new campaign to deal decisively with illiteracy in our province by 2020
    5. 5. People  Experienced and Kind faculty, Trained physical training teachers, Proper managementProcess  Lecturing, Internet enabled labs for referncing, teaching with projectors,Tele-conference teaching  Progressively provide learners with safe classrooms, toilets and clean water.Physical evidence  Notebooks, Laptops for computer science students, Good library
    6. 6. 8th P
    7. 7. Service Delivery• Evaluate the performance of staff at all levels• Recognise and reward staff who show loyalty, commitment and dedication.
    8. 8. • Evaluate the performance of students• Implement a performance management system for each service delivery unit, to enhance productivity and effectiveness
    9. 9. Access• Language barriers will be removed and students may use any of the official languages• Discrimination on grounds of culture, creed, race, gender and sexual orientation will not be tolerated
    10. 10. Service Standards• Reduce student absenteeism• Increase the pass percentage• Answer the telephone promptly.• We will endeavour to apologise and take corrective measures if it is our fault.
    11. 11. Prepared by P.SARAVANAN B.Tech.,