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Advertising Management of Clinic All Clear


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Advertising Management of Clinic All Clear

  1. 1. CLINIC ALL CLEAR Team Members: Saravanan.P (25) Udayashankar.P (18) Sesharaja.V (30) Irfana Nigar (23)
  2. 2. Segmenting & Positioning• Core Positioning : No Dandruff• while launching it is positioned as „dandruff solution for everyday use‟
  3. 3. Target Audience• It targets at the appearance-conscious youth with fun filled TV commercials usually involving celebrities in out-of-ordinary situations• The target segment of the brand being the premium class – to project that premium image the brand ads uses celebrities like Shah rukh khan, Shaheed Kapoor, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu solving their hair problem using Clinic All Clear
  5. 5. New clinic all clear• Removes dandruff from fisrt wash itself• With ZPTO• Dandruff Hataye, balon ko swasth mulayam banaye• targetted at the appearance-conscious young adult
  6. 6. NEW CLINIC ALL CLEAR• 1st and 2nd Shah Rukh Khan Ads were targetted at the appearance-conscious young adult• They used shah Rukh khan to maintain the youthful image of the brand
  7. 7. Idea behind the Ad• The brand already enjoyed the leadership position. The idea then was to strengthen that position.• The shah rukh khan ad essentially used the star in a dramatic manner so as to ensure that the brand moves from authority to attitude attribute.• They used the celebrity to bring the five attributes to the brand-fame, authority, attitude, aspiration and electricity• Dandruff is a social problem• Tagline: Dandruff Hataye, balon ko swasth mulayam banaye„• Message:`Dare to wear black
  8. 8. Problems in ZPTO• No proper research as the Company said that ZPTO in Clinic All Clear stops dandruff.• This was proved to be not true because dandruff is known to be caused by several factors• besides microbes and the Ad which promoted this was discontinued
  9. 9. NO DRYNESS• Vivek oberoi(2003)• Dandruff Hataye, sarse• Helps for No dandruff & Non dryness with the help of moisturizer in it• Gives confidence to get close and personal with the ladies
  10. 10. No hair fall(2004)• With VITA-E helps reduce hairfall and no dandruff
  11. 11. CLINIC ALL CLEAR TOTAL• Madhavan(Tamil) & shahid kapoor (Hindi) -2006• Look irresistible with dandruff-free hair• Idea : To Keep with the trendy, youthful image of the brand• “One shampoo total care”• VITA-ACE
  12. 12. Clinic all clear active care• 10 times more moisturizer• Gives confidence• It Provides extra nourishment for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Powered by Clear tech also helps remove dryness which is the root cause of dandruff.
  13. 13. CLINIC ALL CLEAR ICE COOL• Bipasha & John Abraham (2006) endorsed the brand with the communication executed with perfection by Love
  14. 14. CAC-ICE COOL• Ice Cool provides the added benefit of cool feeling.• Specially formulated with the cleartech advantage clinic all clear refreshes and cools the scalp and also reduces dandruff• It continuously says as “Total Hair care shampoo”
  15. 15. CRUISE WITH ME -CLINIC ALL CLEAR CONTEST•2007•Cruise with mecontest•For promotion
  16. 16. CLINIC ALL CLEAR HAIR FALL DEFENCE• John & bipasha(Hindi)• Madhavan & sada (Tamil)• Offers 93% less hairfall• No dandruff with VITA-ACE
  17. 17. Reason behind this move?HLL having sensed that more growth is inthe Anti-dandruff market has launchedClinic All Clear with a variant "HairfallDefense" with a new packaging andpositioned on twin benefit of Less hairfalland no dandruff.
  18. 18. Clinic all clear sachet at Rs.1.50• New sachet at now Rs.1.50• Gives result from first wash itself• Asin(Tamil) & Bipasha(Hindi)
  19. 19. Clinic all clear 30% extra on sachet• Get now 30% extra• Removes dandruff and get long hair at just Rs.3
  20. 20. Clinic all clear soft & silky• John & bipasha (2008)• Problem: people feel that anti-dandruff shampoos remove dandruff but do not give beautiful hair• solution: new soft and silky offers a dual benefit of dandruff free, soft & silky hair• Vita ACE removes dandruff• intensive moisturizers gives soft and silky hair.
  21. 21. CLEAR TECH SOFT• Bipasha-Asin-Shilpha• No dandruff & No dullness• With soft essential oils• Makes the 4 times softness• The new range of Clear is powered with the dual benefit of Clear tech and essential oils. The dual action of its advanced formula guarantees Zero dandruff and leaves your feeling fabulous.
  22. 22. ALL CLEAR• Zero dandruff
  23. 23. Zero dandruff- dandruff challenge• Asin(malayalam) & Bipasha(Hindi)• New all clear With essential oils• Gives Zero dandruff• And they says that this cant be possible by any other shampoos
  24. 24. Licence to wear black• Asin & Shahid kapoor• Tells about zero dandruff
  25. 25. CLINIC ALL CLEAR ICE COOL• Shahid kapoor(2010)• Problem: When the heat goes to your head it can cause itch and dandruff• Solution: All clear ice cool with cooling menthol oil for zero flakes and cool freshness and zero dandruff
  26. 26. PROBLEMS
  27. 27. Brand Recall• 13% - Clinic All Clear• People do not know about the brand much as an AD Shampoo.
  28. 28. PREFERENCE• Almost 80% of the respondent‟s preference in AD shampoo is H&S.
  29. 29. ADS AND ITS INFLUENCE ON PURCHASE• Ads have some influence on 70% people‟s purchase.• CAC ads are not much appreciated by the consumers. Many of them don‟t even remember the ads.
  30. 30. PACKAGING AND ITS INFLUENCE ON PURCHASE• 14% on people like the packaging of CAC.
  31. 31. INFORMATION LACK• The ads by CAC do not provide complete information about the usage of its products.• The ads are not able to clearly depict that this brand is completely different from Clinic Plus.
  32. 32. RECOMMENDATIONS1.Increase Awareness2.Creative advertising3.Total Brand Experience4.Change in packaging
  33. 33. Solutions
  34. 34. Message strategy Functional Benefit
  35. 35. Increase Awareness• Repetitive ads• Customers must be made aware of the fact that CAC is different from Clinic Plus and is an AD shampoo
  36. 36. Creative Advertising• Hype creation• New celebrities
  37. 37. Total Brand Experience• Clinic All Clear shampoo must turn its advertising into a total brand experience.• Detailed demos• CAC must highlight usage techniques .
  38. 38. Change in packagingPackaging Innovations
  39. 39. New Advertising strategyApart from other medium of advertising ,Conduct shows -
  40. 40. THANK YOU