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How Emory Healthcare used research to redesign its Web site (2007)

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EHC Website Redesign

  1. 1. EMORY HEALTHCARE Redesigning the Emory Healthcare Web Site
  2. 2. • Introduction • Where we were • What our research told us • The new Emory look and feel • Moving forward
  3. 3. About Emory Healthcare • Emory Healthcare is the clinical arm of the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University. • Since 1905, Emory Healthcare has been at the forefront of medicine, putting cutting-edge interventional research and technology into lifesaving action. • But our Web site did not reflect that.
  4. 4. Background Information • In April 2006, Harris Interactive reported that 77 percent of Americans are online. • That same month, Yahoo!,, MSN and Google received more than 90 million unique visitors to their sites. • Yahoo! broke the 100 million unique visitor’s barrier, according to Nielsen/Net Ratings data.
  5. 5. What About Us? • Marketing’s focus was on direct to consumer marketing that included: – Advertising – Direct mail – Grass roots marketing – Physician relations • What about the Web? Not so much.
  6. 6. • Introduction • Where we were • What our research told us • The new Emory look and feel • Moving forward
  7. 7. The EHC Web Site Before
  8. 8. Top Challenges Facing Us • A review of the EHC Web site revealed that a significant amount of the most pertinent content was difficult to find • Our central navigation was built in Flash – Not intuitive – Required plug-ins – Difficult to manipulate – Not searchable in search engines – Overlapped on homepage causing blockage of some parts of our website • The look and feel of the site conveyed the opposite of the Emory brand • Virtually no interaction or ability to engage consumers.
  9. 9. • Introduction • Where we were • What our research told us • The new Emory look and feel • Moving forward
  10. 10. RESEARCH • What we heard  The top 3 reasons for visiting a hospital Web site are: Look up directions to the facility, find contact information (phone number), look for information on physicians  like to see guarantees of the quality of care offered such as the US News and World Report seal included on the home page Web Site Research  Ask patients to share their stories in their own words, Findings edit them and create a few testimonials to rotate on the Web site Summary Report  Specialty Web pages should include links to February 2007 Podcasts
  11. 11. How to Bring the Web Site to Life • Take one step at a time – Keep the focus on the user experience • Enhance the look and feel – Create a look and feel that is a more strategic alignment with Emory’s position as a leading academic medical center • Field research to get feedback from consumers – Let the end user be our guide • Evaluate and implement changes to functionality – Less is more – Keep the features most important to consumers more visible • Continue to introduce more engaging content – Interactive features such as video and audio clips • Implement better site architecture – Improve navigation through content that is easier to search
  12. 12. Our Aim • To provide engaging and accurate content through an information-rich site. • To differentiate Emory through engaging educational content • To provide multimedia options that highlight specialty areas through solutions like VNRs and audio content • To increase the level of interactivity on the EHC site.
  13. 13. • Introduction • Where we were • What our research told us • The new Emory look and feel • Moving forward
  14. 14. Redesign pages to match Emory’s look and feel • Project an accurate image of Emory as a prestigious healthcare system known for their research, innovative care, and medical school
  15. 15. The New Look & Feel • Homepage has a revolving image to illustrate the various faces of Emory Emory is…a medical school Emory is…research Emory is…innovative clinical care
  16. 16. Visually Speaking – Keep It Simple Rotating banner illustrating Emory’s brand and notability Slideshow of Feature Stories RSS Video & Newsfeed of Audio Clips recent press releases
  17. 17. Personal Health Record • Added a secure Web platform to keep track of patients’ immunizations, allergies and any types of procedures they may have had, as well as any medications they are Just CLICK to register in taking our secure environment • Phase II of this tool will include functionality to allow you to communicate with your Emory Healthcare provider, set your own appointments and more
  18. 18. Location. Location. Location. • In case you missed it on the first click, we’ve doubled and tripled our access to media – On the homepage – On the department homepage – On the department’s media page
  19. 19. Easy to navigate even when deep in the site • Not only have we revamped our main navigation system, but we’ve also added easy to follow internal navigation. • We found that our consumers were getting lost in content and couldn’t find their way back to the Department homepage. • Now we have internal navigation within the departments to keep consumers on track Navigate Navigate through through department current pages topic + Return Home button
  20. 20. Engaging the Consumer • Developed a BMI Calculator for the Emory Bariatrics Center • Input your data, press Calculate, and instantly see your score
  21. 21. Restructured content for our physicians • We reorganized our For Physicians pages to be more accessible and relevant to our physician audience – Click to call – Physician publications (Just click and view!) – Reference guides and directories – Facility profile sheets – Videos of procedures and new facilities – Instructions on how to refer patients – Links to relevant information, e.g. credentialing, classes, EmoryFlight, etc.
  22. 22. Added New Video & Audio Clips • Video and audio clips of our doctors, facilities, and procedures in consumer-friendly formats – Previously our videos were only available in RealPlayer; now we offer videos in Flash as well. – This allows for faster loading and less concern about incompatible formats
  23. 23. Interactive Menus • Developed an interactive menu for the Emory Facial Center – simply click on the facial feature you’re interested in CLICK HERE and view Before & After images
  24. 24. Engaging Photos • Dynamic Before & After images in Flash allow consumers to educate themselves on realistic results of facial surgery
  25. 25. Delivering news real-time • RSS newsfeed pulls all press releases related to Emory Healthcare and Emory University on the homepage • Archive contains all the latest news on Emory for browsing convenience Links to the full press release
  26. 26. Feature Story Slideshow • Developed series of informative stories pertaining to our key product lines or other expertise • Promoted these stories on the homepage using a Flash slideshow
  27. 27. Always one click away • Click on our Flash image and you are automatically taken to the full article • All articles contain links to doctor bios, facility and contact information, etc. – all one click away!
  28. 28. Case Study: Neuro ICU New Media to Market • By including the Web as a mandatory component of marketing plans we were able to extend campaigns. • This year, we created a 3-part U.S. News & World Report Marketing Campaign revolving around Neurosciences which included a newsletter, direct mail piece, and letter – all linking back to the Web site
  29. 29. Case Study continued • Once on the Web, consumers viewed a cutting edge video of the new Neuro ICU in Flash along with other Neuroscience videos • Produced CDs of the video to mail with the letters to physicians
  30. 30. • Introduction • Where we were: A look at the Emory Web site pre- redesign • What our research told us • The new Emory look and feel • Moving forward
  31. 31. The Results • Establishing benchmarks at inception of web overhaul • Tracking how we’re driving consumers to the Web site
  32. 32. The Future • HTML-based Consumer newsletter providing brief overviews of key topics and upcoming events, all of which link directly to the Web site – due out 8/15/07 • Further reorganization based on consumer needs present on the homepage – tbd • Additional benchmarking and focus group testing