Role of enterpeneur


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Role of enterpeneur

  1. 1. If<br /> we start a company with you on the basis of your business idea, it’s likely you’ll be given the role of managing director during the early stages of the new company. In that role, you are primarily the entrepreneur who drives the development of the new company. In other words, you are given a huge responsibility, but you don’t have to shoulder it alone.<br />Most of the entrepreneurs we support have a technical or research background. As a result, they often lack the business expertise and commercial background necessary to run a company. We therefore appreciate entrepreneurs who try to involve others with business competence and experience at an early stage of the process – perhaps you’re a team of people with different skills, all with a burning desire to make the business idea a success together with us.Østjysk Innovation plays an active role in the development of the business idea. We make sure that the necessary competences are involved in the new business – as Board members, employees or external resources. It’s therefore important that you approach the project with the following mindset:<br />As an entrepreneur, you enjoy being on a steep learning curve and know you should not do everything yourself<br />You’re open to receiving advice from us and the business resources we make available<br />It’s sometimes better to purchase services from others than to do things yourself<br />In addition, you must of course be very driven and be prepared to take responsibility for making your company a success. You should know that it involves hard work and that things don’t always turn out the way you plan or hope.You have to look at your own work as an investment. The new company has to make the best possible use of the money invested by Østjysk Innovation. We therefore try to cut down on costs where appropriate. As the managing director, it’s therefore likely you’ll earn well below the average of other managing directors in Denmark.For you, the incentive must be the opportunity to create a valuable company – and the chance of reaping the rewards at a later stage.<br />