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Dharati skills of leadership


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Dharati skills of leadership

  1. 1. SKILLS/QUALITIES OF LEADERSHIPA leader should have some leadership qualities for becoming effective leader. Accordingto Henry Fayol, a leader should have following qualities:Physical appearance and strength The leader has to put in hard work physically. He should have capacity to workfor long hours than others. It proves the diligence of the leader is to his followers easily.Mental ability The leader must mentally able to take decision and solve the problemimmediately. It means that the leader is expected to withstand strain in finishing the workproperly.Emotional stability The leader should not be moved by emotion of sentiments. He should analyze theproblem rationally and take decision without bias. The leader should not have shorttemper. He should show fairness in his decision and not show despair or indecision on hisface.Sense of judgment A leader should know the human psychology. He should understand the behavior,needs, thoughts, motives etc. of followers. This will help him to take strategic decisionand get it recognized by his followers. He can set right his actions.Motivation A leader should know the motivations techniques and how to use them. If aperson is forced to do his job under the threat of getting punishment, he will not performhis work properly. At the same time, if the same person is motivated, he will perform hisjob more than the expectation of his leader.Communication skill Whatever the information needs to worker, it should be passed through the leader.So, the leader should communicate the information to the workers. Now, the leader isacting as an effective speaker and writer. If the leader has communication skills he willdirect his followers effectively.Guiding ability The leader must have guiding to all his followers when ever followers are in need.So, the leader should act as teacher to new workers. And guide the old worker when everin need. So, in short the leader helps his followers to learn their work. He should train theworkers by work and deed to complete the job effectively.
  2. 2. Sociability This is suggesting that the leader should always helpful in nature. The workersshould be encouraged to discuss their problems and difficulties with their boss. Theleader should also meet the workers frequently. The leader should show his keen interestof develop the ability of workers.Technical knowledge A leader should possess a through knowledge of the theory and practice of hisjob. He should know the current developments in his job along with technical knowledge.For example, a computer department manager should know all the latest development incomputers.Goodwill A leader should be able to understand the feeling of others. He takes decision onthe basis of expectations of his followers. If he does not do so, he will not win thegoodwill of his followers.Besides, all the above skills he must be honest, sincere and fir. If the leader has all theskills then all followers accept him as leader.