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One Fashionable Legacy Chapter 4.0


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Fashionista Legacy Chapter 4.0

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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One Fashionable Legacy Chapter 4.0

  1. 1. ONE FASHIONABLE LEGACY Chapter 3.6
  2. 2. WELCOME BACK TO TERRA NOVA!I have to apologize because this chapter is just an update and the captions/content is really kinda boring. The next chapter will be more focused on the actual plot! Also sorry I take a year to put out chapters…college keeps me busy.
  3. 3. Unfortunately this chapter will begin on a depressing note, with the passing of our dear Generation 2 heir, Calvin.
  4. 4. The passing of her husband in addition to her in-laws was hard on Brittany, now the last of her generation.
  5. 5. A more pleasant event was just around the corner, Michael’s birthday!
  6. 6. He grew up with knowledge aspiration, his LTW is to become a Mad Scientist, just like his great- grandpa.
  7. 7. Pretty good genetics in the main line if you ask me…Chanel would have been proud.
  8. 8. Speaking of Chanel, I built an outdoor mall called “Chanel’s Luxury Shopping Plaza” downtown in Lux Orbis! Here is a shot of it, and your daily dose of Chloe. Also note that Chloe completed her LTW of owning 5 top level businesses! It wasn’t easy but she is my first sim to complete it!
  9. 9. In our last chapter, family friend Jaiden had just gotten engaged to Cyd Roseland. Here is their beautiful wedding (obviously).
  10. 10. Yay 4 weddings!
  11. 11. And because I am not about wasting any time, we all know Jaiden popped out a kid as soon as possible, Meet Henry Roseland.
  12. 12. Oh and there was a second kid born only a few short days later, a little girl who is named Vivian Roseland.
  13. 13. They look like twins, both taking on a good mix of both Cyd and Jaiden’s genetics. I think they’re cute!
  14. 14. Henry grew up with pretty unique facial features, still pretty adorable though.
  15. 15. Vivian also grew up pretty damn cute.
  16. 16. Moving from the Roseland family and on to a random fact. George and Vera both reached the top of their careers, they became generals and completed their lifetime wants!
  17. 17. Also from this household, Andrew, the youngest of generation 4 grew into a teen! He rolled Pleasure and his LTW is to become a game designer.
  18. 18. The students of NuTerra University decided to take a little tropical vacation for SPRANG BREAKKKKK!!!! I took about 10000 pictures on this little trip, so please bear with me the next few slides while I show them to you!
  19. 19. Poor Collette was the only one that couldn’t get that sun-kissed glow.
  20. 20. Following Oresha Fruhm Spring Break, Tommy graduated with a 4.0 Summa Cumme Laude in Economics.
  21. 21. He was shortly followed by Adam, who graduated with a 4.0 Summa Cumme Laude in Mathematics.
  22. 22. Don’t worry, Adam made time to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Meadow Thayer.
  23. 23. And then Collette graduated, 4.0 Summa Cumme Laude in Mathematics as well.
  24. 24. Again, don’t be alarmed, Collette found a boyfriend while she was in college. His name is Berjes…so I am going to call him Bery since that’s easier to say.
  25. 25. Charlotte arrived to college and joined Oresha Fruhm
  26. 26. As did Matthew, Vera’s oldest son.
  27. 27. And right behind them was Elie, I also gave the frat house a makeover.
  28. 28. At this point, I am afraid I have to interrupt all the wonderful things happening in the lives of the Fashionistas, with the tragic news of Britany’s death.
  29. 29. Rest in Paradise, Generation 3
  30. 30. On a happier note, Alice was doing an excellent job in pursing her romantic aspirations.
  31. 31. Like…a really good job.
  32. 32. Alice wasn’t the only one doing well in the romance department (ha dat nose doe)…
  33. 33. My simself, as well as many other members of Anya Hoh Oresha (the all-women’s sorority) graduated.
  34. 34. Tommy proposed to Marsha a few hours after graduating college.
  35. 35. And they adopted this cat named Kim!
  36. 36. And they had a beautiful wedding.
  37. 37. Oh look, a birth shortly after the wedding.
  38. 38. This is Kate Turner, named after Kate Spade and the first of generation 5!
  39. 39. She took after her mother more than anything. It will be interesting to observe her genetics as she grows up. She is an Aries aspiration with stats of 6/9/6/5/5.
  40. 40. I had to throw this picture in because I’m a sucker for children and animals cuddling.
  41. 41. Oh look, another engagement.
  42. 42. I think the waitress was a little bit bitter.
  43. 43. Yay another smooth and undramatic wedding!
  44. 44. It was only a matter of time…
  45. 45. Meet Hugo Sartor! I named him after Hugo Boss, and I think he is the prettiest baby ever. And that custom skin tone is still in the genetic pool even after 5 generations, hollaaaahhhh.
  46. 46. He looks almost identical to his father, although I think he got his mom’s eyebrows. He is a Virgo aspiration with stats of 10/2/8/7/1. His facial expression is justified in this picture, considering how mean he is.
  47. 47. Here is Collette, lookin foxy after graduation.
  48. 48. And this is Bery who has moved in with her.
  49. 49. And this is a cute romantic picture of them right after they got engaged.
  50. 50. .
  51. 51. Surprise.
  52. 52. That concludes this chapter! The next chapter will actually be out soon because I actually have time to write it this month! Yay! Thanks for reading!