Downloading eBooks to a Nook Simple Touch or other EPUB eReader


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A step-by-step guide to downloading EPUB eBooks from the Waukegan Public Library.

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Downloading eBooks to a Nook Simple Touch or other EPUB eReader

  1. 1. A P A I N - F R E E G U I D E Downloading eBooks to a NOOK Simple Touch or other EPUB eReader
  2. 2. Getting Started You will need:  A Waukegan Public Library card  Your own computer with internet access  Your Nook or EPUB eReader
  3. 3.  Open your computer’s browser and navigate to: EPUB eReader
  4. 4. EPUB eReader  Download Adobe Digital Editions by clicking the link in the Special Information section.
  5. 5. EPUB eReader  Click Download.
  6. 6. EPUB eReader  Download the appropriate installer for your operating system (Windows or Mac).  Run the installer to open Digital Editions.
  7. 7. EPUB eReader  Go back to and create an Adobe ID by clicking the link in the Special Information section.
  8. 8. EPUB eReader  Click Get an Adobe ID.
  9. 9. EPUB eReader  Create an Adobe ID by filling in the required fields, then click Sign Up.
  10. 10. EPUB eReader  Now that Adobe Digital Editions is installed, visit to browse for an eBook. You can browse by genre or search by keyword, title, or author name.
  11. 11. EPUB eReader  NOTE: A dark gray icon in the top right corner of a book means there are copies available for download. A light gray icon means all copies are in use.
  12. 12. EPUB eReader  Click on the cover of the book you’d like to read, then click More.
  13. 13. EPUB eReader  Available formats are listed on the right. Check for EPUB eBook, then click Borrow.
  14. 14. EPUB eReader  Enter your library card number and click Sign In.  TIP: Check the box that reads Remember my login information on this device to store your library card number.
  15. 15.  Click the Download button, then choose EPUB eBook.  Finally, click Confirm & Download. EPUB eReader
  16. 16. EPUB eReader  Choose Adobe Digital Editions from the Open with menu.  Click OK.
  17. 17. EPUB eReader  If this is your first time using Adobe Digital Editions, you will be asked to authorize your computer with your Adobe ID. This will only need to be done once.
  18. 18. EPUB eReader  To transfer a book to your eReader, plug in the device, which should show up on the left hand side. Click and drag the book to your device.
  19. 19. EPUB eReader  To return an eBook early in Adobe Digital Editions, right click on the cover of the book.  Click Return Borrowed Item.
  20. 20. You will have the option to Renew an eBook starting 3 days before the due date. This places an advanced hold on the title so that you may check it out again immediately after it expires.  Visit and Sign In with your library card number. EPUB eReader
  21. 21. EPUB eReader Click on Account to view your bookshelf. Eligible titles will have a Renew option below the due date. Hint: A green arrow means you can check the book out again right away. A gray arrow means other patrons have a hold on that title, but you can still add your name to the wait list.
  22. 22. Enter and confirm your email address, then click Renew. You will receive an email notification when the title is available to check out again. Click on the email link to borrow the book. EPUB eReader
  23. 23. General Information  You may check out up to 6 eBooks per library card.  Because eBooks are returned automatically at the end of the loan period, it is impossible to accrue overdue fines.  eBooks not owned by Waukegan Public Library cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan. You may suggest an eBook purchase on the library’s website, or speak with a librarian.  Only patrons with Waukegan Public Library cards may download eBooks.  If the title you want is checked out, you may place a hold on it, just like a physical library book.  eBooks have a limit of one renewal per title.
  24. 24. Enjoy your eBook! If you have any questions, please contact us for a one- on-one class on downloading eBooks. Reference Services Waukegan Public Library 847-623-2041 ext 238