Downloading eBooks to a NOOK Color, NOOK HD or NOOK Tablet


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Downloading eBooks to a NOOK Color, NOOK HD or NOOK Tablet

  1. 1. A P A I N - F R E E G U I D E Downloading eBooks to a NOOK Color, NOOK HD or NOOK Tablet
  2. 2. Getting Started You will need:  A Waukegan Public Library card  Wi-Fi connection  Your NOOK
  3. 3.  Open the NOOK store by tapping the SHOP button at the bottom of the home screen. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  4. 4.  Tap the Search Shop box at the bottom of the screen to access the keyboard.  Search for the phrase OverDrive. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  5. 5.  Tap Free, then Install to begin downloading the app.  When the app has finished installing, tap Open. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  6. 6.  OverDrive will ask you to create an OverDrive account.  Tap Sign up. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  7. 7.  Fill out the required information and tap Sign up at the bottom. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  8. 8.  You should now see the OverDrive home page.  Tap the Get Books button in the upper right corner. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  9. 9.  Tap Add a Title. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  10. 10.  Find Waukegan Public Library by entering the zip code.  Tap Search. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  11. 11.  Tap Waukegan Public Library to select it. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  12. 12.  Tap the star to add the library to your Saved Libraries list.  Then tap Waukegan Public Library to open the library’s eBook catalog.  HINT: You can find your Saved Libraries list in the future by tapping the Overdrive icon in the top left corner. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  13. 13.  Browse genres by tapping the menu icon on the left.  Search for a title or author by tapping the magnifying glass on the right. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  14. 14.  Tap the cover of the book you want to read, then tap More .  HINT: A dark gray icon in the top right corner of a book means there are copies available for download. A light gray icon means all copies are in use. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  15. 15.  Available formats are listed below the cover image. Check for Adobe EPUB eBook.  Tap Borrow. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  16. 16.  Enter your library card number to sign in.  TIP: Check the box that reads Remember my login information on this device for your NOOK to store your library card number. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  17. 17.  Tap the Download button, then tap Adobe EPUB eBook.  Tap Confirm & Download. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  18. 18.  A message will appear on the screen, saying a title has been added to your bookshelf.  Tap the Overdrive icon in the upper left corner, then tap Bookshelf.  Tap the cover of the book to begin reading. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  19. 19.  To return an eBook early, navigate to your Bookshelf. Tap and hold the cover image.  Tap Return, then tap Yes. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  20. 20.  You will have the option to Renew an eBook starting 3 days before the due date.  This places an advanced hold on the title so that you may check it out again immediately after it expires.  Visit and Sign In with your library card number. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  21. 21.  Click on Account to view your bookshelf. Eligible titles will have a Renew option below the due date.  HINT: A green arrow means you can check the book out again right away. A gray arrow means other patrons have a hold on that title, but you can still add your name to the wait list. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  22. 22.  Enter and confirm your email address, then click Renew.  You will receive an email notification when the title is available to check out again. Click on the email link to borrow the book. NOOKColor | HD | Tablet NOOK
  23. 23. General Information  You may check out up to 6 eBooks per library card.  Because eBooks are returned automatically at the end of the loan period, it is impossible to accrue overdue fines.  eBooks not owned by Waukegan Public Library cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan. You may suggest an eBook purchase on the library’s website, or speak with a librarian.  Only patrons with Waukegan Public Library cards may download eBooks.  If the title you want is checked out, you may place a hold on it, just like a physical library book.  eBooks have a limit of one renewal per title.
  24. 24. Enjoy your eBook! If you have any questions, please contact us for a one- on-one class on downloading eBooks. Reference Services Waukegan Public Library 847-623-2041 ext 238