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Endesa version 0.1

  1. 1. Endesa Website Testing – Pilot FindingsAccessibility TestingBrowser Compatibility TestingW3C Standard Mobile Compliance TestingPilot Performance Findings
  2. 2. Accessibility Testing – http://www.endesa.com/2 | ©2013, Cognizant
  3. 3. Accessibility Testing – Pilot Findings Accessibility Testing ensures that differently abled people can also perceive, understand, navigate and contribute to the Web. The goal is to evaluate the web application against standard Accessibility guidelines and to verify using assistive technology. Service Offerings Testing Process Tools & Technologies Process Approach • Section 508 Compliance Testing Identify the accessibility • Web Accessibility Toolbar – • Manual & tool based o Includes testing that adheres to U.S. Section 508 Standards guidelines To test the application approach that has been derived from the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 against accessibility • Test the application Test the application against guidelines • WCAG 2.0 Compliance Testing against accessibility accessibility guidelines o Includes testing that adheres to WCAG 2.0(Web Content (WCAG/ Section 508/ DDA/ • Assistive Technologies: guidelines (DDA Accessibility Guidelines) that has been devised from the AccessiWeb) manually or o JAWS Screen Reader using tools Compliance/ Disability Discrimination Act(1995) o Supernova Screen Section508/ WCAG1.0/ • BITV Testing Validate the application using Magnifier HTML and CSS validators WCAG2.0/ AccessiWeb) o Includes testing that adhere to BITV( Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance) guidelines which is • Test the application based on the German law of equality for physically Test the application with against the guidelines challenged(BGG) thereby making internet pages barrier-free assistive technologies (JAWS, formed explicitly for the Super Nova…) supported for the disabled organization • AccessiWeb Testing Report the accessibility o Includes testing that adheres to French AccessiWeb 1.0 issues identified silver standards that has been derived from WCAG 2.0 3 | ©2013, Cognizant
  4. 4. Accessibility Testing – Pilot Findings According to WCAG 2.0 Guidelines 1.4.3(Contrast minimum), “Text and images of text should have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.” The highlighted foreground text and background colors have a low color contrast ratio of 1.61:1, making it difficult for people with low vision or color blindness to view the contents. Color contrast ratio is recommended to be at least 4:5:1. 4 | ©2013, Cognizant
  5. 5. Accessibility Testing – Pilot Findings According to WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines 2.4.1 (Bypass Blocks) , “A link is provided to skip navigation and other page elements that are repeated across web pages.” No link is provided to skip to the main contents. This creates difficulty for the users with motor disability, as they have to navigate through all the repeated elements highlighted in red across the webpage to reach the main content. 5 | ©2013, Cognizant
  6. 6. Browser Compatibility Testing – http://www.endesa.com/6 | ©2013, Cognizant
  7. 7. Browser Compatibility Testing – Overview Font - Arial Size - 9 Font – CALIBRI (BODY) Size - 11 It is observed that font type is not the same in IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers for the content highlighted in red. It is recommended that font type remains consistent across all browsers. The tests have been performed on the browser versions mentioned below Ver. 8.0.7600.16385 Ver. 19.01084.52 Ver. 8.0 7 | ©2013, Cognizant
  8. 8. Browser Compatibility Testing – Overview This is how the original webpage looks like The print preview for the webpage across the three browsers (IE, Chrome and Mozilla), does not display all the contents of the webpage, as highlighted in red. The proper print preview should look like the page highlighted in green. The tests have been performed on the browser versions mentioned below Ver. 8.0.7600.16385 Ver. 19.01084.52 Ver. 8.0 8 | ©2013, Cognizant
  9. 9. Mobile Testing – http://www.endesa.com/9 | ©2013, Cognizant
  10. 10. M-Web Checker – Cognizant Proprietary Tool What it is? How it Works? • It is a window based tool which would check the compatibility M-WebChecker of web page for mobile browsers in accordance to W3C Normal WebSite standards. Loads the web page • The tool evaluates a web page on various parameters and Mobile Compliance Report 1. Detailed Report Test for compatibility provides a comprehensive ‘Mobile Compliance Report’ on various W3C • The tool provides a detailed information on each and every parameters Evaluates mobile compliant parameter 2. Provides HTML parameter of a web page to be rendered on a mobile device source code W3C standards 3. Renders the • It would render the web page on an iPhone shell simulating a website in an Predict the website’s mobile Compliance % real experience of browsing on a mobile device iPhone shell • The tool also contains the HTML source code of the requested Web Page Benefits • Provides the mobile web compatibility percentage with respect to W3C mobile and cognizant standards • Helps developers to do quick profiling during web page design and quick compliance test for Test Engineers o Points out the errors in a webpage and recommends changes facilitating faster time to market Simulates how a page would be rendered on a mobile browser o Checks for HTTP response headers, encoding, media type, doctype, page size, external resources, Embedded Scripts, Caching, valid markup, stylesheet usage and Table usage 10 | ©2013, Cognizant
  11. 11. M – Checker Report 1 2 3 Defect Test Name Defect Description Recommendation ID Caching reduces the need to reload resources, thus 1 Caching This page does not contain Cache headers saving download time and charges External This page contains more than 20 External Number of External Resources should be less than 10 2 resources Resources faster loading Image Quite a few images or objects do not have Dimensions of an image should be specified for proper 3 Dimensions proper dimension specified rendering 11 | ©2013, Cognizant
  12. 12. Performance Testing – http://www.endesa.com/12 | ©2013, Cognizant
  13. 13. Gomez - Last Mile Networks About Gomez About Last Mile Tests • Gomez has On-demand platform that can be • Last Mile testing is performed from a globally distributed panel of 12,000+ desktops used to optimize the performance, availability, • Monitor Website Performance from different connection speeds across the globe and quality of the Web and mobile applications • Cognizant has a strategic partnership with • Analyze Web page or transaction tests across multiple customer profiles Gomez in providing services related to • View object and component-level data to the point-of-failure internet-based performance testing • Identify geographic issues and issues across multiple connection speeds How POC’s are conducted? • One or two critical pages of customer’s website (typically home page) will be chosen for Last Mile POC tests • Gomez has an intuitive web based interface to pick testing locations, associated connection speeds to match customers needs and to execute tests • Testing locations are chosen based on the customer’s base locations • Requests for the chosen page(s) is submitted 2 to 3 times from the selected locations with just single user. No concurrent load tests are conducted in this case • Response times are captured and plotted in the report • Optionally, similar exercise can be repeated for customer’s competitor’s websites and performance comparison can be provided 13 | ©2013, Cognizant
  14. 14. Performance Outlook of Endesa Home Page Madrid, Spain 3.501s, Telefonica SAO PAULO, BRAZIL 17.781s, Level 3 ARGENTINA 29.88, Telefonica • This provides the response time for the Endesa home page while it is accessed from different locations • Gomez tool has been used to capture the page response time • Response times were captured for a single user and not multiple users • This will help to understand the end user performance of the application while it is accessed from different locations (different bandwidth availability, latency) • Better network & lesser latency, better the response time 14 | ©2013, Cognizant
  15. 15. Comparison with Competitors Website Competitors sites – Web Page Response Time & Page size comparison from Madrid, Spain • The graph provides a Response Time (Seconds) performance comparison Page Size (KBytes) across other competitor sites and when those sites ENDESA 20.048 are accessed from Madrid, ENDESA 590.19 Spain Competi 29.88 • Lesser the page size, better Competi 794.48 tor Site3 the response time tor Site3 • Tunings can also be done to Competi 1.048 Competi 0.17 improve the performance tor Site2 tor Site2 such as browser caching, Competi 37.847 server caching, compress Competi 1538.79 tor Site1 images though the page size tor Site1 cannot be reduced. Logo URL Endesa http://www.endesa.com/ The Performance assessment was done comparing Endesa website’s URL with three other leading Manufacturing Company’s URL’s 15 | ©2013, Cognizant
  16. 16. Thank You!16 | ©2013, Cognizant