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Phrasal verbs and idioms th

Life and its meaning can be better understood through phrasal verbs .They also enhance the ability to upgrade one's language skills.

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Phrasal verbs and idioms th

  1. 1. LIFE- PHRASAL VERBS What is life and how should it be lived?
  2. 2. Life is a challenge face it• not a bed of roses• full of ups and downs• Joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure• are all a part and parcel of life
  3. 3. Life is a dream realize it don’t beat about the bush don’t burn the mid-night oildon’t burn the candle at both endsdon’t work at the last momentdon’t give updon’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today Perseverance always Pays
  4. 4. Life is an opportunity seize it don’t make a mountain of a molehilldon’t add fuel to firedon’t find fault with others don’t get into hot waterdon’t always fish in troubled waters Learn to be at home in any situation
  5. 5. Life is a game play it think of the present always be up to the mark always be a sport work only through fair means Never try to get anything by hook or by crook
  6. 6. Life is a puzzle solve itends and means are importantDon’t look for the lion’s sharework out your problemsfind peace within yourself