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Heritage Conference


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This is the presentation Presley gave at the 2013 Statewide Conference on Heritage on the Young Voices panel.

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Heritage Conference

  1. 1. Save the South Park Game Preserve By Presley Oliphant
  2. 2. South Park is a 2,013 acre park located 15 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh and is owned by Allegheny County. The Game Preserve is located in the heart of the park. On the Game Preserve is the William Kiddoo house, which dates back to the Whiskey Rebellion. The Game Preserve is home to many animals, including ducks, geese, a peacock and bison. What is the Game Preserve?
  3. 3.  Then  Now Kiddoo House
  4. 4. In Need of TLC
  5. 5. My Goal for the Kiddoo House Restore the house to original condition. Turn the house into the Park’s Nature Center. (Currently located next to the Sherriff’s Office.) Have an education center in the house for field trips and visitors.
  6. 6. The Bison
  7. 7. The bison were brought to South Park from Colorado in the 1920’s by County commissioners, along with Native American Chief Wild Eagle and his tribe from Montana to care for them. There are 7 females and 7 males, plus 2 male calves. The most bison that have been in South Park was 32 back in the 40’s. The Bison
  8. 8. Plans are currently being looked at by the bison caregiver for a new enclosure for the bison. These plans would include flatter ground for the bison. The Bison
  9. 9. The Game Preserve has a large duck pond that is home to many ducks, geese and some turtles. There is also a lone peacock that lives at the Game Preserve. There used to be a deer enclosure years ago, but it is no longer there. I also enjoy seeing the squirrels, bunnies and ground hogs that live around the Game Preserve. Ducks, Geese & Peacocks, Oh My!
  10. 10. The Duck Pond
  11. 11. The upper part of the pond needs redone with some type of water moving. Branches, litter and other debris gets stuck and makes it gross. Signs need be to posted about feeding the animals. They are often very overfed by families with loaf after loaf of bread. Fixing Up the Pond
  12. 12. The Peacock
  13. 13. What I am Doing  I started by writing a letter and presenting it to the Friends of South Park and County Executive, Rich Fitzgerald.  I created a website and a Facebook page to spread the word on what I was trying to do. So far I have 1,301 likes!  I held an Easter Egg hunt to try to get more young people involved.  I have been selling t-shirts promoting my website.  To date, I have raised $2,575.
  14. 14. What’s Next?  I would like to have plaques throughout the park educating visitors on different animals, and wildlife. (This could potentially be a way to recognize large sponsors.)  I want to meet with County Executives about plans for the house. I’ve had several offers for materials to be donated, which can help keep costs down.  I would like to plan a 5k as a fund-raiser.
  15. 15. Stay Plugged In Visit my website at Like my Facebook page, Save the South Park Game Preserve Sign up to receive my monthly newsletter