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A newspaper article


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Published in: News & Politics
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A newspaper article

  1. 1. B CA newspaper article can be divided into several parts. The mostimportant ones are: the headline, the leading paragraph and thebody text._A___ Headline:Aarouses the reader curiosity with a short eye-catching sentence;_C___Leading paragraph: summarises the basic information the readerwill find in the article: What, Who, Where, When, How._B___Body Text: provides more detailed information, explanations,quotations and opinions of the people involved.A newspaper is made up of several different parts called section, each of them with aspecific purpose.
  2. 2. Weather TV listings Classifieds Reviewsforecast Match the name of each section with its definition. forecast a) A part of a newspaper or magazine that has articles on films, books, etc. 1. 2.obituary b) A special article that deals with a particular subject. 10. 3.sports news c) A game in which you write words which are the answers to questions in a pattern of black and white squares. 11. 4.editorial d) Matters that are connected with our own country 12. 5. front page e) Information about entertainment and programmes 14. 6.horoscope f) A line of words printed in large letters as the title of a story in a newspaper. 8. 7.classifieds g) Information that is so important that it deserves to be printed on the front page 5. 8.headline h) Matters that are connected with other countries 13. 9. reviews i) Information about sports 3. 10. feature article j) Matters that are connected with business. 15. 11.crossword k)An article in a newspaper which expresses the editor’s opinion on a subject of particular interest at the present time 4. 12.home news l)A report, especially in a newspaper, which gives the news of someone’s death and details of their life 2. 13.foreign news m)A description of what is going to happen to you, based on the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth 6. listings n) Small advertisements that you put in a newspaper or a magazine, usually because you want to sell or buy something or to find or offer a job 7. news o) A statement of what the weather is likely to be for the next day or few days. 1
  3. 3. There are several types of newspapers that try to match the needs andtastes of different readers.Look at the following front pages from two different newspapers andanswer the questions a) Which of the newspapers uses larger and more colourful pictures? b)Which has more detailed articles c) Which has bigger prints? d)Which has bigger headlines? e) Which has more accurate and relevant information?Now, decide which one is considered a qualitypaper and which is a popular paper or tabloid, andmake a list of the features that allow us todistinguish between the two. Quality paper Popular paper
  4. 4. • Detailed articles • Larger and colourful • Accurate and pictures relevant information • Bigger prints • Trustful news • Bigger headlines • For entertainmentfewer pictures and • more superficialcolours, smaller print articlesand headlines • less serious and relevant informationQuality paper: fewer pictures and colours, more detailed articles, smaller print and headlines,accurate and relevant information.Popular paper: large colourful pictures, more superficial articles, bigger print and headlines,less serious and relevant information.
  5. 5. Newspaper:________Group: ___________-Name of paper/Date-Weather forecast (page)-TV listings (page)-Classifieds (page)Front page:- Headline: lead story size, position, type ofstory-Detailed articles? superficial articles?accurate and relevant information? Lessserious information?-The tone of the front page: serious, funny,and informative?- Proportion of local, national internationalstories (superficial?)
  6. 6. - Photography, artwork, graphics(Proportion, purpose; large colourfulpictures? small print?)-Use of colours, proportion, purpose- Index (yes, no?)-Miscellaneous cartoons, weather, ads…