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Business is fun: Shopping In Madrid


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In the EP Javeriana, Business is fun: 5 teams visited different Shopping areas in Madrid and took pictures of the signs they could find in English. The tweeted the information and then analysed the language used. Here is an example of their work.

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Business is fun: Shopping In Madrid

  1. 1. Shopping in Madrid Group 3 Miguel Mauduit Pablo Aquino Mario Marín Álvaro Mora Valeria Cóndor
  2. 2. Here we are at Michael Kors In this store, we have seen some very nice close from Michael Kors. As you can see, they invited us to come in for more.
  3. 3. Now we can see an introduction to a new season This shop is called Diane Von Furstenberg. They are getting new clothes for the new season!!
  4. 4. The new Loewe Loewe is a new shop in serrano street is very famous
  5. 5. Shop Online Intropia is a shop that sells clothes. You can visit the webpage and check their clothes online!
  6. 6. #JOGGJEANS These jeans are known because of their flexibility, a lot of dancers use it. This is our last clothes shop and it has a hashtag to comment it!