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Science Lithium of


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Science Lithium of

  1. 1. LithiumMenbers:Alvaro Peña CamiloagaDaniel Urcia RubioCarlos Uriarte RequejoJosé Ignacio Huby Ochoa
  2. 2. Basic InformationName: LithiumSymbol: LiAtomic Number: 3Atomic Mass: 6.941 amuNumber of Protons/Electrons: 3Number of Neutrons: 4Color: silvery
  3. 3. Facts• Date of Discovery: 1817 Discoverer: Johann Arfvedson Name Origin: From the Greek word lithos (stone) Uses: batteries, ceramics, lubricants Obtained From: passing electric charge through melted lithium chloride, spodumene
  4. 4. Interesting Facts• The lithium is used in the industry to make batteries like this And also you can find batteries of cellphones