Forth jci worldcongres 2011


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Forth jci worldcongres 2011

  1. 1. www.                            .com  
  2. 2. Unfuzzying  the  fuzzy  front  end   of  innova2on               and  jump  starts  innova/on  in  your  organiza/on  with  FORTH.  
  3. 3. I  am  Sara dzezel.c om   Red  Zezel   Passion and  peo  for  crea/vity,   ple,…   innova/   on   Runnin g,  sport s  and  tr avelling   sara-­‐pieters  
  4. 4. Innova/on  is  essen/al     but  difficult   Do  you  see   anything   coming  yet?   the  difficult  start  
  5. 5. Innova/on  is  essen/al     but  difficult  But  at  the  fuzzy  front  end     a  lot  goes  wrong…  
  6. 6. There  is   All  our  ideas   hardly  any   are  really   internal   So  we   vague   support  for   brainstormed,   new  ideas   We  don’t   now  what……?  know  what   we  want   regarding  innova>on   Top   management   rejects  all  our   ideas   Crea>vity   killers   The   We  are   brainstorming   coming  up   session  is   We  s>ck  to   with  the   dominated  by   the  usual   same  ideas   extroverts  and   conven>ons   over  and   the  highest   of  our   over   bosses   markets  
  7. 7. Connec>ng  the  board,   Connec>ng  business   Connec>ng  customers  to  management  and   reality  with  outside  the   the  innova>on  process  employees   box  crea>vity   FORTH  is  effec/ve  by  connec/ng   three  essen/al  elements  
  8. 8. …  via  lots  of  fun   and  inspira>on!  In  this  way  we   create  a  new  business  case…   Hard  and  soH  characteris/cs  of  the  journey  
  9. 9. In  five  steps  from  business  to   crea/vity  and  back   Start:  Concrete  innova>on  assignment   Team:  internal  team  with  core  team  members   and  extended  team  members   Process:  in  five  structured  steps  from  business   to  crea>vity  and  back   Focus:  customer  centred   Output:  three  to  four  mini  new  business  cases     Time  needed:  14  weeks  form  the  kick-­‐off   Time  effort:  1  ½  days  per  week  for  a  core  tam   member  
  10. 10. FORTH  
  11. 11. Depar/ng   I  think   we  have   We’ve  got  everything?  
  12. 12. In  step  1  Full  Steam  Ahead  the  innova/on  assignment     is  dra>ed  and  you  will  kick-­‐off   Ac/vi/es   Workshops   Deliverables  •  Choose  internal   •  Innova>on  focus   •  A  SMART  concrete   sponsor,  project   workshop   innova>on   leader  and   •  FORTH  Kick-­‐off   assignment   facilitator   •  a  commiTed  •  DraQ  an  innova>on   internal  sponsor   assignment  and   •  a  mo>vated   planning   idea>on  team  •  Choose  and  invite   •  6-­‐8  innova>on   team  members   opportuni>es  to   discover  
  13. 13. REVOLUTIONS   Beyond  our  present  market(s)   Focus  on  innova>ve  concepts   EVOLUTIONS   for:  Within  our  present  market(s)   • New  target  groups  (buyers,  Focus  on  innova>ve  concepts   users)  for:   • New  regions  and/or  countries  • The  same  target  groups   • New  sales  and/or  distribu>on  (buyers,  users)   channels  • The  same  regions  and/or   • New  business  model  countries  • The  same  sales  and/or  distribu>on  channels  • The  same  business  model   Innova/on  focus  
  14. 14. Revolu/onary  ‘boVom’   innova/ons  with  a  new   business  model   IKEA  house:  BoKlok,  a  complete   house  for  150.000€  that  you   don’t  have  to  build  yourself  Innova/on  focus  
  15. 15. Revolu/onary  ‘boVom’   innova/ons  with  a  new   business  model   Toothbrush  subscrip>on    Innova/on  focus  
  16. 16. Evolu/onary  ‘top’  innova/ons  in   the  same  market   Hansaplast  Liquid  Protect   Innova/on  focus  
  17. 17. Evolu/onary  ‘top’  innova/ons  in  the  same   market   Becel  pro-­‐ac>v   Innova/on  focus  
  18. 18. Evolu/onary  ‘top’  innova/ons  in  the  same   market   Philips  Wake-­‐up  Light   Innova/on  focus  
  19. 19. Revolu/onary  new  market  innova/ons  aimed  at  non-­‐ users   Wii  Fit:  Health  game  for  Nintendo  for  a  completely   new  adult  target  group   Innova/on  focus  
  20. 20. How  much  (extra)  turnover  will  the  new  product  concept   Turnover   generate  within  x  years?     What  should  be  the  profit  margin  on  the  new  product   Profit  margin   concept?     Appealing  and   How  appealing  and  different  will  the  new  product  concept   different   be  in  the  eyes  of  the  target  group?     To  what  extent  will  the  new  product  concept  fit  in  the   Posi/oning   chosen  brand  or  corporate  posi>oning?     To  what  extent  will  the  new  product  concept  be  feasible   Feasibility   (using  the  exis>ng  in-­‐house  produc>on  facili>es)?     To  what  extent  will  the  new  product  concept  fit  in  the   Strategic  fit   strategy  of  the  organisa>on?    Clear  evalua/on  criteria  
  21. 21. Why?    What’s  the  reason  to  innovate?  
  22. 22. Who?  Is  the  target  group?  
  23. 23. Where?    Which  con>nents,  countries  or  regions?   Which  distribu>on  channels?  
  24. 24. What   kind  of  innova/ons  are  we   looking  for?  Products?  Services?  Business  models?  Solu>ons?   New  to  the  world?  New  to  the  market?  New  to   the  company?  
  25. 25. When?    Intended  year  of  introduc>on?    
  26. 26. Which to    criteria  do  the  concepts  have  to  comply  to ?     Turnover?  Margin?  Feasibility?  Fit  with  the  strategy  or  brand?  Cannibalisa>on?  Investment   budget?  
  27. 27. •  Why?  •  Who?  •  Where?  •  What?  •  When?  •  Which?  
  28. 28. New  innova2ve  bicycle  safety  seats    Bobike  is  market  leader  in  the  Netherlands  in  bicycle  safety  seats  for  children.  And  has  the  ambi/on  to  grow  in  Western  Europe.  Germany  is  an  important  market  with  growth  opportuni/es.      The  FORTH  assignment  is:  "We  want  to  ideate  a  new  dis/nc/ve  Bobike  bicycle  seat  for  European  consumers  and  bicycle  retailers  to  realise  our  expansion  objec/ves.  This  new  bicycle  safety  seat  should  have  a  good  scoring  (number  1.2  or  3)  in  the  very  important  German  S/>ung  Warentest  2011”.  
  29. 29. Allow  par>cipants  to  join  the  team  because  the  Their  responsibility   innova>on  assignment  is  immediately  related  to   and  their  support     their  responsibility  or  because  they  take  care  of   support  within  the  organisa>on.     Allow  par>cipants  to  join  the  team  because  their   knowledge  and  exper>se  are  essen>al  to  the   Their  exper/se   successful  comple>on  of  the  innova>on   assignment.     •  crea>ve  marke>ng  people;     •  scien>sts  in  a  par>cular  field;    Their  fresh  outlook   •  students  in  a  par>cular  field;     •  managers  from  other  companies;     •  ar>sts.     The  right  idea/on  team  
  30. 30. •  Marketeers   •  R&D  specialists   •  Innova>on  specialists   •  Produc>on  specialists  8  Core  team  members   •  Account  managers   •  IT  specialists   •  Market  researchers   •  Members  of  the  board    4  Extended  team   •  Directors   •  Experts   •  External  marketeers   •  Visualisers  &  designers   2  Outsiders   •  Scien>sts   •  Students   •  Ar>sts   The  right  idea/on  team  
  31. 31. Diving  into  the  market  Hello  
  32. 32. In  step  2  Observe  and  Learn  the  team  explores  innova/on   opportuni/es  and  discovers  customer  fric/ons   Ac/vi/es   Workshops   Deliverables  •  Explore  innova>on   •  Focus  groups  with   •  Most  promising   opportuni>es   customers   innova>on  •  Explore  trends  &   •  Observe  &  Learn   opportuni>es   technologies   workshops   •  Most  relevant  •  Mee>ng  customers   customer  fric>ons  •  Discovering   customer  fric>ons  
  33. 33. Inspira/on  compass   Customer   fric>ons   Trends   Technology   Innova>on   opportuni>es  
  34. 34. Discovering  customer  fric/ons  How  do  you  discover  customer  insights?  By:  1.  Observing….  2.  Listening….  3.  Understanding….  4.  Interpre>ng….    The  target  group  (on  loca>on  and  within  the  relevant  context)    
  35. 35. Discovering  customer  fric/ons  Name   Give  the  insights  an   appealing  name  Target  group   Describe  the  target  group  as   lively  as  possible  Insight   Situa>on   An  easy  to  recognise   situa>on   Needs  and   A  relevant  need,  urge  or   wants   desire   Fric>on   A  fric>on,  experienced  by   the  customer  which,  that  is  a   concrete    obstacle  for   fulfilling  his  or  her  need  and   wants  
  36. 36. Name   Permission  horror  Target  group   People  who  have  plans  to  build   or  renovate  Insight   Situa>on   I  have  been  living  in  the  same   house  for  15  years.  The  children   are  growing  up  and  the  house  is   becoming  fuller.  In  the  morning   we  have  to  squeeze  into  the   bathroom.   Needs   I  am  considering  some   and   renova>ons  but  I  was  told  that  I   wants   need  permission  from  the  local   council   Fric>on   I  have  heard  so  many   contradictory  stories  from   friends  and  neighbours   regarding  the  local  council  and   the  building  inspec>on  and  now   I  am  not  sure  how  best  to  apply   for  the  permission.  
  37. 37. Name   I  haven’t  learned  this  Target  group   Big  dairy  farmers  Insight   Situa>on   I  have  a  large  dairy  farm  with   150  cows  and     am  not  a  family  run  farm   anymore   Needs   I  need  good  staff  who  will   and   work  hard  and  are  really   wants   commiTed.   Fric>on   But  I  am  myself  not  very  good   with  people  which  leads  to  a   lot  of  tension  and  stress  for   everyone  involved.  
  38. 38. At  the  new  product  brainstorm  Any  more   ideas?  
  39. 39. In  step  3  Raise  Ideas  the  innova/on  team  creates     12  concept  statements   Ac/vi/es   Workshops   Deliverables  •  Choose  brainstorm   •  2-­‐day  brainstorm   •  400  –  600  ideas  and   venue   •  Concept   12  concept  •  DraQ  braistorm   development   descrip>ons  ready   programme   workshop   for  customer  •  Invite  outsiders   feedback  •  Facilitate  a  2-­‐day   Brainstorm  •  Improve  concrete   concepts   descrip>ons  
  40. 40. Diverge   Converge   5.  Producing   idea  mind  maps   2.  Inspira>on   (12)   from  observe  &     learn   6.  Producing   innova>ve   3.  Genera>ng   concepts  (12)   ideas  (+500)   9.  Wrapping  up  1.  Introduc>on       7.  Presen>ng   4.  Grouping  and   innova>ve   choosing  idea   concepts   direc>ons     (20-­‐30)   8.  Judging   innova>ve   concepts   The  new  product  brainstorm  
  41. 41. Customer  research   Well   What  do  you   think  of  this   idea?  
  42. 42. In  step  4  Test  Ideas  the  most  aVrac/ve  concepts     are  iden/fied   Ac/vi/es   Workshops   Deliverables  •  Set  up  customer   •  Improvement   •  3-­‐5  well  tested   research   workshop   concept  descrip>ons  •  Visit  customer   to  be  worked  out  as   research   mini  new  business  •  Improve  concepts   cases   based  on  feedback  •  Choose  the  best   concepts  
  43. 43. Qualita/ve  concept  research   1.  The   2.  Method  and   3.  WHY   4.  You  want  to   qualita/ve   requirements   Ques/ons   get  an  insight  in   character     •  What  do  you   think  of  it?     •  For  what   The  concept   •  Small-­‐scale  and   purpose,  when   •  Clarity   survey  aims  to   indica>ve     and  in  what   •  Relevancy   check  that  the   •  Use  prototypes,   situa>ons   •  ATrac>veness   developed  new   objects,   would  you  use   •  Dis>nc>veness  product  concepts   drawings   it?       •  Does  it  fit  the  are  appealing  to   •  With  people  in   •  What  are  the   brand?  the  target  group.   their  own   good/poor   •  Trustworthiness   Are  you  on  the   environment   features?           right  track?     •  Would  you  buy   it?     •  Why?  …  
  44. 44. Improving  product  concepts  
  45. 45. Returning   Here  we  are   again!  
  46. 46. In  step  5  Home  Coming  3-­‐4  mini  new  business  cases     are  dra>ed  and  presented   Ac/vi/es   Workshops   Deliverables  •  DraQ  mini  new   •  4  mini  new  business   •  3-­‐5  aTrac>ve  mini   business  cases   case  workshops   new  business  cases  •  Present  mini  new   •  Presenta>on     ready  for  further   business  cases   development  •  Transfer  concepts  to   development  teams  •  Evaluate  the  FORTH   process  
  47. 47. Mini  new  business  cases  Product-­‐  or   •  This  is  how  the  idea  was  born  •  This  is  what  makes  the   •  Customer  insight   product  appealing!     service   •  Product  concept   •  This  makes  the  product   concept   concept  unique   •  How  it  fits  in  the  business  strategy,  in  the  division  strategy,  in   Strategic   our  target  group  strategy,  in  the  product  porrolio.     •  These  are  the  risks  if  we  decide  not  to  develop.     Target  group.   This  is  the  adver>sing  slogan    Marke/ng   Specific  marke>ng  mix.   This  is  the  ideal  >me  to  launch  it.   •  We  are  able  to  develop  it.     •  These  are  the  possible   •  We  are  able  to  produce  it.     obstacles     Feasibility   •  We  have  to  invest  in  it.     •  This  is  the  development   •  We  have  the  know-­‐how.     process   •  This  will  be  our  return     Financial   •  This  is  what  it  will  cost  us      
  48. 48.    
  49. 49. Sanoma  Media  is  a  media  giant  in  the  Netherlands   1.  The  largest  media  company  with   magazines,  custom  media,  events,   websites,  mobile  sites  and  apps.   2.  As  of  July  29,  2011  Sanoma   acquired  SBS  TV  in  the   Netherlands.   3.  Extensive  porrolio  with  over  a  100   different  brands.   4.  Sanoma  Media  Netherlands  is  a   part  of  the  Sanoma  Group,  an   European  mediagroup  opera>ng  in   several  media  sectors  in  twenty   countries.    
  50. 50. Sanoma  experiments  to  strech  magazine  brands  to  non   media  concepts   FORTH  Innova2on  assignment:   The  new  concepts………..   •  Must  fit  and  strengthen  the  brand   values  of  Libelle  en  Margriet;   •  May  not  be  (a  site,  magazine,  event,   special,  book,  et  cetera);   •  Must  be  under  the  direc>on  of   Sanoma  media;   •  Will  probably  will  have  to   implemented  with  business  partners;   •  Will  realize  substan>al  turnover  and   profits.   >  Target  (  in  year  3):  €  25  million   Phase  I:  Full  steam  ahead  
  51. 51. Sanoma  started  a  FORTH  project  Mega  Brand  Extensions   Phase  I:  Full  steam  ahead  
  52. 52. The  ‘Observe  &  Learn’  phase  opened  our  eyes   7  innova/on   opportuni/es  were   inves/gated  by  the  core   team  members  Main  customer  fric/ons  iden/fied  in  4  focus  groups   1.  Telecom  1.  Taking  care  of  your  young  children   2.  Living  2.  Taking  Care  of  your  parents   3.  Food  3.  My  rela>on  in  ‘an  empty  nest’   4.  Healthcare  4.  Problems  with  my  own  health   5.  Energy  5.  How  do  I  get  back  to  work  again   6.  Work  6.  How  can  I  keep  developing  myself   7.  Finance   Phase  II:  Observe  &  Learn  
  53. 53. The  brainstorm  in  ‘Raise  Ideas’  generated  12  concepts  12  new  concepts  were  developed,  among  which:  1.  An  internet  portal  for  temporary  work;  2.  Margriet  health  centres;  3.  Facilita>ng  volunteer  jobs;  4.  Educa>ng  women  re-­‐entering  the  labour  process;  5.  A  joint  buying  service;  6.  Green  energy;     Phase  III:  Raise  ideas  
  54. 54. One  of  the  concepts:  Libelle  Academy   Phase  III:  Raise  ideas  
  55. 55. ‘Tes>ng  Ideas’  really  had  added  value  9  new  concepts  were  tested  twice  in  four  focus  groups:  •   9  concepts  were  tested  with  rather  poor  results:  the   magazine  readers  had  to  get  used  to  the  idea  that  the   Margriet  and  Libelle  did  something  else  than  making   magazines!  •   6  concepts  were  improved  in  an  improvement   workshop  and  tested  again.  •   3  concepts  were  received  very  posi>vely.       Phase  IV:  Test  ideas  
  56. 56. Three  Mini  New  Business  Cases  were  presented  and  two   concepts  were  introduced  Three  mini  new  business  cases  were  presented  to  the  complete  board:  •  The  board  of  Sanoma  Media  choose  two  mini  new   business  to  be  worked  out  as  ‘real’  Business  Case;  •  The  two  business  cases  were  approved  by  the  board   later  on  in  the  process.  •  Both  concepts  were  introduced  by  Sanoma  on  the   Dutch  market:    Libelle  Academy:  November  17th  2010;      Work4Woman:  April  5th  2011;       Phase  V:  Homecoming  
  57. 57. •  Fric/on:  I  stopped  developing  myself,   taking  care  of  all  the  others;  •  Concept:  real  easy  to  follow  and   inspiring  workshops,  courses  and  e-­‐ learning;  •  Reinforcing  the  main  subjects  of  the   Libelle  magazine:   –  Living,     –  Psychology,     –  Travel  &  culture,     –  Computer  &  online,     –  Organizing  my  self,     –  Fashion  &  Beauty.  •  Partnerships  with  Open  Universi>es   with  10  loca>ons  in  The  Netherlands  •  Special  Libelle  Academy  workshop   space  •  4  courses,  10  workshops  en  3  e-­‐ learning  modules  
  58. 58. •  Fric/on:  I  would  like  to  get  a  job  again.   But  where  do  I  start?  Am  I  s>ll   capable?  What  do  I  do  with  the  kids?  •  Concept:  An  agency  specializing  in   aTrac>ve  jobs  that  can  be  combined   with  caring  for  the  family.  And  that   helps  solve  prac>cal  problems  such  as   childcare.  •  Partnership  with  Tempo  Team,  a   regular  temp  agency  and  subsidiary  of   Randstad.  •  Work4Women  has  opened  begin  2011   with  offices  in  Amsterdam,  Den  Haag,   Eindhoven,  Groningen,  RoTerdam  en   Zwolle.  •  Special  Work4Woman  ‘shop  in  the   shop’  with  employees  who  match  with   the  target  group    •  Partnerships  with  large  childcare   organisa>ons  in  Every  part  of  the   Netherlands  
  59. 59. Every  phase  concrete  deliverables   A  smart  innova>on   assigment   5  -­‐  10  customer     6  -­‐  10  innova>on   fric>ons   opportuni>es   Best  innova>on     opportuni>es   12  tested  concept   descrip>ons   Best  3  -­‐  4  chosen   400  -­‐  600  ideas   3  –  4  mini  new     12  concept  descrip>ons   business  cases  
  60. 60. Five  advantages  The  innova>on  assignment  gives  you  focus    Discover  customer  insights  yourselves  Concepts  are  approved  by  your  customers    Return  with  mini  new  business  cases    Team  approach  creates  internal  support  
  61. 61. sara  pieters  -­‐  -­‐